Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

what’ll it be, what’ll it be…

30 day photography challenge

day #11: something blue

here is the assignment i gave myself for today’s topic: i would head out on an exploratory neighbourhood walk and find my something blue while out and about. i would know *it* when i saw *it.* i was quite excited to see what would happen!

let’s start off with all of the reject photos. none of these pictures were *it:*

the weather was truly spectacular. but, using “blue sky” as photo-of-the-day seemed so predictable, and like taking the easy way out.

i liked the cloud placement in this photo!

i am in love with this super cute t at delirium:

this WOULD have been *the photo* if i had actually purchased the tshirt! **xmas list item, family!**

not going with this small poster – i am soooo not a fan…

i am sorry, but monty python “humour” is completely lost on me

dirty and boring:

although i do like the contrast between the sunshine and the shadow!

oops! this is not blue!

but wouldn’t this be a super fun car to drive around for the summer?!

a temporary measure for this homeowner:

bet they are hoping we don’t get too many storms in the near future!

i would have chosen this window display at words worth books as *the photo*…

…except that the glare from the window is unacceptable!

the beach theme is what grabbed me (i ♥ the beach!) and that little umbrella + chair are so darn cute!

i played glamour magazine’s “do’s and don’t’s” game:

what do you say? thumbs up or thumbs down on this passerby’s ensemble? i covet her jean jacket!

gosh, i was getting a bit worried…maybe i would have to fall back on…

that sky IS the perfect shade of crayola blue…

but then, success!

may i present our official SOMETHING BLUE photo:

it’s always a relief to spot a port-a-potty at just the right moment.

let me explain! 1) this photo makes me laugh because a TOILET is our featured subject (there’s that bathroom humour, again!) 2) i loathe outhouses and since childhood, have absolutely refused to use them. i would rather explode. at running races, i always just go behind a tree (or any out-of-the-way spot i see) 3) look at the way the light is reflecting off the toilet door – how artsy is that?! 4) i centred the porto-let as best i could – i took my time to set up this photo!

whew! i finished my walk with a big smile on my face. mission accomplished.


a weird computer happening: one morning last week, i came downstairs bright and early, and prepared to start my day as i always do: by drinking water and emailing bff debbie. in the “to” field, i started typing in “deb” which automatically brings up debbie’s email address, but my eyes saw “bed.” whoa, i am tired today, i thought, and started again. nope, again with the “bed.” so, i tried mom and dad’s email…and got the reverse lettering, too. i gulped and tried to quell the panic rising in my throat. visions of a broken laptop danced nightmared before my eyes! so, i did what i always do if the computer acts strange: i shut ‘er down and rebooted. as i took my recycling downstairs (next step in my a.m. routine) i hoped and prayed all would be normal with dear laptop upon my return upstairs. and to cut to the chase – it was! that was so bizarre. quick q – has this ever happened to you?? the computer keyboard was perfectly fine and normal the night before, so i have no clue as to how little techie gremlins invaded my kitchen overnight, and played a not very fun trick! i was just so grateful that everything was a-ok after the reboot!