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2013 resolutions!!!

heyyyy, friends!

welcome to the final hours of 2012…seize the day!

resolutions: from my unscientific observations, we either embrace them or refuse ’em. i fall into the love camp. but did you know, i did not make any for 2012?! i think that was because this year’s kikiproject was structured very much like a resolutions list. two years ago, i did make 2011 resolutions which are chronicled here! (haha, i mean the year 2011, obviously, not that i set two thousand and eleven different goals!).

so, even though i firmly stand by the belief that labour day = the most logical choice for *new year’s day,* i’ll be conventional and make new year’s resolutions that will begin tomorrow. here we go…

refrain from cutting my hair. [sorry mom!!!] my last hair cut was…a very long time ago. july 8, 2011, i do believe. i feel like i have a just-past-the-shoulders sticking point, and i want to see if i can break that barrier. plus, i just can’t be bothered with salons.

re-institute outings of the month with mom and dad. this was one of the BEST goals that i set in 2011, and i realized this year that i really missed making a point of seeing mom and dad, separately, once a month. to up the ante this time ’round, dad and will go out for a meal or coffee break once per month at a different location each month AND we have to be able to walk to said location. mom and i will go to some sort of shopping establishment once per month and it has to be a different spot each and every month.

no gum for the entire year. i made it through the ten month gum hiatus, january to november, thanks to this year’s kiki project. if i can do ten months (without great struggle), i can go a year!!!

as a last hurrah, i bought these packs of gum…

all old favourites

all old favourites

…and planned to chew them from december 28th to december 31st just because i felt i should take advantage of the opportunity while i could, and enjoy one last kick at the can. well, guess what, the gum chewing was so non-fun, that i chewed gum friday and saturday december 28th and 29th, forcing myself to keep chewing, then finally threw the remaining sticks in the garbage. (!) that action and my lack of interest in chomp-chomping bodes well for 2013 (non)gum chewing success!

drink diet coke under restricted circumstances. as i enthusiastically documented, the eleven months of being diet coke-free turned out to be a monumental success. honestly, i have been turned off pop since december 9th! the hugest proof: i told mom not to bother getting me any diet root beer for our immediate-family christmas traditional dinner which ALWAYS includes diet root beer!!! zowie!! so: for 2013, i can drink a diet coke IF i am out for a junkfest fast food meal WITH company (as in i can’t be on my own). now: wouldn’t it be funny/great if i some time order a dc and then can’t finish it?!

knitting: i have two main projects on which i am going to focus: 1) i am going to knit sweaters for house of friendship residents and/or out of the cold attendees, and i am going to knit blankets for children for project linus. i bought yarn recently at michaels during a fabulous sale for the first two projects:

this classic wool is warm but not scratchy.

for a men’s sweater: this classic wool is warm but not scratchy.

note to other knitters: sock yarn makes GREAT baby sweaters and blankets!

for a small child’s blanket: sock yarn makes GREAT baby sweaters and blankets!

my theme for the year is going to be variegated yarn -> i will ONLY knit with variegated yarn! i will track on an excel spreadsheet (i love tracking things) how many of each project i can complete. at the end of 2013, i will donate the produced items to the respective organizations.

of course, it would be a travesty to go a whole twelve months without producing anything for my little darlings, so you can be pretty much assured that little e and cutie c will be on the receiving end of *something* at some point during the year!

do one month of all-the-yoga-you-can-yoga-for-$40 at moksha yoga. at some point this year, i will sign up for one month unlimited yoga at moksha. ahhhhh! i would do it immediately, but i have a feeling the studio will be super crowded in january with all of us resolution-makers. hot yoga during the winter does sound great, though!

increase upper body fat (ie arms and shoulders). as a former fitness instructor, i know you cannot spot reduce; therefore i am doubtful that i can spot poof-i-fy my upper story. but i can try??? i am not going for a muscled/chiseled/hard look; i want a softer, roundy shape from my neck to my wrists. more weights and more cheese???…

increase the amount of face-time spent with friends and family. i feel so energized, positive and happy after socials and in-person visiting! i do see a lot of my friends and family; but, bring on more, more, more!!

floss every day: i have sorely fallen off the bandwagon with my flossing. if i state it here, i will remain accountable!

read a lot [i am adding this goal because then i have ten resolutions and ten is a lovely, solid number]. i read sixteen books this year, so my 2013 goal will be to surpass that mark.

et voilà!

happy new year!


resolutions: do you love them or leave them? bonus answer – > share a 2013 goal!

you can put the words right into my mouth








in other news, i did make it over to michael’s yesterday, but walked out empty handed. not enough balls of the same dye lots for the yarns i wanted. too bad. i guess my gift card will continue to burn a hole in my pocket. but!!! i was able to do a BONUS r.a.o.k.!!! when i realized i would not be spending my “boxing day, 25% off your entire purchase including sale items” coupon, i gave it to a nearby woman who was holding several items – she had no coupon! how jolly!

then i went to chapters and got my 2013 desktop agenda for 50% off:

my g'ma and g'pa (the g'ma that passed away this fall) actually HAD a yellow camper van when we were little!

my g’ma and g’pa I. actually HAD a yellow camper van when we were little!

my hippie-dippie nostalgic trend of lovin’ all things 70s will continue into the new year!

happy thursday!

christmas wrap!

happy wrestling boxing day, friends![<-standard family joke that never grows old!]

i hope you have enjoyed much merriment over the last couple of days and felt the christmas spirit in your heart. our celebrations were delightful:

sunday, december 23rd:

the traditional "around the table" photo!

the traditional “around the table” photo!

mom MADE cute pompom present toppings for us all! (i wore mine the next day as a headband - haha!).

mom MADE cute pompom present toppings for us all!

our table gift theme was "books" - i received this one (from my list) - can't wait to get reading it!

our table gift theme was “books” – i received this one (from my list) – can’t wait to get reading it!

santa, baby!

santa, baby!

~little darlings~

~little darlings~

proof #1 that my family *gets* me:

the same tee! from the brother/sil ana/the girls and then from mom and dad - purchased in two different cities, two different stores!

the same tee! from the brother/sil ana/the girls and then from mom and dad – purchased in two different cities, two different stores!

i have already exchanged one sleeping leopard for two rollerskating kitties!

i have already exchanged one sleeping leopard for two rollerskating kitties!

december 25th, morn:

a beautiful tree - part of paul sharon's wonderful xmas decor.

a beautiful tree – part of paul and sharon’s welcoming xmas decor.

the traditional xmas morn "five cousins" pic!

the traditional xmas morn “five cousins” pic!

posing a dog is definitely harder than children!

posing a dog is definitely harder than children! shadow did not wish to look at the camera, despite numerous attempts!

sharon, little e, cutie c!

sharon, little e, cutie c!

proof #2 that my family *gets* me:


THE COUSINS FOUND ME THE LONG-DESIRED MADONNA TSHIRT!! and check out the pattern/colours on the BUFF headwear!

proof #3 that my family *gets* me:

a cardinal floor mat from paul and sharon; cardinal tea towels from "santa!"

a cardinal floor mat from paul and sharon; cardinal tea towels from “santa!”

what a morning of laughter, food, and togetherness!

december 25th, eve:

mom the cook...

mom the cook… the carver!

…dad the carver!

i can help serve!

i can help serve!

traditional around-the-table photo #2!

traditional around-the-table photo #2!

i so appreciate family time! this christmas was definitely relaxing and FUN.

are you still participating in social get-togethers today or will you be searching out boxing day sales? i work til 3:30 this aft, then plan to hit michael’s and maybe chapters!

~merry christmas~

~may love and joy fill your heart.~

~may you experience peace and goodwill during this most special of holiday seasons.~

merry christmas, friends!

just in case the world ends tomorrow…

…it is imperative that you know the following:

~ santa DID come home with me on sunday…

ho ho ho! and merry christmas! (i am going to add in that jingle bell as my xmas jewellery)

ho ho ho! and merry christmas! (i am going to add in that jingle bell as my xmas jewellery).

…and we are totally ready to celebrate family christmas on the 23rd and extended family christmas on december 25th. i am going to toss my christmas cardigan on, over top of santa, but i am glad for the sleeveless option as opening presents, laughing, and celebrating can make me hot!

~ we have made it to the shortest day of the year. cue the hallelujah chorus [i know i said the same thing last year, but really, it is the most perfect song of rejoicing for this time of year]. things only get better from now until june 21st!

~ i thought i had a pretty colourful shoe collection…

L to R: nike free; asics gel noosa; adidas boston; mizuno wave elixir 7; NB minimus 00

L to R: nike free; asics gel noosa; adidas boston; mizuno wave elixir 7; NB minimus 00

[i am loyal to the sport, not loyal to a brand, haha!].

…but check out the mizuno wave elixir 8s that arrived at the store on monday!

the womens'...

the womens’…

...and the mens'

…and the mens’

so, to continue our “this is the house that jack built” verse from the other day, now i want the shoes to go with the tech shirt to go with the compression socks

~ i have enjoyed a square of coffee culture coffee cake every day this week, thus far:

mmmm, my mouth waters just looking at this photo!

mmmm, my mouth waters just looking at this photo!

just prepping my body for the sugar fiesta that is christmas day, in our family.

~ this is my new favourite tread-milling ensemble:

the runner's modeling pose

the runner’s modeling pose

  • brooks “run” long sleeve shirt (sooo light! amazing wicking ability!)
  • lulu polka-dot shorts, purchased on sale this summer
  • mizuno wave rider 15s

i was trying to put together a really clash-y outfit…but that looks not all that bad, eh?!

~ i finished reading ready player one on wednesday which is book #16 on the year; it is highly unlikely i will get another whole book finished by the end of the year (esp if that is tomorrow – joke!). i do recommend ready player one – it was very enjoyable! i liked both the futuristic aspects and the 80s references -> rush’s 2112; atari; monty python…the latter part of the novel features some unexpected twists and revelations!

~ beautiful christmas lights can make anyone into a talented photographer:

could the front of a christmas card, no?!

could be the front of a christmas card, no?!

~ and finally…

 ♥ family, i love you!!! ♥ !!!

how are you celebrating the shortest day of the year?? i am really in the mood to watch a holiday movie!!

and for the fashionable christmas runner…

my list of new holiday running gear that i covet is starting to sound a lot like “this is the house that jack built” (you know that children’s ditty where you add on another item to your list with each go-round).

to go with the pro compression socks i showed you the other day…


…please, please, santa bring me the holiday sweater long sleeve tech shirt!!


^^ here, the shirt is modeled by runner’s world celeb, bart yasso. i first saw this fabulous xmas tech item here on the rw website on friday. how GREAT would it be to run in this shirt…(i’ll show you another view…)


or, for doing a tready run, how about this santa tank?

as seen at "harmony by earthwinds" in uptown

as seen at “harmony by earthwinds” in uptown

[might have to scoot by and pick that up today, before they are all gone…].

just for laughs, i also would wear this tank to a race in say, june! hey, christmas is in our hearts year-round, right?!

i think the winning fashion item of the season is still the jamie oliver pullover – perfect for après-run knitting/movie time!


have you bought any new festive attire (running or normal-wear) this year? my stuff never wears out! i’ve got a sweater, two sweatshirts and two turtlenecks that are at least fifteen years old. because the pieces see the light of day one month per year, they will likely last another fifteen years!


i feel a lot of sadness as i reflect on the tragic shootings that occurred in newtown. i can’t comprehend the pain the families are feeling…what a senseless act of violence. i guess all we can do is send supportive thoughts and prayers to everyone affected and hug our own loved ones at every opportunity.

r.a.o.k.#8: in the spirit of christmas

the idea for r.a.o.k. #8 popped into my head early wednesday morning, out of the blue green and red! [->a little christmas humour, there!…].

as you’ll recall, i was in toronto on wednesday for aunti day. the date of 12-12-12 was supposed to be a lucky day; if i did a r.a.o.k., someone would have a nice day!

outside the local shoppers drug mart store, there is usually a homeless man (not always the same person) looking for a handout. these men are not aggressive or talkative, they just stand patiently by the entrance to the store.

here was my idea:

if a destitute person was outside of shoppers on this wednesday (the random part of my plan), i would give them an early christmas gift of a shoppers gift card. i liked the idea of buying a shoppers drug mart gift card because you can get everything at shoppers from groceries to socks to hygiene items.

as i approached the shoppers, i saw that there was indeed a man standing outside. you get to recognize “the regulars,” but i do not recall seeing this young man in the past.

i went into shoppers…

the sunny sky matched my cheery heart!

the sunny sky matched my cheery heart!

…and purchased a $25 gift card:

a festive selection!

a festive selection!

i felt a bit nervous as i exited the store!

i approached the young man and handed him the gift card: “i hope you have a safe christmas. all the best to you,” i said.

the young man was so polite as he thanked me.

i DID request permission to take this photo!

i DID request permission to take this photo!

the young fellow asked me my name, and in the spirit of r.a.o.k. #8, i told him it was kiki. he said his name was john.

i wished him the best, one last time, he wished me a very nice day, and i went on my way…with a warm heart.

~for it is in giving that we receive.~

st francis of assisi

new tradition, old tradition

this eve, sharon and i walked through waterloo park to see the wonders of winter. the annual lights display started on december 1st, but this was the first time i’ve been through this year!

got the "winter" part, missed "the wonders of" !!

got the “winter” part, missed “the wonders of” !!

even though the displays were the same as other years, we loved our walk n talk and taking in the sights…and bonus fun to not freeze (no snow, above-zero temps). sharon and i declared that this park tour is going to become our new annual tradition. yea for great ideas!


how funny that the old tradition involves the little ones!

our annual and traditional gingerbread kit decorating party was a great success, last eve! little e, cutie c and i had so much fun. this was the first year that little e squeezed out the sticky-icing all on her own; cutie c did all of the candy placements on her own; aunti applied the icing, as directed!

the girls decided to wear their hallowe'en costumes to the g'bread house party! (??!)

the girls decided to wear their hallowe’en costumes to the g’bread house party! (??!)

hard at work!

hard at work!

our final products!

our final products! ta da!

any new or old traditions chez vous this year? i need to watch “how the grinch stole christmas” at some point!

time stamp

i had to seize the opportunity to have a blog entry dated 12:12 pm on december 12th, 2012!

since i only thought, um, this morning that it would be super cool to do a post on this auspicious day, we’re going to go with a theme of random thoughts!

APPRECIATION – look at the beautiful weather i enjoyed on my drive in to TO this morning!

neat clouds, eh?!

neat clouds, eh?! and the temp is (slightly) above zero!

ANTICIPATION – while i am trying to live in the moment, each and every day, i am excited about: celebrating christmas; setting 2103 goals; deciding what i want to do with this blog in 2013; planning how i will spend my birthday day on january 9th (i will have the day off of work so the hours are mine to do with as i wish!). so many thoughts swirling through my brain!

EXPRESSION – this week, i cannot stop saying “gives me the pip” -> ie “x gives me the pip”  or “[she] gives me the pip;” more often than not, this phrase comes out in my morning chat with mom. that word PIP is so satisfying!



unfortunately, apparently, pro compression is SOLD out, boo hoo.

CELEBRATION – check out this parallel parking job from this morning. please note that this was my first attempt:

textbook, i say!

textbook, i tell you!

CONSTRUCTION –  there may be a little building going on this eve…

one for little e, one for cutie c....aunti is the assistant!

one for little e, one for cutie c….aunti is the assistant!

ideally, i would have TWELVE *shun* items in this post…but then i run the risk of missing the 12:12 pm timeline!

hope you have a lucky 12-12-12!

diet coke sunday: a smashing success!

yesterday was such a fun day!

as soon as i woke up in the morning, i thought, “it’s diet coke day!!!” and i hopped right out of bed.

since i had two diet cokes planned for the day, i had decided to enjoy one in the morning at the store, and one in the afternoon when i got home from work.

the MORNING diet coke:

oooo, the anticipation!…

9 a.m. - diet coke and yesterday's paper while the run club people were out running and the store was quiet.

9 a.m. – all set! diet coke and yesterday’s paper while the run club people were out running and the store was quiet.

pre-first sip - how are my taste buds going to react??!

i am excited!! pre-first sip – how are my taste buds going to react??!

a re-enactment...

a re-enactment…

pure. bliss.

pure. bliss.

let me tell you, that pop was deeeee-licious. the divine taste exceeded my memory. i savoured each sip of that bottle. except!…i had forgotten how diet coke makes me feel C-O-L-D! i had to follow up with a decaf coffee to warm up again!

the AFTER NOON diet coke:

i worked until noon then rushed home to drink:

one of my favourite past-times from days of yore: knitting, diet coke and blog reading.

one of my favourite past-times from days of yore: knitting, diet coke and blog reading (that is a fake knitting project – xmas secrets, you know!).

all gone! too bad, so sad!

all gone! too bad, so sad!

…but it sure was fun while it lasted!

three reflective thoughts:

1) as previously discussed, mom swears that my eyeballs are whiter when i don’t drink diet coke. let’s compare:

file photo: december 9, 2011...

file photo: december 9, 2011…

december 9, 2012

december 9, 2012


i don know that i feel better in a multitude of ways, not being a slave to diet coke. it’s the best thing for me!

2) the build-up to, and anticipation of, diet coke day, esp this past week, was almost more fun than the actual drinking part: you know how when you plan a wedding or other big affair, it seems like the BIG DAY is so far off in the future, then – BAM! – all of a sudden, it’s THE DAY? that is how diet coke day felt. and now it is over, boo hoo!

3) here is my plan for the future: no more pop in 2012 (except maybe for diet root beer as part of our family christmas, that is tradition). THEN, starting in 2013, i can have a diet coke if i am out to lunch [not dinner as i avoid caffeine past early-aft or i cannot sleep] for pizza or a burger or some sort of fast food AND if it is a social setting (aka i am not out by myself). something like a harvey’s lunch with dad just screams for a diet coke accompaniment as part of the fun!

later, i wrapped presents and listened to christmas music…for a couple of hours!

i always gather the gifts in this corner!

i always gather the gifts in this corner!

to end the very fun sunday, last eve, we had our staffS holiday keg party. it was such a good time. i stuck to h2o, beverage-wise!

in conclusion, diet coke day was a very good thing: i thoroughly enjoyed my two bottles AND i do not feel addicted AND i am going to stick with drinking coffee and water as my go-to beverages of choice. i am happy with my decisions!


backtracking to saturday, mom and i had such fun at stitch n kitsch! we arrived just after 4 pm (the show was on til 6 pm) and we missed the mad rush of earlier in the day so we were able to wander around comfortably in crowd-free conditions.

i came home with the cutest ring ever…

it's a vintage-y "little kittens have lost their mittens" ring! adorable!

it’s a vintage-y “little kittens have lost their mittens” ring! adorable!

…as well as the green “christmas tree” earrings that you see in all of the diet coke photos, above. the purchase was funny because as soon as i spied the earrings, i exclaimed to mom, “those look like christmas trees!” and the artisan responded with, “i guess they do…i never thought of that…” (?!). so, these earrings will be getting lots of ear-time over the holidays, and i will continue to wear them year-round as they don’t necessarily HAVE to be christmas earrings!

have a great day! 13 (excluding today) more shopping days til christmas!