Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

it’s time for a blogcation!

a peculiar thought popped into my head late last week when the temperature soared and the humidex made it feel like it was 37 degrees out:

it’s too hot to blog and read blogs.

how bizarre! i can see if i felt it was too hot to lie out under direct sunlight, drink steaming coffee, or knit with thick wool yarn…but to feel lacklustre and lethargic about blogging-related activities? that is a first!

i’m actually glad i got this vibe…see, back in june i decided that it would be in my best interest to take a holiday from blog-writing once july rolled around.


why?? there are three main reasons:

~ i want to avoid hitting blog burn-out -> longtime readers will remember that i posted a blog entry every day last year in 2011. achieving that streak was super fun – it was a creative marathon, if you will.  but then i hit a slump in january – the writing mojo lagged for a bit. i learned my lesson to be pre-emptive in taking a break – for us amateur, unpaid bloggers, this hobby should always be fun!

~ it’s primo vacation time -> i have a feeling a lot of you will be on the beach, at the ball park, lounging by the pool (if so, invite me over, yes?!)…not spending time with eyes glued to the computer screen.  and that is as it should be – let’s get out and enjoy the sunshine and heat and relaxed holiday vibe that is filling the air! [gina is my role model for this leave-the-computer-inside philosophy; she has mentioned before that winter is the time to devote more energy to computer projects, not summer!].

~ i have a major project lined up for the next few weeks (let’s add an air of mystery to our chat today!). i want to do a bang-up, A+ job without trying to balance blogging in there, too. i’ll share more details at the end of the month!

so: for july, i am going to post a six month kikiproject update on monday, july 9th [we’re half way thru the year – zowie!] and regular blogging will resume on wednesday, july 25th. why the 25th? well, because it is then five months until christmas day!


what i may do is experiment with more frequent contributions to facebook (i tend to just lurk-read and *like* other people’s status updates) and return to tweeting some twitters (twittering some tweets?!) – my last twitter comment (of the 236 i have ever made) was april 11, 2011. there’s an art to expressing yourself pithily within the confines of 140 characters!

[a note to blog-friends: i look forward to our continued visiting and chatting…except that it will all be taking place on your blogs! commenting is much less work than composing!]

bloggers: have you ever taken an extended leave of absence from your blog? i will admit to some feelings of trepidation: what if no one reads, ever again (well, i can always count on mom!…) or what if i don’t want to take up blogging again? i hope these fears are normal – and unfounded!

what are your vacation plans for july-august? i am not going away anywhere – and that is fine as i truly enjoy summer in the city, and i will make my escape in january!