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red means stop

30 day photography challenge

day #8: a bad habit

it took me all of 3.5 seconds to come up with the guilty confession to share with you, today.

i do not bite my nails, smoke, or procrastinate [i think those three items would make a new year’s resolutions top ten list, don’t you?]!

rather, here is the bad habit that we will discuss today:

this means YOU!!

yes, i choose to cross on red lights if i can do so safely.

i do this because i am impatient, and i intensely dislike waiting for what i consider to be no apparent reason.

there are two main reasons why i want to break this habit. number one is safety: **i want to make it abundantly clear that i am extremely vigilant about looking both ways, double and then triple checking for traffic before i cross on a red.** and there are some intersections (hello, caroline & erb, king & bridgeport) at which i would NEVER go against the red/green signs because i do not feel safe crossing their roads even when i do have the right of way. but, accidents happen, and i need to remain on the sidewalk until it is my turn.

the number two reason is that i need to remember that little pitchers have big ears little ones are very observant – what if there is a child in a car or on the sidewalk who sees me crossing on the DON’T WALK signal and then thinks that it is ok to do so because that lady did it? it’s important to demonstrate the behaviour we want children to practice, and i need to be mindful of being a law-abiding example. [i also have no problem with obeying the red/green lights when i am with little e or cutie cas i have said before, they bring out my patient side!].

so, my goal over the summer is to retrain my brain to STOP when i am told to stop! at the end of the day, so what if i waited a total of an extra three minutes at traffic lights? i will learn to stand still, to take the opportunity to absorb my surroundings, to deep-breathe, and just. wait.

ok, it’s deep confession time – air your bad habit for the world our readers to see! i’m feeling vulnerable! don’t leave me hanging here all alone!

another one of mine : i tend to interrupt people. i am not trying to be rude! usually, i am just animatedly into the conversation! i think i have gotten better on this one since becoming aware of doing this…and working in retail has also helped (listening to the customer is very important!). as a teen, i absentmindedly twirled and finger-combed my hair while reading or watching tv, and i remember my mom repeatedly reminding me, “don’t play with your hair!” knitting helped break that habit!