Daily Archives: June 16, 2012

you can imagine a waterfall, ok?

30 day photography challenge

day #16: long exposure

i turned to sil ana for guidance in today’s challenge [it is so nice to have a family member to turn to for help with computer, blogging, camera questions – sil ana is my one-stop resource person!].

i kind of understood “long exposure,” (my definition: letting in lots of light through the camera shutter [can i use the term “shutter” with today’s highfalutin cameras??]). sil ana gave me a very clear example: if i was taking a snapshot of a waterfall, a normal photo would show a freeze-frame of the gushing water. a long exposure picture, on the other hand, would show blurry water. that makes sense!

next, sil ana and i spent a few minutes clicking many buttons on my point ‘n’ shoot canon to see if we could change the exposure setting. we could not, we determined (although i did discover many *hidden* features to my dear little camera!).

all right. time to get *creative* again!

my thoughts turned, once more, to fruit!

zero in on the banana peels, ok?

so there is our photo-of-this-saturday: over-ripe bananas! those two pieces of fruit have seen long exposure to room temperature air!

[i totally agree with you that this picture is pretty hurtin,’ as we would have said in high school. so i tried to make the photo’s composition a little more interesting!…note the contrast in shape of the kiwis to the bananas! note the bright children’s book in the background! (i snapped this pic in TO on aunti day). note the unusual angle of the pieces of fruit! ok, we’ll stop there – i am unable to save this whole topic today, and i accept that!].

what food did you turn your nose up at, as a child? i ask this question because i remember flatly refusing to eat apple slices/quarters if they had even the slightest tinge of brown to them, when i was little. they had to be “normal-looking” and fresh!

at what level of ripeness is a banana “perfect?” i am not a banana fan, never have been. if i DO have a banana, it has to be on the greenish side. once brown spots start to appear…too late, too ripe! (i do enjoy banana baked goods and banana-flavoured popsicles, though!).