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long live the 70s

30 day photography challenge

day #4: something green

yea, i coulda chosen to show you trees in my beloved waterloo park; my favourite vegetable -> broccoli!; my bicycle; or my future car…but talking about adidas garb is the most fun option!

that green adidas jacket is one of my favourite articles of clothing

this is my retro adidas collection – which is not to be confused with stella mccartney’s adidas collection!


item #1: green  jacket

you have seen this full-zip numerous times on the blog – i know i have worn it with the nieces, to the pottery sale, out with mom…it gets a lot of use in the spring/summer months. i love it because it fits just right – not too tight, not too baggy; the material is light and loose; it’s got practical, zippered front pockets. but, i most love the 70’s vibe to its style. i purchased this jacket in january 2010 at sherway gardens – i mention it in this blog post! [funny: that entry is one of the very first i ever wrote. boy, my blogging style has evolved!].

item #2: terry fox special edition running shoes

i rarely wear this set of footwear because, i am sorry, but they are terribly uncomfortable shoes.

way back in 2005, i was paging through the globe and mail one morning when i saw a special, full colour ad announcing the release of the remake of the terry fox shoe. it would go on sale that very morning. my inner vibe told me that if i wanted a pair (of course i did!) i had better get myself up to sportchek when the doors opened. i remember i was working at the store in just a few hours (i had just started there as a part-time employee!) – the timing would be tight!

i got to sportchek and the selection was already picked over – but i managed to find my size of shoe amidst the scrambling, grabbing shoppers. the shoe came in mens sizes only – i think that is part of the reason why they are not that comfy! [i did make it back home in time for work!].

i consider these shoes a keepsake item, and want to keep them in good shape. i cannot believe terry fox ran his marathon of hope in shoes just like this – all the more reason to marvel at his remarkable achievements.

item #3: gym bag

this bag is the real retro deal. dad used it back in the 70’s to take his running stuff to and from work (dad ran at lunch with some buddies – they were part of the original running boom of the 1970’s!). when mom and dad were downsizing a few years ago, i made sure to lay claim to this bag. i love the sense of history behind it, and it is a treasured belonging. i would love to use it as a race day bag today, but i’d be scared someone would steal it!

now all i need for my collection is the old-school, bjorn borg-style, adidas terry-towel headband…we do carry them at the store!

what’s your current favourite thing to wear? it’s too predictable for me to go with compression socks, so i am going to vote for my “chant and be happy” tshirt that my cousins kate and joel gave me for xmas several years ago. it’s comfortable, the smiling face of the contented yogi makes me laugh, and it’s quirky; therefore, it’s a winner!