Daily Archives: June 25, 2012

just doing my part

guess what i did: i ordered yet another cereal box tshirt.

i was perusing the shelves of valumart, looking for an on-sale box of my favourite type of carbs, when the honey nut cheerios box caught my eye:


now, i’d rate honey nut cheerios as a solid B-level cereal – they’re not terrible, but i wouldn’t go out of my way to seek them out. however, offer me a free tshirt?? sold! [and, yes, they were even on sale!].

having learned my lesson with the free reebok tshirt offer (which i am still waiting to receive, btw…) i zipped right home and hopped online:

just helping to support our olympic athletes like kayaker adam!

no disrespect meant to adam van koerverden, but i had to access my code!

chop chop right thru the torso…

phew – there were still tshirts available:

an adult small should do it!

at least, i think i’m getting my tshirt…the directions stated that an order confirmation email would be sent to me. i’m still waiting!

i’ve even checked my spam filter! no email!

apparently, the tshirt will arrive in my mailbox by august 31st. i hope it comes sooner – i would like to wear my tshirt on august 12th when i will be glued to the tv (remember, parents, i have booked your tv) watching our men’s marathoners as they compete in the most exciting of the olympic events!! don’t let me down, honey nut cheerios [you know that if there is some sort of mix-up and my tshirt fails to appear that i will never, ever be buying honey nut cheerios again!].


30 day photography challenge

day #25: something pink

the official pink photo:

my keychain

little pink squirrel has been attached to my keychain for almost two years, now. this memento dates back to my fabulously fun and awesomely amazing florida vacation in july of 2010 (how can time pass so quickly?!). in fact, i remember the exact day i got little pink squirrel! [it was a freebie from claire’s boutique if you don’t want to read the post that i linked to, there].

today’s picture says it all: i am fully aware that little pink squirrel has seen better days. the plush is matted and a little grey, the eyes are scratched and dull, and i am sure pinky is infested with germs. so why haven’t i ditched this keychain adornment? because of the girls

both nieces play with aunti’s keychain practically every time i visit.

cutie c always makes pinky bounce up and down:

our accompanying sound effect is “boing-gah-boing-gah!”

little e likes to have pinky wear flipflops:

one foot in aruba, one foot in cuba!

so, for the time being, i’m not switching things up. plus, my keychain is very easy to locate with all those colourful attachments!

what’s on your key-ring? i’ve kept a plastic, elastic-y coil on mine ever since my teaching days – it’s very handy to be able to put my keychain around my wrist when my hands are full!

honey nut cheerios: thumbs up or down? plain cheerios make a good base layer in a mixed bowl of cereals; i really did not like the chocolate cheerios flavour. have yet to try banana-nut!