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a 31 pumpkin salute!

happy halloween evening!

thankfully, it is not frankenstorming here, and if they bundle up, the little goblins and goblettes should be able to enjoy their trick-or-treating (although the accompanying moms and dads may be hiding out under umbrellas due to the inclement weather)!

in honour of october 31st, i give to you our tribute to hallowe’en in the form of a 31 pumpkin feature presentation.

have a spooktacular night!

happy pumpkins!

“I’M at little pumpkin!” (sung to the tune of “i’m a little teapot!…)

ten little pumpkins, all in a row…

look at those teeth on these three!!


ghosts – or is that witches?! – of hallowe’en past (1975!)

a true example of “pumpkin carving!”

my mom used to put up cardboard decorations like this when we were little!

pumpkin-on-a-stick! times two!

today’s festive accessories: jack-o-lantern earrings along with my special spider bracelet!

seeking shelter from the storms!


“scarecrow standing guard”

mr potato head! i mean, pumpkin-head!

and, finally, saving the best til last:

cutie c and little e with their pumpkin creations, organized with g’ma & g’pa last weekend (the girls created their own designs!)

did you dress up or wear orange today? i saw some adults in costumes when i was out and about -> love when people get into the hallowe’en spirit!

no nanowrimo for me

what a rainy sunday afternoon!

i am just back from coffee culture where i spent a cosy bit of time with a hot tea and “u is for undertow” (not nearly as good, 100 pages in, as “t is for trespass,” might i add).

since november begins this week, i want to revisit a fun, international project in which you may wish to participate (other than movember, which is not so good for us ladies, haha!)

check this out:


national novel writing month begins this thursday on november 1st. in a nutshell, the goal is to write a 50 000 word novel (about 175 pages) by the time the clock strikes 11:59:59 on november 30th.

i think this is such an intriguing idea! i had never heard of nanowrimo until a year ago when blog friend stephanie participated (and i wrote this blog post about nanowrimo last year). recently, fran was debating whether or not to join in again (she did last year)…fran, have you decided?!

i will not be writing the great kiki novel of all time in november, 2012. why? just like i said last year, basically, i have no story ideas! i’m NOT going to say, “i have no time,” because i believe that if anything is important enough to you, you make the time for it. if push came to shove, i guess i could take the easy route and write an autobiography of sorts, thinly disguised as a novel?

i also don’t think you need to have fabulous writing ability to throw your hat in the ring for nanowrimo. heck, if pamela anderson can get a novel published [kind of like if oprah can run a marathon…]…any of us could give nanowrimo a shot!


earlier this afternoon, i wasted a whole hour trying to compose a blog post. i am feeling out of blogging practice and deleted a few rough drafts – words are not flowing today (precipitation is about the only thing that is gushing forth, i guess!). i really have nothing BIG to say, i just felt like blogging, but i guess my brain has other ideas!

any takers on nanowrimo? maybe next year will be THE YEAR i join in!?!

creeped out, bored + why dad is in 7th heaven

this past week, i finished two books – numbers thirteen and fourteen on the year. again, i was reading them simultaneously, and you will see why in just a moment.

on thursday, i finished sue grafton’s t is for trespass, part of the kinsey millhone series.

without a doubt, this was the BEST sue grafton i have read. i rate it ***1/2 (three point five stars). funny note, part i: i could only get this book in LARGE PRINT from the library. it was 564 pages long and the size of a door stop. but you sure feel like a speedreader when you can cover 100+ pages in a single day. funny note, part ii: this novel was a complete page turner, but one night i was trying to read it in bed, and i had to set it aside, that’s how much it was giving me the willies. and it was all because of the character of “solana” – she was freaking me out! so i had to stick to day-time reading.

this series is like reading a nancy drew: you know that everything will turn out all right in the end (as also evidenced by the fact that the next book is u is for undertow) but the plot totally hooked me, and i could not wait to see how things would turn out. the only disappointment was the last few pages – the story ends overly-dramatically.

then last night, i thankfully concluded the jane austen book club by susan joy fowler.

i will go on record as saying this was the most boring chick lit-genred novel i have ever read (i should have left it in the garbage room building lending library where i found it). tjabc was both a good and bad bedtime read: good because it made me want to sleep, bad because it took me way longer to finish than it should have, given the very few number of pages i could get through per night. the characters did not engage me (the most interesting of the mini-plots was the love triangle history of sylvia-jocelyn-daniel) and the writing style was flat. to be fair, if i was more familiar with jane austen’s works (i’ve only ever read pride and prejudice and that was at least twenty years ago) the austen comparisons might have meant more, and the novel may have been more interesting. this book gets a *1/2 (one point five star) rating. before reading the novel, i thought i had seen the movie version; now i don’t think i did! absolutely nothing sounded familiar! can’t say i am tempted to rush out and get the dvd!

next up: ready player one, on loan from sil ana. both she and the brother have read it, now it’s my turn! i’m looking forward to what i understand are prolific 80s references. and sticking to my two-books-at-once trend, i just this aft picked up u is for undertow at the library. time to get reading!


if asked to name his favourite food, i know dad would reply, “french fries.” although, on second thought, maybe he would say apple pie…or mom’s scalloped potatoes??…ok, i guess i am not as sure of my response as i initially thought! anyway, i DO know fries would be right near the top of the list. take a look at what has been parked in uptown waterloo, right in the centre square, starting about a week ago:


[**important sidenote!!** sadly, this ^^ is NOT the exact truck to which i am referring! when i went to snap my pic this aft -> NO TRUCK. murphy’s law! so this is a CLOSE APPROXIMATION of the vehicle you will see in uptown waterloo square!].

needless to say, dad has already paid dave’s french fry truck a visit. his verdict? excellent! i have to laugh because whenever we talk about uptown waterloo plus food choices, dad emphatically states that uptown wat needs a fresh-cut fry truck (any other longtime residents remember when there WAS a bright blue fry truck, parked by the corner of william and king, way back in the late 80s, early 90s?!).

so far, it looks like the fry truck is getting a good flow of traffic up to its take-out window. locals, lmk if you check out dave’s fry truck and give me your opinion! (and don’t be surprised if you bump into dad!).


on this weekend, way back in ’96, dad and i ran our first marathons in niagara falls. i remember so many details from that day – happy memories!

what are you reading RIGHT NOW?! and give your **** star rating, please!

pitch perfect

last eve, vfbf joanne and i went to see the movie pitch perfect:

a pitch perfect picture (try saying THAT ten times fast!)

[actually, that is quite a poorly centred picmy aim was way off last night…that was the best photo of the bunch!]

we both LOVED the movie!!! i give it a solid *** (three stars) verging into ***1/2 star territory. go see this film if…

~ you like music: the a capella singing, the mash-ups, and the featured songs are fabulous (make that a ca-fabulous, if you’ve seen the movie, you will get this reference!).

~ you are a fan the 80s era

~ you have a soft spot in your heart for the typical boy-meets-girl storyline

~ you found the movie bridesmaids to be hilarious

~ you are looking for an evening of fun entertainment

that covers just about everyone, no?! anyway, we enjoyed an a ca-wonderful eve out, and i would see this movie AGAIN in an instant.

this is going to be a musical weekend – tomorrow night i am attending a live vocal performance, also featuring jojo!

have a great weekend! and go see pitch perfect!


all’s been quiet on the blogging front this past week due to a few reasons:

~ a lack of subject matter: there’s nothing really special going on! i figure there’s only so much blah blah i can do about work, hobbies, compression socks, family…so i’ve kept quiet!

~ a lack of time: i worked half my week’s hours over the past two days. when you’re out of the house for thirteen hours straight, that kinda cramps your blogging capability [do you know, i have the wordpress app on my bb and have never, ever used it. why do i have it?!! in 2011 when the kikiproject was all about new experiences, “blogging from my blackberry” was on the short list of ideas, but it never happened. and now i don’t think it ever will!].

~ a lack of interest in blogging: not once over the past five or six days have i thought, boy i really should put up a blog post. so i haven’t!

ok, that’s the end of my explanation. it didn’t turn out to be as long as i had anticipated!

on the other hand, here is my list of things that have NOT been lacking this week:

~ work hours: like i said, it’s been a busy last coupla days. today i’m off, then the rest of the week is composed of shorter/normal shifts. it’s all good, though, as the stores have been hopping with marathoners and racers and people seeking cold-weather gear. there’s been lots to do!

~ positive personal interactions: i am really feeling happy about all the uplifting relationships with which i am blessed: all of my family; my two managers, area manager, and co-workers; friends; clinic instructors, clinic members, regular customers. i love being around such kind, genuine and FUN people!

~ time in my “snooki cap: this sequined hat is a recent acquisition:

what i’m wearing today

i’m not really a “hat person,” but can’t stop popping this cap onto my head practically every day! usually i pair it with big sparkly, sequin-y hoop earrings (today i chose feathers as i know little e and cutie c will get a kick out of them) and i feel decidedly jersey shore with this get-up.

~ running: i hesitate to talk running because that is surest way to impose a jinx. let’s just say that i am *training* [not really the proper term as i have no upcoming race plans] in a decidedly whacky zen-ish way with amazing results. i’ve hit on a revolutionary theory that is totally working, let’s leave it at that.

~ GANGNAM STYLE!!! man, do i love this song – and it makes me laugh!! i crank it whenever it is on z103.5 when i’m driving. i purchased it on itunes on the weekend, so i can blast it at home whenever i want. listening to this hit makes me break out in a big smile every single time!

~ fatty and sugary food: just goin’ with my cravings – yum!

~ deep thinking: i think it is because of the recent loss of grandma…i have been spending considerable time reflecting about life. what is important? how would i want to be remembered? is “x” really worth getting worked up about? i am striving to make the important things in life priorities and letting go of the rest.

what’s coming up:

i am not a procrastinator, by nature. i just don’t do it. yet, i have successfully avoided making two decisions for a couple of months, now. this is so unlike me! and it’s driving me nuts.

item #1: a vehicle decision -> you’ll remember that back in the summer, dad and i test drove the fiesta, the yaris and the prius. i was going to decide which car i wanted to buy, and trade in the rav4. and that’s as far as i got.

item #2: a smartphone -> my current contract expires december 28th. this is not a decision i want to leave til the last minute. do i stay with my blackberry or go with an iphone or an android like the samsung galaxy III? i need to get myself into the bell store and do more research, more than the half-a$$ed quick-questioning i have done so far. gack. someone just tell me what to do, hmm-ok?!

so, now we’re all caught up! hope things are well with you!

1, 2, 3, it’s thursday!

1. i started my christmas shopping yesterday!


[and that’s all i can say about that!]

2. because it was frickin’ freezing *quite* chilly out yesterday, i grabbed the opportunity to wear my free new saucony compression tights all day out and about, and to work in the evening:

well, that’s a bit of an awkward angle…

…is this a bit better? (fake running!)

the material is fantastically silky! it feels like you’re wearing pj’s. now in terms of compression….i did not actually feel anything in that regard. maybe i am used to how compression socks really support the lower legs?? i felt like i was wearing just a normal pair of leggings with these saucony tights. that is still a very comfortable feeling, but not a compression-y feel. i do like them immensely, though, and envision much wearing of them this coming winter!

3. vfbf joanne and i met at noon for a power visit yesterday. we had a limited timeframe available to us, so we made the most of our minutes, and not even two seconds of silence existed from our “helloooo’s!” to our “see ya’s!” – we are efficient conversationalists! we made plans to go see the movie pitch perfect next week – anyone seen it?? from the preview i saw this summer, it looks like a fun girls’ night out film!

movie suggestions?? i appreciate receiving ideas for films to watch -> it was only thanks to zo‘s mention of moonrise kingdom that i went to see it this summer, and i’d say it was my favourite movie of 2012, so far!


i love when i have free stuff that i can talk about on the blog, here. makes me feel like a pro (as in professional runner + blogger!).


recently, i earned myself a pair of saucony shoes, and i chose the saucony triumph 9’s:

also available in a HOT PINK version – which i gladly would have accepted!

it’s been about twenty years since i last wore sauconys. they tend to have a wider toe box and i have a narrow foot, so our relationship was not always optimal. but when i tried on the triumph 9’s at the store, they felt awesome, so i decided to go with them.

for the past week or so, i wore my new shoes out and about, for walks, and to work. then yesterday, i tried them for an ez-paced 6k recovery run [sidenote: while you should not have to “break in a pair of shoes” – they should feel comfortable from the first ten seconds you have them on – i do not recommend that you wear a new pair for a long run, your first time out!].  my thoughts as i was running: 1) i do not feel like a gazelle – these shoes are the heaviest i have worn in quite some time 2) i do not feel a lot of impact – great shock absorption! i could comfortably run a marathon in these shoes, i bet! 3) the triumphs are “triumphing” in their initiation test [haha, composing a pun as i run…that is fun] 3) these shoes are going to go into my active rotation, for sure.

the triumph 9’s can best be described as a workhorse running shoe: they are solid, heavily cushioned and very comfortable. i often tell customers that you want a running shoe that best feels like a bedroom slipper -> these triumph 9’s DO feel like that to me…just a very, very cushy pair of slippers! added bonus: the slightly-elastic laces are quite long – handy for people who lace their shoes with the “bunny ears” method.

a friend who works at a saucony outlet store told me that the triumph is saucony’s best selling model, and i can see why – it’s got a lot going for it, even with the heavier weight. (let’s face it, unless we are gunning for the olympics, a couple extra ounces in shoe weight is not terribly important).

the second product to tell you about is a gel:

not the actual gel i consumed, a full pack makes a better picture!

GU kindly provided us staff at theOTHERstore with some complimentary gels to try out. i have heard rave reviews about this peanut butter flavour, so i was quite excited to give it a try. on my giving thanks run this past holiday monday, i had the perfect opp to try out this new-to-me product. my opinion?? zowie!!! sorry, clif, but i have a new favourite gel!! i loved everything about this GU: the consistency (thicker than clif or powergel); the flavour (it tasted JUST like peanut butter, and even stuck to the roof of my mouth a bit!); the way it gave me a kick of energy (and no intestinal distress); the ease with which i could open the package (i was wearing mitts and even so, did not have difficulty getting the tab ripped off). now i would like to try other GU flavours like espresso, chocolate, and mint chocolate!

i actually have a pair of saucony compression recovery tights to try, as well – we’ll save that review for another day (thankfully, it has not been cold enough yet that i have had to break out tights for running).

at what temp do you start wearing tights as opposed to shorts or capris? back in the hardcore days, our *rule* was that you wore shorts til it was zero degrees C. end of story. now, i’d rather keep my muscles warm, so i wear shorts to 6-10 degrees, only!

thoughts on saucony or GU??? share away if you have tried either of these brands!

** please note that while i received the shoes and the gels for free, all opinions are my own. neither saucony nor GU asked me to review their products.** [this disclaimer is probably not necessary, but again, it’s fun to pretend that i am a pro!].

kikiproject: a nifty nine months old!

pie chart time!

[i know dad is wishing i had inserted a photo of a real pie…sorry, pops!]

well, kikiproject, you have but three months left to go. i’d say things are looking good!…

1. record at least one positive thing every day in my gratitude journal/excel spreadsheet. done! as my european neighbour likes to say, “e-ver-y day vee are ah-live ees a gooot day.” (i love m, we are best gym buddies, too). and even the recent loss of dear grandma has presented opportunities for me give thanks.

2. babysit little e and cutie c two times so that the brother and sil ana can enjoy a significant date or special event. A+! for today’s recap, i am going to add a “.5” to the three babysitting dates already completed. wednesday october 3rd was sil ana’s bday, so the brother surprised her with a special dinner out. i stayed later than usual this past wednesday, and put the girls to bed and babysat until the brother and birthday ana returned home. i ♥ love ♥ bedtime routine! here’s hoping there are some xmas parties or socials coming up where a reliable babysitter could be of assistance??!…

3. blog three times per week (monday-wednesday-friday). modified on february 13th to: leave a comment on a minimum of three blogs, every day. on track! i had been thinking about perhaps expanding my bookmarked blogs…but nah, at this point, i am content to read/comment on the blogs i am used to. i am commenting a bit more often on janae‘s blog (see #8, below…) and local (governor general award-nominated!) author carrie‘s blog!

4. run four (point two) km…times ten. i did not accomplish this goal this month – and had no intentions of so doing!

5. eat five wildly decadent and delicious desserts. done! come to think of it, i do not think i downed any ice cream within the past 30 days. quel dommage! [sidenote: julie, my french is so rusty, i had to google “quel” or “quelle”!!]

6. finish a minimum of six knitting projects. yes! i have one more project to share with you…now, sil ana, at this point, it would be best if you could please close your eyes, hit “page down” once or twice, and then rejoin us – many thanks.

knitting project #7 is christmas gifts for little e and cutie c which i finished on sept 19th:

ballet sweaters: e’s is on the left, c’s is on the right

little e already has one of these sweaters in a light pink shade – it is so well-worn that it is splotched and stretched and ready to be retired! since both girlies love their dance classes, i decided to redo the pattern in a larger size for e, and make c her own version. i don’t really like 100% cotton for most projects, but in this case, it’s the perfect yarn. i’m happy with how they turned out! and there’ll be no mad rush to get them ready before christmas!

7. read seven books, and hopefully more. my book tally stands at twelve. [back in january, i never would have predicted accomplishing this much reading!]. in tandem, i read sue graftons’ r is for ricochet (finished on september 23rd) and jennifer weiner’s fly away home (finished on september 25th).

i had not read a kinsey milhone book in ages! when zo mentioned sue grafton’s series, i suddenly had the urge to get back into one of these *suspence* novels. since i couldn’t remember where i left off, i randomly picked “r” – it was a good one! i realized i have missed kinsey, her adventures, and her pals. funny: i went to the library for s is for silence, started it, and already on page one, could tell i had read this book! so i returned it and am now into t is for trespass. r is for ricochet gets **1/2 (two point five stars), if you’ve never read a sue grafton, try out a is for alibi -> this series is entertaining, non-offensive reading.

i give fly away home *** (three stars) and i recommend it for your next vacation pick. now: this is unusual: i actually did not really love any of the three protagonists all that much – the storyline was what captured my interest. in terms of a favourite character, i pick selma – loved her feistiness! also unusual is to take away a message or life lesson from a fluffy novel…but i did. the novel’s plots remind us of the possibilities afforded by forgiveness, and the hope of new beginnings. here’s a memorable a-ha quote: “there’s no right way to live a life…you just do the best you can.” jennifer weiner is one of my favourite chick lit authors, and i did enjoy this read very much.

8. perform eight random acts of kindness. yes! i completed two r.a.o.k.s since our last recap. you can read about r.a.o.k. #5 here and r.a.o.k. #6 here!

9. watch nine different and new-to-me tv shows (either online, on dvd, or on tv). completed last month! funny enough, i have watched a lot more tv this past month than usual…it’s very relaxing to flake out in front of mindless television shows!

10. refrain from chewing gum for ten months. ok, i am so excited about my upcoming gum-chewing day, that i am going to share all the details with you NOW even though it’s not going to happen until saturday, november 10th. as previously mentioned, i am going to buy two packs of extra gum (peppermint and bubble gum) and chew all 14 x 2 pieces in one day. technically, gum chewing party day could be friday, november 9th as that would be exactly ten months, but i am going to wait the additional 24 hours as the saturday suits my schedule a bit better to be chomping and bubble-making all day long. wheeeee!!!

11. abstain from drinking diet pop (any pop) for eleven months. as always, i have a diet coke moment to share with you…so, i was sitting in coffee culture, sipping a decaf lemon tea and reading a book, all peaceful-like and quite content, when suddenly the girl two comfy-chairs away opened a diet coke. for thirty seconds, my good humour fizzled. drat, would i ever love to be sitting and downing a dc myself, thought i. then i called to mind my mental list of all the positives of NOT drinking pop and the sucky moment passed. i also desolve into grumpiness when i see the cheap price of 710 ml diet pops in the grocery stores and compare that to the more elevated prices of carbonated water…again, reminding myself that i am better off without pop helps me turn my frown upside down! [boy, that sounds cheesy!]

12. meet with at least twelve different friends for a social get-together. we’re sitting steady at twenty!! my outings this month were all repeat visits…i am wondering if i can get to twenty-five new get-togethers by the end of this project???

and there you have it! i’d say that was a prosperous month!

now: just to let you know – i am a big planner-aheader, as you are fully aware, so i have been thinking about 2013 + the kikiproject (it would be year #4!) for a couple of months already. it’s either going to be all or nothing come january 9th…this sporadic posting style of late is driving me bonkers. i’ve got more reflecting to do on what i will do!

canadian friends, i hope you enjoyed a marvelous turkey weekend, and u.s. friends…well, you’ve got your t-weekend in just over six weeks!

this is the way we do thanksgiving

…and longtime readers, you already know of my family’s (un)usual thanksgiving traditions as seen in the 2010 and 2011 celebration recaps!

to kick off the afternoon, i took my usual thanks giving walk. yesterday, i almost got rained upon!

these beautiful pots are aligning my street right now. thanks, city of waterloo!

gorgeous red tones, here…

brrr….glad i was wearing my mittens and winter jacket!

around 4pm, we all gathered at mom and dad’s. i walked next door!


dad and mom/our host and hostess!

sharon and paul (mom’s brother), the empty-nesters!

cousin kate! (who is embarking on more exotic world travel in the new year!)

cousin joel! (who is now back from korea and in teacher’s college!)

cousin alex! (who is in first year university, studying civil engineering!)

yours truly!

sil ana and cutie c! (who is ready with her xmas list!)

the brother and little e (who is in her favourite chair at g’ma and g’pa’s!)

the first order of business: CHRISTMAS LISTS!!!! we all go around, youngest to oldest, and pass out copies/share/explain our prepared xmas lists of gift ideas:

my copies!

[i did promise the family that my 100 item list from last year was a once-in-a-lifetime happening!]. i am excited to get out shopping!!!

pretty soon thereafter…food time! here’s our traditional menu (and i neglected to photo the chips and homemade cream cheese salsa dish):

pizza!! (waterloo-ites, these pies were from “gourmet pizza” in uptown)

chicken wings (from “the huether”)

this is the best menu – no fuss, minimal dishes, maximum enjoyment for all ages.


mom’s homemade apple pie…

…and mom’s homemade apple crisp ->both rate an A+!

and no blog post would be complete without the traditional family-around-the-table pic!

let’s enjoy our feast!

we had such a fun time! everyone in my family has a really good sense of humour, and the wisecracks and jokes that get tossed about during christmas list time really make me laugh. this year, we also seemed to have lots of time for relaxed visiting and conversation…it was a really great get-together!

(i missed seeing grandma from her usual spots, smiling on from the couch and at the table).

i always am thankful for being with my family at thanksgiving. my third year of university, when i was in chicoutimi, i was away from home for the first time over a holiday. four of us girls went out to st hubert (the quebec version of swiss chalet) for our “thanksgiving dinner,” and while we had a good time, i was quite homesick for my family that year (giving your xmas list over the phone just does not cut it). it really is family togetherness that makes a holiday extra special.

happy thanksgiving monday! if you are going to the parade, my local friends, bundle up!!

giving thanks

~~thank you for all of the blog and fb comments, emails, and in-person hugs over the past week…my family and i feel very supported and loved.~~


happy thanksgiving weekend, friends!

in honour of thanksgiving, here is my list of 42 things for which i am thankful. [42 because i am 42 years old] i had a lot of fun composing this list, it’s a compilation of the first 42 thoughts to spring to mind, some serious, some not so much. here we go!…

1. every single member of my family

2. that i have a job that i love and adore and look forward to each day

3. that little e still reaches for my hand when we walk home from the school bus

4. tim horton’s choco chip muffins

5. high speed internet – i have absolutely no comprehension of how this technology actually works – i find the whole concept of websites, google etc simply amazing!

6. that feeling i get when running: i feel free, powerful, in the moment, in a zone, happy, clear-headed, centred…it’s awesome

7. that my list of people who irk me is much, much smaller than my list of people  i like

8. my walkable neighbourhood

9. cutie c‘s random and enthusiastic hugs and snuggles

10. this song because it makes me happy!

11. the creative and imaginative outlet that knitting offers; the way you can produce works of art with knitting

12. that i found the will to break my diet coke addiction [i know i complain a lot in my kikiproject updates, but i truly am proud and grateful that i could stop drinking pop]

13. reading, esp novels that you can’t wait to get back to!

14. quirky stories from my life (for example: the time i stalked an semi-famous ultrarunner in moab, utah; the time i got lost in the atlanta airport) that sure are memorable

15. s’bux choco chip cookies

16. that i ran the boston marathon three times and had three awesome races there

17. my rooftop garden and patio area

18. the stories and experiences i hear from customers at the store – every one is unique

19. that any seinfeld episode can make me LOL

20. my green eyes

21. cereal!!! [except any types that contain raisins]

22. having a competitive personality – i like being a go-getter

23. that i can still get away with plucking out any grey hairs on my head, no dye job is yet necessary

24. my circle of friends

25. the mega-bass option on any stereo system

26. that i left teaching after three years and did not spend my life at a career that was not for me

27. doing a crossword puzzle and being able to fill in all the answers [ok, i only do easy x-words, but that’s beside the point]

28. that as we get older mature, we know what we like and what we don’t: i no longer concern myself about the fact that i dislike cooking or am not an animal person, for example

29. any and all vacations i have ever taken: childhood trips out east, out west, to florida; adulthood holidays in aruba, florida, the U.S…all provided awesome memories

30. my running shoe/flipflops/footwear collection

31. baskin robbins choco chip ice cream

32. that i am 5’5″ tall – not too tall, not too short

33. my abba box set

34. that i like watching a lot of different sports, live or on tv

35. this song because it centred me this summer

36. blogging! i really enjoy coming up with ideas, writing, editing, the interactions through comments…it’s a fun hobby

37. that you can sit at chapters and read magazines for free

38. the way my cardinal tattoo turned out [i love my boston one, too, but the cardinal is the ultimate special one]

39. the movie “when harry met sally,” one of my all-time favourites

40. that i got to say good-bye to grandma [and was with grandpa c when he passed away eleven years ago].

41. that little e and cutie c are only one hour away, down the 401

42. that each morning we can wake up and welcome a new day, new opportunities, new experiences

quick: what are any three things for which you are thankful, today? sure, i can join you and do three more!

that my drive to TO on wednesday was hassle-free and uneventful (dare i say “quick,” even?!); the deliciousness that is maranatha crunchy almond butter; that TOMORROW we are doing our annual family christmas list exchange!