Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

uptown country

saturday eve, i popped over to the neighbourhood square to catch a little uptown country:

i actually took this photo during the morning set-up.

does this look familiar from yesterday?!

too bad today’s photo challenge wasn’t “somethin’ from a farm”…

waterloo’s one day country music festival was sponsored by my new favourite radio station!

kicx is based in k-w

anyway, back to saturday eve…

i walked over about 7 pm. it was a perfect eve to be out-of-doors: warm and still slightly sunny. one musical group was just finishing up their set:

a close-up of the stage

i found a spot to sit and yes, took out my knitting!

yarn in the knapsack!

now, last saturday, it actually WAS world wide knit in public day. i am only a week late! [actually, i got zero second glances or questioning looks as i sat and knit].

at 7:30 p.m., kira isabella started her set. [now i know what name i will give my protagonist when i write my best-selling canadian novel harlequin romance]. this almost-nineteen-year-old had a great voice, strong and tuneful. and she sang rock-country not twang-country numbers which was very enjoyable.

my view

kira isabella and her band mates

it was super-fun to people watch as i listened – all age ranges were represented: young families with kids, the 20-something set, retired folks…there were actually very few people decked out in cowboy boots or western hats!

the only thing i did not enjoy was the cigarette smoke wafting all around…with our non-smoking bylaws, it’s not often that we’re exposed to a prevalent scent of tobacco anymore. too bad there was not a designated smoking section!

spotted on my way out:

the “deep fried mars bars” caught my eye…

now THAT could be a dessert for the kikiproject for sure…but you never try anything new the night before race day!

it’ll be fun to check out more free, uptown events this summer – the jazz festival is coming up in july!


before starting the 30 day photo challenge, i read over the list of 30 assignments that would be completed. when i got to #20, i stopped skim-reading and paused to focus. here’s what i saw #20: bokeh. now, if you re-read the challenge poster that i put up on day #1, you will see that the font used is a flowing kind of script – looks a bit like handwriting.

i put my face closer to my computer and squinted. was i reading the letters correctly? maybe there was a spelling error – the project creators meant to say B-R-O-K-E-N. seriously, i puzzled over this for several minutes. then i thought to turn to trusty google – sure enough, B-O-K-E-H is a photography term! [shows you how much of an amateur picture-snapper i am]. wiki gives a good description that you can read here. basically, you need to go out and take a blurry picture. [hey – i already completed this challenge, then, back here in the winter!].

i’ll show you an example of a professional bokeh effect:




[really, my photo from the lights in waterloo park in the winter would be my best bet to go with, today!].

and here is my fake version, our official photo:

hey, at least it is “blurry light!”

to capture this look, i just quick jerked my hand down as i snapped the photo. and i had to try that a couple of times! once again, we’ll use the “we’ll take what we can get” file for this picture!

what type of music will you be listening to today? it’s aunti day, so i’ll have the rav’s radio on z103.5 (hey, maybe i should try some country-in-the-car today!) from waterloo to TO and back!