kikiproject: high five!

happy saturday to you!

reaching the five month mark of this year’s kikiproject is not that exciting, in and of itself – next month’s date will be worth sparklers and firecrackers because july 9th will mark the half-way point of the project. however, i do have fun things to share since our last update!

1. record at least one positive thing every day in my gratitude journal/excel spreadsheet. one is no longer enough! i can find at least 2-3 reasons to be thankful and/or serendipitous happenings for each and every day!

2. babysit little e and cutie c two times so that the brother and sil ana can enjoy a significant date or special event. yes – done and done! on saturday, may the 12th, we all enjoyed our second special day together. the report is here! [like project #12, below, i would love to do as many prolonged aunti-babysitting days as possible this year. the sky is the limit!].

3. blog three times per week (monday-wednesday-friday). modified on february 13th to: leave a comment on a minimum of three blogs, every day. yup! this month, it seemed easier to achieve this target than the last two months – even on those quiet sundays.

4. run four (point two) km…times ten. i did not accomplish this goal this month – and had no intentions of so doing!

5. eat five wildly decadent and delicious desserts. we added in one more! 2/5 now complete. remember this one?

mmm, that was tasty!

6. finish a minimum of six knitting projects. it was a prolific knitting month, at least in terms of completions!

for grandma’s bday, i made her a scarf (project #3):

the lace + variegated yarn (with a thread of sparkly silver!), up close…

…and g’ma trying on her scarf at sole!

then i made a pair of socks (project #4) for mom for her bday:

sock #2, which mom received four days after opening…

…sock #1!

7. read seven books, and hopefully more. this month, i read book #5, “something blue,” by emily giffin (third giffin in a row!). this novel was my least favourite emily giffin, ever. it was all because of that darcy! surely, we cannot be expected to believe that our protagonist is going to transform herself from self-centred diva to mother teresa devoted and selfless mommy over the course of 300 pages! ugh! and i missed rachel. two stars. **

now i am into “she’s come undone” by wally lamb. i have read this masterpiece before! [some time pre-2004 because it is not recorded in my log book]. however, somebody left a copy in our lending library downstairs, and when i saw it, i snapped it up. i never read books more than once – so many books, so little time! however, i know that “she’s come undone” is one of the ten most powerfully written books i have ever read. and guess what – now that i am >100 pages in, i realize i recall…not a thing! it is as if i never read “she’s come undone” before! perplexing – you’d think i’d remember a few details? oh well, all i need to know is that i will love it!

8. perform eight random acts of kindness. two more! 4/8 wrapped up.

r.a.o.k.#3: my second cousin s. had a baby in late may. this is her second child, second little boy! i put together a gift package for her:

a handknit sweater for baby g; two books for big brother g; a TH gift card for the parents!

now, the reason this is a r.a.o.k. is because i certainly did not have to feel obligated to give cousin s a present – we have not seen each other in years (in fact, i had to ask her sister for the name of the baby’s father, s’s longtime partner), and we have never been particularly close, due to our age spread. but, i just got the vibe that this was something i wanted to do. so, i popped by their place with a gift bag which i left on their porch…


…and the next day, cousin s left me the nicest thank you message on fb. she really appreciated the gifties. it’s fun to organize unexpected treats!

r.a.o.k.#4: buying 42 jars of babyfood on tuesday with part of the savings from the great may grocery challenge!

can baby food “loom??” i felt dwarfed when i snapped this pic!

9. watch nine different and new-to-me tv shows (either online, on dvd, or on tv). oh, gawwwwd!! this particular project has turned out to be the bane of my existence. if someone would like to volunteer to watch four more new shows for me, and report back to us, i will take you up on the offer, pronto! what can i say, i am just sooo not into watching tv!! for new show #5, i am once again going to default to a show that little e and cutie c shared with me: octonauts!!


this show is like an adventure show for kids: there’s a little under-the-sea action, mild humour, and each episode (watched on youtube on aunti’s computer) is only ten minutes. by far, our very favourite episode is octonauts and the humuhumunukunukuapau’a – mostly because of how long it took aunti to memorize that word! rating: ** (two stars) except for the humu episode which gets ***1/2 (three point five) stars!

if need be, i am fully prepared to force little e and cutie c to watch tv with me and show me four more new shows! argh!!!

10. refrain from chewing gum for ten months. gum? what is this gum of which you speak? [hey hey, i AM at the half-way mark for this particular challenge…which has turned out to be not so much of a challenge. that being said, it is kinda cool that we’ve passed mid-way and are on the downward stretch…]

11. abstain from drinking diet pop (any pop) for eleven months. all right: i have thought long and hard, and have solidified my action plan for what i am going to do when december 9th rolls around, and i have earned the right to drink again. i am not going to drink again. well, actually, i am going to have one big-a$$ diet coke ON december 9th. and then no more – not even a drop! – until after the disney marathon. and by “after,” i mean there will be the biggest american-sized diet coke waiting for me back in my hotel room for post-race celebrating.


~ it’s a cruel, cruel world:

valumart, you mock me with your fabulous coupons – wah!

12. meet with at least twelve different friends for a social get-together. three more outings this month brings our total to nineteen! it so happened that my get-togethers were all with couples!

outing #17: with stephen + rhonda for a morning trail run!

outing #18: with jeff + katie at s’bux!

outing #19: with paul and annette at s’bux!

twenty-one socials seems to be within reach!

from now ’til our next update, i would love to finish up one project completely – desserts or r.a.o.k.s maybe??!


30 day photography challenge

day #9: someone you love someoneS you love

…because, as if i could choose!

i took this (slightly blurry) picture of a professional photo…it’s as close as we are going to get during this photo challenge to having a professional quality photo on the blog!

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  • Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count  On June 9, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    Sounds like you’re doing well with the Kikiproject And photo challenge. It’s so funny that you mention She’s Come Undone. I got halfway through it and swore I had read it before, but I don’t think I did. I think I really identified with the main character and that was my reasoning. I’m with you though on not reading books over. The only one I ever read a second time was Possession by A.S.Byatt. Loved it the second time and even ended up buying it on audio. I think it’s my favorite. Have a great weekend, Cathy!!

    • 1970kikiproject  On June 9, 2012 at 4:35 pm

      thanks for the mini-book discussion, fran! i am going to make a note of “possession” on my “to read” list – if you have read it twice, it must be superb! i will chat more about “she’s come undone” when i do the july 9th monthly review; hopefully, i will finish it by then!

  • Stacie  On June 9, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Wow Cath, you make me dizzy with all of these goals–don’t stretch yourself too thin! The TV one would be hard for me too and the diet coke. I love the inspiration one and that’s so cool that you are exceeding that goal 🙂

    • 1970kikiproject  On June 9, 2012 at 11:49 am

      thanks, stacie! i love pursuing goals…short term, long term, it’s fun to have lots of projects on the go. feel free to enjoy a diet coke for me this weekend, ok?! 🙂

  • strivingcynic  On June 9, 2012 at 6:41 am

    I love reading these updates, but cannot believe another month has passed (I was just wondering why you posted a day early and realized it is the 9th…). Once more, you are an inspiration…but I do kind of enjoy that you’re struggling with the tv challenge…but I’m sure you’ll get there. Your sweater r.a.o.k. was really lovely!

    • 1970kikiproject  On June 9, 2012 at 6:56 am

      i know – time is FLYING. you realize the longest day of the year is…less than two weeks away (wah!). so you are volunteering to do the tv watching, zo?? yes??! the good thing is that i only need to watch four more shows…better than the original nine!


  • By double your habit | striving cynic on June 14, 2012 at 6:01 am

    […] in a while (sorry in advance, Cathy [who has given this up for a year..she explains a little in this post]…) I need gum. I just need it. I don’t know if it’s the hit of flavor, or the […]

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