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the eyes have it

30 day photography challenge

day #14: eyes

who would have thought that the simple topic of “eyes” would prove so challenging!

i considered and dismissed quite a few possible ideas for today’s blog post:

  • the quiz game: “match the eyes to the name of the person!” i envisioned giving you five sets of eyes of five people you have seen on the blog before and five names, and you pair ’em up. problem: this game would involve five official photos, not one.
  • the serious point-of-view: we’d discuss eyes as “windows to the soul.”


  • the musical angle: “eye of the tiger” -> the ultimate pump you up classic; i would also run around and photograph a rocky/sylvester stallone poster (the eyes only, of course) to match the theme. we’d move on to either talk about perseverance or boxing.
  • the scary-to-me idea: cat’s eyes!


nooooo!! that would entail me getting up freakishly close to a real live feline, and i don’t do that.

  • the oh-so-cute option: a photograph one of little e or cutie c‘s dolly’s eyes.
  • the easy way out: a self-portrait of my eyes. bor-ing!
  • the scary-yet-again story: capture the EYE of a storm. yikes! happily, the weather is not that wet ‘n’ wild this week.

in yet another example of “i knew it when i saw it,” the toronto globe and mail saved the day. saturday’s arts section featured this photo (which is now our official project photo for today):

a photo of only eyes! thank you, photo editor!

can you guess who these eyes belong to? [haha, see i managed to work in a quiz today, after all!] answer in a second…

i am a BIG fan of most of the globe’s regular columnists. our photo-of-the-day was this week’s installment of “100 words,” composed by one of the globe’s music critics, brad wheeler.

oh – before i show you the next picture, the quiz answer is larry hagman!

the “100 words” feature, in its entirety, as it appeared in the paper.

the text is worthy of both my retyping AND your reading. here it is:

100 words J.R.’s Brow Beating >> by Brad Wheeler

Who shot J.R.’s esthetician? Prime-time iconic American soap opera Dallas returns to television Wednesday on Bravo, with Larry Hagman back as oil-grubbing, daddy-quoting meanie J.R. Ewing. After the original series was cancelled in 1991, the 80-year-old let his eyebrows go untended, causing them to flare up like antlers on a Texas longhorn. Now, the fur over his peepers even has its own Facebook page. While Prince Philip’s brows may be in constant jubilee mode and the late Andy Rooney had quite the tangle too, if it came down to a vote on the most outrageous grooming, Hagman’s eyes have it.

[oh, i aspire to write in such a concise, pithy manner].

i like today’s official photo choice, too, because it brings back fond memories of when i was a young teenager and babysat the children across the street every friday night. at 9 p.m., i would watch dallas. i so enjoyed this show! both because i would not have been allowed to watch it at home [the cat’s outta the bag now!], and because i was utterly captivated by the cheesy riveting drama!

did you guess correctly for the celebrity eye quiz?! i see a bit of a jack nicholson air to hagman’s eyes…

best famous brows? my vote:


what colour are your eyes? me = green. and i have to say i my eyes (thanks, mom and dad!).