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superstitious much??

runners are a funny lot. if you zing through an endorphin-laced training run or smash your PB in a race, the natural inclination is to think back to what you did prior to the run, and then give full credit to xyz for providing such a satisfying experience.

i am no different. i have come to adopt some very careful practices. add up all of the following routines, and you have why i believe i was in the groove by the time the waterloo classic rolled around last sunday. i refuse to mess with what is working, and will continue to adamantly swear by the following rituals:

~never wear the same pair of shoes two runs in a row: my current active rotation  is comprised of the asics gel noosas, adidas bostons, brooks ghosts and nike vomeros. it doesn’t matter in which order the shoes are worn, or for which type of run. they just cannot be worn back-to-back.

~do not deviate from the course. i like to run the same routes. i get to know them intimately. running along, it is imperative to go around the manhole cover, stay to the right of the raised sidewalk crack, step directly onto the red paint blotch, etc. always veer out to get the widest tangent, and never, ever take a shortcut! [and, oh-the-horror of even contemplating running a route in the reverse direction].

~finish each workout with a lower body foam roller session. that tool is a miracle worker. the foam roller must be stored thus:

my storage corner for “the stick,” a yoga/stretching mat, and the foam roller

there is printing on the opposite end of the foam roller, and that side must always be touching the floor when not in use.

~don’t switch songs on the beast the shuffle. the uploaded musical selections have not been changed up in months. i have added new favourite hitz, but nothing has been deleted and replaced. i also always have the shuffle on “random.” the songs will come up in the order that the universe deems proper.

~never wash golden boy:

an un-altered photo of that clothing corner – look at that mess!

“golden boy” is the part-zip, lightweight shell jacket on the top there that i wear if it’s raining. he does not ever need laundering because he gets wet every time he goes out…makes perfect sense.

~the samson effect: yes, my hair is dry [although sans split ends!] and could use a trim:

suppressing a smile on take #37…

however, no scissors are coming anywhere near my head any time soon.

~i have completely brainwashed myself into believing that i feel great because i am NOT drinking diet coke.


i know, i know, i whine every month in our kikiproject updates about my undying desire for my favourite beverage on this entire earth. but truly, it’s a very good thing to not be imbibing.

~must. wear. compression. socks. on every run. and as often as possible in everyday life.

~the same # of reps must be done per side when performing strength and balance exercises. for example: 10 single leg squats, left then right. 25 bicycles, 15 leg swings. planks are held til either the :00 or :30 shows on the watch.

and there you have it. now, lest i appear completely weird quirky, let me remind you that baseball all-star wade boggs swore by eating chicken before every single baseball game – and he was no slouch!

given what happened on sunday with the shoe malfunction, i think i had better determine an obsessive lacing manoeuvre…


what number would you choose for your race bib as your “lucky number?” to our collective amusement, my friend the ironman received bib #666 when he, the brother and i ran the angus glen half marathon a few years ago. luckily, this random numerical assignment did not phase him one bit, as evidenced by the fact that he turned in a kick-ass, sub-1:30 performance, that day!


30 day photography challenge”

day #23: sunflare

yet another term i had to google – thank goodness this is the last technical assignment to deal with in this challenge! well, if nothing else, this project is expanding my vocabulary!

in my head, a sunflare was a photo of the blazing sun. that is not correct. here is a definition i found online:

[a sunflare is] unwanted, excessive light in a photograph due to internal reflections and scattering of light caused by a camera lens with non-uniform optical characteristics. Zoom lenses, which contain several elements, tend to introduce more lens flare due to the many surfaces within the lens.

when i researched a few examples online, i laughed. why, a sunflare is just a cruddily-lit pic! i do that all the time, too!

granted, a talented professional can make a sunflare effect very artistic:


and i remind you: i am an amateur!

my sunflare:

it’s a mini!

do you see it? do you?

i sure hope so. otherwise, your option is my compound-word innovation:

SUN ->

with the humidex, it hit 40 degrees this week – i had lots of opps to catch “sun!”




the (rather fluffy) canadian fashion magazine


happy saturday, friends!