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what should i doooooo??

let’s cut right to the chase, and i will explain to you my dilemma. i am really feeling quite…stressed fraught!

here is the situation:

late last week, i was presented with a professional blogging job offer. i’m pretty incredulous. it seems that the kikiproject blog has managed to catch the attention of the *right* people at the city of waterloo. it appears that blog posts such as my first visit to stitch n kitsch, the review of thrive juice bar, and trying outdoor yoga were eye-catching and of general interest. the powers that be like how the blog has featured everything from the outdoor skate park to the buskers festival to coffee shops. i never stopped to think how extensively i have covered various neighbourhood spaces ‘n’ places in the last 2.25 years!.

here’s the deal: the uptown business association has received funding to use within the realm of social media. with the current popularity of blogs/twitter/facebook, and the desire to increase their online presence, the city of waterloo has decided to hire a full-time blogger to promote uptown waterloo. this person (me?!) will have free range to blog on any variety of topics:

store openings and retail ventures…

the new flower shop in the mall, for example...

community events…

i will have to participate!!!

…i can even interview people gathered in the outdoor square…

a very popular spot on sunny days!

anyway, i am completely floored to have been offered this position!

thanks to the funding grant, the proposed salary is very generous (plus, the deal includes an expense account, a clothing allowance, and a new DSLR camera!). more importantly, i am thrilled about being able to choose what i want to write about in my beloved neighbourhood (i predict lots of coffee shop writing sessions!).

here  is where i need your help, though, as there are a couple of concerns that are holding me back from saying YESYESYES!!! right away:

~ the contract is for one year only AND requires a full-time commitment (they want me to post seven times per week for fifty-two weeks – good thing i had practice blogging daily last year!).

~ i will be required to attend as many events and functions as possible – it’ll be a very full social schedule of long days – plus run around and source stories on my own.

~ there is no guarantee of having the job extend past twelve months – do i give up my current job security to take this “limited time offer?”

~ reading between the lines, i sense there will be considerable blogging pressure: i will need to consider word count limits, deadlines, a more complex blogging platform than my current wordpress account, ensuring blog hits increase as time goes on…how FUN will this be?

i just don’t know how to respond! i’ll be doing some deep thinking (sitting and pondering!)…but, in the meantime, please let me know asap:

what would you do??

thanks, friends!

She’s Just Not That Into Me

After work on Tuesday, VFBF Joanne and I met up at Coffee Culture. Wow – three visits in three months. When we decide to renew our friendship, we mean business. As always, our time together was unequivocally delightful. I Joanne!

hey sister, soul sister...

Speaking of girlfriends, I have…this friend. Let’s call her Amy.* Amy came to me the other day with a dilemma. She wants to break up with her gal pal…Hilary.* Amy and Hilary have been seeing each other socially for about six months. All was great at the beginning of their friendship: they chatted non-stop on their outings, they discovered many common interests, all was fine and dandy.

According to Amy, things began to sour after the third or fourth *date.” Amy totally got the vibe that Hilary was on edge; she didn’t really seem to be enjoying their gallery outing that eve. Then the length of time between their get-togethers started to lengthen.

A month or so ago, Amy decided to stop contacting Hilary. It was just too obvious that Hilary was seeing their friendship as an obligation, not as a joy. Their last face-to-face social, a wine-tasting event, was the last straw – Amy could totally tell that Hilary was not happy being out. She was negative, snippy, and patronizing. Amy came home feeling perturbed, but also fed up. She’s decided to decline any future invitations from Hilary, should any be issued (Amy believes that Hilary will not be proposing any more *dates,* though).

So, Amy wanted my advice on how to break up with Hilary. That’s a tough one, eh? I suggested she just come up with excuses, say she’s busy etc etc – but that’s because I am a confrontation-avoider. I guess I would just hope that Hilary stops asking after a few negative responses.

How would you deal with this situation? Have you ever been in Amy’s shoes? I don’t think the answer is for Amy to say outright, “I don’t wish to see you any more, Hilary. You just aren’t fun and you make me feel tense.” But I’m wondering if there are other options…

*names have been changed to protect the identities of the persons involved.

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May Grocery Challenge- The End is Near!

My goal of looking for sales/coupons/deals continues. Just to share two “yeSSS!” moments…

$0.75 savings on a product i would buy anyway!

Before May: I purchased individual containers of cottage cheese.

The Month of May: I switched to bigger containers, and just dollop out the same amount as the individual sizes. I save $ and save extra packaging from the recycling bin!

I think I’ll be utilizing more of these coupons!

almond milk - my favourite!

Healthy Foods and More has Almond Breeze on sale from $2.89 to $1.99! While skids last. I’ll def be back for more. Stash much?!

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