Daily Archives: September 23, 2012

six for sunday

1. friday evening was just the best. i was feeling pretty beat after a go-go-go day at theOTHERstore (for whatever reason, i processed about three times the amount of transactions that i normally do during a day shift…which is good! we like high $sales$!) and a night in sounded lovely. mom and dad were away visiting friends and so i crashed at their place (they were aware of this) to watch crap tv (you’ll remember i don’t have a tv). i didn’t even knit – i lay down on the loveseat, head on one arm rest, legs hanging over the other end, and flicked away through the channels, eventually settling on “i found my gown” and then an episode of “friends.” i felt exactly like i was fifteen years old again! sometimes you need to spend time being mindless.

2. three of these statements about friday are true and one is false: stephen hawking was in my ‘hood; the brother was interviewed for npr; i bought my SIXTH pair of nike free’s; it was the last full day of summer 2012.

3. bloggers kath and janae are two classy gals, each in their own way: the packages i mailed arrived super quick via canada post (amazing) and last sunday i received the nicest emails from each new mom – janae emailed the most exuberant note of thanks, and we had a cheery email exchange back and forth; kath sent an e-card with the most sincere, warm and friendly thank you message inside. happy vibes all around! (and the smarties, pc chocolate and apple butter have all made blog appearances this week!).

4. yesterday, the weather forecast called for rain. i set out for my early-a.m. run wearing a ball cap and two layers of long-sleeve shirts (and just about boiled, thank goodness i had shorts on to balance things off), anticipating that a downpour could strike at any moment. well, i enjoyed rain-free conditions the entire time i was out, and in fact, witnessed the most amazing cloud + sun configurations -> it looked just like i could see right up into heaven.

5. knitting seed stitch with cream-coloured yarn is about as boring as knitting can get. i am falling asleep at my needles…but a blanket needs a border. i predict a very small border for this current project…i can’t take much more!!!

6. unless something extraordinary happens, i shall see you again on thanksgiving weekend with a list of 42 things for which i am thankful.

happy sunday!

(i am seeing bff debbie later and we are either going to stalk an interior designer who has appeared on hgtv and lives in our nearby westmount neighbourhood OR go to costco. either option is fine by me!).

(i did not buy a new pair of shoes!).