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zero shades of grey

30 day photography challenge

day #29: black and white

i am sure the photography challenge organizers wished for us to take a photo in black and white (as opposed to colour *film*) for today’s assignment. well, you guessed it, my point n shoot does not do that. so, i had to come up with another creative adaptation.

luckily, it is pretty easy to find black and white objects. i thought of featuring my kitchen countertop: it’s black and white granite and my favourite part of the kitchen design. then, i debated taking a pic down in our fitness room – there’s a weight station type-thing in there that is black and white. i intensely dislike doing strength training, so by snapping a photo of the torture multi-functional weights station, we could discuss strength training and such, and maybe motivate me to use that intimidating contraption.

however, i wasn’t totally sold on either of these photography possibilities…

earlier this week, vfbf joanne and i got together mid-day over at vincenzo’s [uptown’s version of whole foods for you out-of-towners]. as i was walking over, i realized our visit provided a great black and white opportunity –  i was sure i could capture many neat-o shots at vincenzo’s in the black and white theme. i laid out a whole sequence of photos in my mind’s eye.

call it mission successful just ten steps inside the door!

today’s official photo: white vinnie’s logo on a black tshirt! $14.99!

i searched out a black and white (cranberry-orange half dipped in chocolate) biscotti [tangent: anyone else remember the seinfeld black and white cookie episode?! so funny!] to munch on. i took out my camera to get a photo of it, the second photo for my black and white series – and nothing. camera dead!! argh! frustrated feelings set in. by coincidence, joanne happened to have on a black and white outfit (third lost photo opp)…boy, was i bummed. then, in the sweets display case, they had the cutest cookies n cream cupcake pops/little cakes on sticks. the black and white themes were all over the place! drat my bad camera luck.

jo and i headed to an outside table – the day was absolute perfection! no black or white clouds in the blue blue sky – and dumb camera absolutely refused to co-operate. i got out my blackberry and thought i’d use that to get my desired pics…well, i fiddled for a good five minutes (as i conversed in a distracted manner) and could not find the camera option. then all of a sudden, something clicked in my brain: here i was wasting time – all for the sake of a self-important photo challenge – when i could be chatting and visiting with my good friend. i set both the camera and the blackberry aside, and focussed on catching up with jojo and enjoying the brilliant weather.

well, at least my point n shoot allowed me to nab our official photo for today – i am grateful for that!

this weekend, i will begin the hunt for a new camera or a new battery…it’s time!


you know the free tshirt i ordered thanks to my honey nut cheerios purchase? well, olympics-themed canada flipflops are also available! however, to get those, you need to purchase cereal bars or granola bars…which bff debbie had on hand! being the bff that she is, debbie messaged me the top-secret codes, i submitted my order, and  flipflops should be arriving in 6-8 weeks!

yippee!! mission successful! a pic taken on my BLACKBERRY, uploaded to the BLOG.


today’s black and white theme reminded me of one of my favourite jokes from childhood:

q: what’s black and white and red all over?

a: a newspaper!!!

(hey, when you’re seven, that type of humour is absolutely hilarious! kinda like knock-knock jokes!).

happy friday, everyone! the canada day long weekend is almost here!