Daily Archives: June 27, 2012

somewhere, over the rainbow…

30 day photography challenge

day #27: from a distance

i confess that i took today’s official snapshot three weeks ago today, way back on wednesday june 6th. i was just leaving toronto after aunti wednesday, turning onto the gardiner expressway to head home, when look what i saw:

rainbows are always a remarkable sight

at that moment, my immediate thought was, “take a picture!” [notice the traffic light is red!] “you’ll be able to incorporate the rainbow in some way into the 30 day challenge!”

rainbows deserve two shots

so the rainbow is our at a distance choice for today.

i know i said this before at some point on the blog because i remember gina leaving a comment (not sure why that memory has stuck so prominently in my mind) but whenever i see a rainbow, i think of our childhood bible story book entitled “God keeps his promise:”


[this is the book – wow!!! i google-found this image as i think the brother has our actual old copy].

it never fails: if i see a rainbow, i get a warm-fuzzy feeling, and am reminded that God loves me and is watching over me.

what’s a sight in nature that fills you with awe? i also find waterfalls spine-tingling for both their visual and aural impact.