Daily Archives: June 12, 2012

the perfect sunset

i knew i would not have to travel far in order to compete today’s task:

30 day photography challenge

day #12: sunset

the most beautiful sunsets can be seen right outside the condo casa windows. over the years, i have appreciated many a breathtaking view without even venturing off the couch or away from my computer.

the best location on earth to admire a sunset is in aruba:

it would be cheating to use a (march 2011) file photo, though!

the sunset topic is perfect for this time of year – we are almost at the longest day [although that makes me sad; it is all “downhill” from there on out, heading back to the shortest day in december, wah] so sunset is anywhere between 8:45-9:30 p.m. right now, depending on the ratio of sun:night sky that you wish to have.

today’s official photo:

we shall name today’s picture “sunset over construction site!”

i liked this photo because of the layers of colour and the contrast between dark and light.

here’s the back-up picture:

the sun has set!

where have you noticed amazing sunsets? a beach setting + a sunset is pretty much the ideal!


auction update: i called the local mcc office yesterday and found out that the log cabin blanket that i knit and donated for the quilt auction sold for $400. that is very nice to hear!