kikiproject update: eight is great!

here’s our pie chart visual!…

time is flying. as you will find out, some projects are DONE, some are right ON TRACK, some are STAGNATING. see what i mean, below…

1. record at least one positive thing every day in my gratitude journal/excel spreadsheet. this excel spreadsheet is getting long! the funny thing is that NOT ONCE have i gone back to see what i have recorded…it’s the act of acknowledging good things every day that is meaningful to me, obviously [i see a theme, here: i never re-read blog posts, my journal, or my gratitude spreadsheets from other years, either. hmmm, dr phil that, if you will…].

2. babysit little e and cutie c two times so that the brother and sil ana can enjoy a significant date or special event. dance of joy #1!


i took care of the wee ones on wednesday august 29th. you can read the recap here! so, our tally of extended babysitting days is at three. let’s add more before year’s end!

3. blog three times per week (monday-wednesday-friday). modified on february 13th to: leave a comment on a minimum of three blogs, every day. file this project into the “on track” category. two not-usual blogs that i thoroughly enjoyed reading this past month were my friend sarah’s blog and sil ana’s vacation blog where they each chronicled their summer travel tales (reading of friends’ adventures is the next best thing to voyaging yourself!).

4. run four (point two) km…times ten. i did not accomplish this goal this month – and had no intentions of so doing!

5. eat five wildly decadent and delicious desserts. done! ice cream treats continue to be my favourite!…

6. finish a minimum of six knitting projects. i completed project #6 on saturday, august 18th:

an ORANGE blanket! (sorry lee and jeannie that i did not have this blanket available when baby e was born!)

close-up of the pattern

so, that means that from the three giant balls of cheap orange yarn, i got a sweater for myself, this blanket and there was STILL enough yarn on the ball to give to mom to use up! as was originally my intention, i am donating this blanket to project linus:

mom knits for project linus, too, so mom will include my blanket next time she does a donation drop-off!

[i’ll still keep mentioning finished knitting projects in this space as i want to see how many i do this year. next up: christmas knitting for the nieces!].

7. read seven books, and hopefully more. i made it my goal to finish the 50 shades trilogy over the labour day long weekend. i’m counting all three books as one entry, so i have read ten books, now. say what you will, i LOVED the 50 shades novels, and am sorry i am finished! they completely captured my attention, i loved the sexcapades the story, the characters, the writing style…three stars (***).

8. perform eight random acts of kindness. once again, i am sorry to say i did nothing nice this month. i’m really antsy to move this project into high gear as we’ve been stuck at FOUR r.a.o.k.’s for a couple months, now. i have ideas, i just haven’t been in the mood to act on them! [pretty bad if you don’t feel like being nice?!]. my excuse is that i was concentrating on goal number nine, here…

9. watch nine different and new-to-me tv shows (either online, on dvd, or on tv). dance of joy #2!


o happy day, i am DONE with tv! hallelujah, i cannot celebrate enough.

tv show #9 was called “inspector lewis” and it’s a british murder mystery series that i watched over at mom and dad’s on sunday evening, august 19th. the positives: 1) the lavish scenery -> no expense was spared in the filming of the episode i watched. they totally put law and order or csi to shame. 2) the complex storyline -> the plot was more multi-layered than the usual north american one-hour who-dunnit. the negatives: 1) the dialogue was hard to follow at times, due to the actors’ accents and frequently garbled speech patterns. 2) this type of show is just not my cup of tea -> it was kinda boring. i would be willing to watch this show again, but i’ll give it one point five stars (*1/2).

NOW – just because i am SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY that i do not have to log another tv show for this kikiproject EVER AGAIN, i am going to end on a POSITIVE note and tell you about two MORE new-to-me shows that i saw on the foodnetwork that i LOVED and that are VERY entertaining: eat street and ice cold cash.the latter reminded me of jeopardy and i really like playing along!

my take-home lesson: i prefer movies and chatting with friends to tv, tv is wayyy down on my list of priorities, tv is a satisfactory time-waster.

10. refrain from chewing gum for ten months. you realize that in exactly SIXTY-TWO days, i will chomp piece after piece of extra gum from morning til night. i am going to buy two packs, chew the entire 28 sticks in one day, and then give up gum, for good again.

11. abstain from drinking diet pop (any pop) for eleven months. [overall, i hardly have any cravings any more, but it seems like once a month, a situation strikes that almost puts me over the edge]. here is your anecdote of the month: so, i was working at theOTHERstore on a friday and a customer came in to see about some new shoes. she was carrying a 750 ml diet coke, and set it beside her on the bench while trying on various types. i tell you, i practically was drooling, and it was hard to concentrate on finding her optimal shoe choices. that bottle was RIGHT at my finger-tips, directly in front of my nose! i had to laugh in my head, i was picturing her face if i suddenly snatched her pop and guzzled the whole thing, all the while having a crazed look in my eye. boy, that was a tough moment!

12. meet with at least twelve different friends for a social get-together. yippee! dance of joy #3!


visit #20 was the very fun lunch out with grandma and dad at swiss chalet! find the story here!

g’ma and me at swiss chalet!

next project recap is tuesday october 9th -> thanksgiving will be over, by that date!




tomorrow: the report!

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  • Zo  On September 9, 2012 at 9:05 am

    I love your dances of joy. Still amazed at all you manage to accomplish (and love how much joy you get out of it all). you know what flavor gum you’re going to pick first…or will you do a mash up!

    • 1970kikiproject  On September 9, 2012 at 9:16 am

      thanks, zo! oh yea, i have planned that i am getting extra gum, something minty and the bubble gum – i’m planning to document gum chewing day with photos and will blog about it afterwards!!

  • Stacie @ Snaps and Bits  On September 9, 2012 at 8:22 am

    I’d say considering it’s September, you’ve done very well!

    How great that you donate your blankets. I’m sure you’re making someone really happy – does that not sort of count as a random act of kindness?

    • 1970kikiproject  On September 9, 2012 at 8:58 am

      thanks, stacie! i COULD count the blanket knitting as a r.a.o.k….and maybe i will have to if i keep feeling so uninspired to be nice and search out other r.a.o.k. opportunities – haha!

  • Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count  On September 9, 2012 at 7:13 am

    Still love the orange blanket! Wish I could knit as well as you and Ele. I can do plain knitting and I can crochet but I’ve never learned to follow a pattern. I should work on the “no pop” project. I’ve cut it down dramatically, but I don’t really need it (except on road trips when Ralph feels inclined to drive all night! I’ve actually started chewing gum…helps to keep me from eating things I shouldn’t! 😉 Great post, Cathy…Happy Sunday!

    • 1970kikiproject  On September 9, 2012 at 7:37 am

      thanks, fran! nothing wrong with plain knitting – one of my favourite designers, sally melville, has a whole book of patterns featuring JUST the knit stitch!! enjoy your sunday, too – drink a pop for me, please?!!

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