Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

look down, way down

30 day photography challenge

day #5: from a high angle

this is me being artsy!

love the rectangular symmetry!

i snapped this photo in the stairwell of my building – i just had to go around the corner from my unit. i am on the fourth floor, but because it is a loft-style dwelling, it is like we are on the seventh floor. that is seventy-eight steps or ten flights of stairs to go up or down!

i knew right from when i first read over the list of photography challenge challenges that this shot is the photo i wanted to include for “from a high angle.” in an ideal world, i would have traveled to the ROM – there is a gorgeously grand staircase there with a totem pole in the middle open space:


have you ever been up the CN tower? confession time: i like to count stairs! can you imagine what fun it would be if i ever did the CN tower climb (or this CN tower climb)? i have been up the CN tower once – by elevator! – less than ten years ago. the view of toronto and lake ontario was incredible!

stairs or elevator? me = stairs, whenever possible because i dislike waiting. although, when i arrive home, if i am burdened with groceries, i take the elevator, bien sûr. i have timed it: whether you ascend or descend the steps, the elevator takes basically the same amount of time!


in unrelated news, i placed a library hold request on “50 shades of grey” last eve. i am number #117 on the list! actually, i thought it would be worse, given the current hype. too curious to not jump on the bandwagon!

read it? going to? not of general interest? i ditched girl with the dragon tattoo in under 200 pages, and thought the da vinci code was way over-rated. gotta give 50 shades a try!