Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

my $4 sweater

just like yesterday, the photo challenge creators gave me an ez assignment…

30 day photography challenge

day #19: something orange

i didn’t even have to think about different options as my current knitting project just happens to be orange!

i’ve shown you this photo before:

three gigantic balls of ORANGE for which i paid a grand total of $10.17!!

(that is not today’s official photo).

in this post, back in april, i told you about how i had decided to knit myself an orange sweater with the yarn. i’m still knitting!

this is the cuff of the last sleeve

(that is not today’s official photo).

…but i’m almost done!…

back, front, sleeve

(that is not today’s official photo).

how super-cool that i will have created a handknit sweater for a sum total of … about $3.95 cents (i’m dividing $10 in thirds and adding a bit since i had to crack open that second ball of yarn) – in my favourite colour, no less!

the textured pattern has made the knitting not too mindless:

as seen on half a sleeve

(you got it: that is not…)

with any luck, i will finish the sweater this week – i’ll be on to a new project in july, for sure. since i still have acres of orange, i have a fun idea for how to use it up!…

ok, let’s do the official photo. for today’s shot, the orange yarn went on an outing:

not the usual backdrop for a ball of yarn!

tomorrow i’ll show you where this photo was snapped. until then, any guesses?! (locals and neighbourhood friends, you have the advantage!).


gotta share my latest country genre musical find (and this tune is also a clue for today’s official photo location) – i have to smile every time i hear somethin’ ’bout a truck. this song is perfect for summer relaxing. listen up! [thanks to that youtube link, you could karaoke this song, no problem!].