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the main july project – revealed!

as you saw in yesterday’s photos, i have been having a real blast so far, this month. have i ever happened to mention that i ♥ summer?!


from july 1-22, i had one main focus that received more attention than coffee outings, movies, and shopping. while manager paul and annette enjoyed three weeks of sights such as this…


and this…


…i got to be the acting manager at the store!

see, this is (partly/mostly) why i did not want to feel any *pressure* to blog this month: i wanted to able to focus on my responsibilities and embrace this career opportunity. [ok, i also wanted to just run around (literally and figuratively) and be social and read smutty novels on the rooftop, that is true].

so how did the job go?

quite simply, i loved it.

some days were frantically busy: for example, one shift, i had to ship out all of our nike track and field spikes -> it ended up being ten boxes worth of product…and then that same day i received IN to the store nine boxes of three NEW shoe styles; that day flew by, i can tell you that. i completed tasks associated with merchandising (new swimwear and compression sock displays!), clinics (evaluations reminded me of doing report cards in my teaching days)…and, of course, customer interactions and transactions!

i did not miss blogging because i got to write creatively as part of my managerial duties: each tuesday, we send out an email to our run club members, so i wrote that newsy update each week. i also sent out a staff email every thursday. it was fun to have a focus for these emails, yet have the freedom to write in my own style (i think my blog voice might have carried over to these weekly updates!).

another highlight was co-ordinating the 20 minute challenge event for our store on july 18th:

some of the participants – photo courtesy of my friend (and blog reader) sue!

we had more participants than anticipated, the weather was divine (sunny and warm) and everyone seemed to have a good time (free hats and snacks always make people happy!).

paul returned to work on monday of this week, so now i am back to being the assistant manager – and back to working my regular monday and friday shifts at theOTHERstore. i so enjoyed the manager opportunity!

ok, this blog post just took me eons to write -> i have severely lost my blogging voice and touch. whew! i need more blogcation time. i shall see you again on thursday, august 9th for the next kikiproject update!

please share a july highlight! although i must say that thanks to visiting with my real-life friends, and blog-commenting with my blog-friends, i do feel in touch with a lot of you!