Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

taking creative liberty

good morning and happy friday!

it feels like every hour of this week has been solidly booked. i am taking an extra day off, but still working the same number of hours as always, so the past few days have been very full. there has been no time to be extra-artsy!

30 day photography challenge

day #15: silhouette

to be honest, i was a bit flummoxed by today’s assignment: was i to take a photo of a shadow? (but then wouldn’t they have asked for “shadow?”). to my mind, the profile of a person’s face is a silhouette – something like this:


then, i thought of that typical psych 101 image [what do YOU see??]:

to capture “silhouette,” as i imagine it, was i to set up a drape, shine a bright light behind it, find a person/model to sit and gaze straight ahead while i barked out orders like “tilt your chin! lift your shoulder! smile BIGGER!,” and then capture the resulting black and white image?? like this?…


[ok, i would not make my subject hold a bow and arrow…you have to draw the line somewhere].

hmmm, that whole drama would be very complex to pull together…and this is not the week to fulfill my definition of photographing a classic silhouette portrait when both time and accessories are in such short supply!

luckily, a thought of sheer brilliance entered my mind as i was heading over to valumart for groceries:

may i present to you…”silhouette”

[please note that unlike…another day, no grocery items were displaced, de-shelved, or rearranged for the taking of this photo!].

yea, you may call it cheating, but i prefer the term “thinking outside the box.”


your cliff claven friday factoid:

the other association that kept popping into my head was of a song, something about two silhouettes…a quick google confirmed that yes, the song “silhouettes” dates back to 1957, and has been recorded numerous times!


in my hazy memory, i thought the lyrics included a line about “two silhouettes on the dance floor,” but in actuality, it is “two silhouettes on the shade.” that does make a lot more sense!