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30 day photography challenge

day #10: childhood memory

i chose today’s photo because the story was fresh in my mind – just last week, i recounted the tale to little e!

as a family of four with a stay-at-home mom (ie no big holiday budget), back in the 70’s, our summer vacations included day trips to popular spots within an hour or two of our home: niagara falls, ontario place, storybook gardens, the beach…i have fond and clear memories of our happy outings to these fun-but-not-that-expensive tourist attractions.

when i was five and the brother was two, we went to the toronto zoo. the TO zoo is impressive: it covers a lot of ground, and they have a ton of different zones with animals from around the world. as you can imagine, a zoo trip required a lot of walking. five year old legs can get tired! so, over by the giraffes, my parents had a brilliant idea:

we’ll let little cathy ride in the stroller, and the toddler can walk!

it was the perfect solution! i got a rest and the brother got to expend some energy. in terms of photography, i love this photo because of the pleased-as-punch expression on my face, and also that the giraffe is in the background [i remember that the brother and i loved the african animal zone the very best – lions and tigers, giraffes, oh my!].

another fun memory about that day: we had lunch at mcdonalds! this was a special treat because again, on a limited budget, restaurant meals were special, not the norm. and we did not consume fast food on a regular basis, either. during this era, the toronto zoo ONLY had mcdonalds food offerings! i recall seeing strategically-placed mcdonalds restos all throughout the zoo.

here are two more “unofficial” photo entries for today:

#1: i like this picture because it is artfully set up! note the greenery bracketing our family (dad would have used the automatic timer on his camera):

everyone is smiling AND looking at the camera! win!

#2: basically, i want to highlight my cute top!

still by the giraffes – so, before i got in the stroller!

that ensemble would have been sewn by grandma!

which zoos have you visited? waterloo park has a very small zoo-ish area! in it, you will find rabbits, llamas, a peacock or two…it’s not very complex, yet it’s a big hit with children!


update: my canon point n shoot is working beautifully, again! [knock on wood, and all fingers crossed]. i have no explanation for this. i guess it likes this photo project?!