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bday plans + tat #3!

yup, today is my birthday day -> it’s the big 43. and that’s ok! i feel great about celebrating my bday this year!

as things work out, i happen to have today off of work (wednesday is my usual day off). here is the celebration agenda:

  • run 43 miles (joke! although i could go 4.3 miles…or for 43 minutes?? or 7 miles [4+3]??!)
  • knitting + blog reading + coffee drinking
  • gourmet pizza for lunch (as in that is the name of the pizza place, i am not going out for really fancy pizza)
  • shopping around uptown with mom
  • baskin robbins for bday ice cream -> it will be my favourite: choco chip icey cream in a waffle cone (this is in lieu of bday cake)
  • an evening with tom cruise (going to see jack reacher! never read the books upon which this movie is based, i do not care at all what the film is about or if it is any good, i just want to stare at my tommy for 2 hours on my bday!).

how’s that for a good, good day?! i’m excited!


and now for the grand reveal…

yesterday was tattoo tuesday. joining mr cardinal (tattoo #1) and the ode to the boston marathon (tattoo #2)…

tattoo #3 can be called "a celebration of life"

tattoo #3: “a celebration of life”

[sidenote: this photo was taken right when bryan finished the tattoo which is why there is redness; tats look best after they have *settled* for a couple of weeks].

for this tattoo, i wanted to go with “something pretty” -> i wanted symmetry, colour, vines n flowers…and a bluebird. i did some internet googling a few weeks ago, and found some ideas which i took to bryan at tora tattoo back on the day we had our consult appt:

my favourite designs that i found

my favourite designs that i found

from those ideas, bryan came up with…

i took the photo of his stencil once back at home, yesterday aft.

i took the photo of his stencil once back at home, yesterday aft.

yesterday morning, i grabbed one last pic of  my untouched skin!

no turning back now!

no turning back now!

the tat appt went super well: we finished in under two hours and the final cost was less than predicted, too.

self-portrait with bryan! (i cut off his fantastic eyeball tshirt, however!).

self-portrait with bryan! (i cut off his fantastic eyeball tshirt, however!).

so, am i done with tattoos? hard to say. according to bryan, i “sit like a champ” -> i do not find tattooing painful in the least (compared to sports massage and underarm waxing, it is a walk in the park, honest). maybe ONE more??! (i have a body place and an idea ready to go!!). at this time, though, i adore my “pretty tattoo.” as always, i am thrilled with bryan’s artistry, and i am super-pleased with my 43rd bday gift-to-self.

we need one more close up!!!



now it’s time to embrace the day!


you really need a birthday WEEK!

a week ago today it was my birthday!! [haha, no worries – i am not going to remind you every monday for the next year as to how many weeks it has been since the celebration of my birth – that kind of tracking is appropriate only for newborn babies!].

here are some select highlights of Birthday Week 2012:

the official birthday portrait, taken on january 9th:

@ 42 years young!

birthday nails!

sparkle glitz is perfect for a week of festing!

[thank you, gina, for the very kiki birthday present! and, gina, your source was correct: the sparkles do stand out wonderfully against black nail polish!].

birthday blue skies

is it really mid-january?!!

…and snow-free terrain:

our mild winter continues...i have not enjoyed too many green birthdays, over the years!

birthday lesson: i cannot tell you how touched i was by all of the blog and facebook comments, emails, paper cards, text and blackberry messages, and personal well-wishes that i received on my birthday. i appreciated each and every one. i realized two things: 1) i am going to wish every facebook friend happy birthday from now on, regardless of how well i know them. (in the past, i have hesitated to reach out to contacts i don’t know all that well – from now on, it matters not). 2) you can’t wish somebody happy birthday too much! a card + an email + a facebook post, for example?? yup! it’s ok to wish somebody happy birthday via a variety of media, multiple times!

birthday tv! hehe, the producers of jersey shore timed the premier of season five perfectly! it aired on thursday, january 5th. i finally had a chance to watch it online on tuesday (since i was done early at the toyota shop). this is my favourite crap tv reality show, and i look forward to following the kids, back at the shore, over the next several weeks!


birthday family time!

aunti wednesday +! (we missed sil ana who was traveling!)

birthday coffees!

@ coffee culture with vfbf joanne on thursday! (also "12 days of kiki" coffee outing #1!)

@ symposium with cathie on saturday! (also "12 days of kiki" coffee outing #2!)

celebrity birthday twin!

guess what i found out just on monday? kate middleton and i share a birthday!


i had no clue about this until i randomly happened across this article, kate middleton quietly turns 30 in last monday’s globe and mail. neato! [now i really DO have to gift her that baby blanket, should she and wills become pregnant!].

do you know of any celebrities who share your birthday? i know of no one else who also was birthed on january 9th and is famous. actually, i don’t know anyone PERIOD whose birthday is january 9th!

what was the best birthday and the worst birthday that you can remember? interesting that kate turned 30 on monday -> for some reason, that was the most traumatic age for me. i distinctly remember breaking down in tears several times on that bday (??). the best? i’ll go with my 16th birthday because i passed my beginner’s driver’s license that very day (the first day i could take the test). i remember feeling so proud and excited! dad took me to take the test, and after gave me my very own key for the family car, on a “mutual life” keychain.

[housekeeping matter: i have updated the 12 days of kiki, project #12 -> instead of stating that i will plan twelve coffee outings, i’ve changed the term to social get-togethers. this way, options are open to more interpretations!

housekeeping matter #2: question: how will you, dear reader, know whether i cheat on any of the 12 days of kiki projects? specifically, i am thinking of the no gum and no pop challenges. answer: you won’t, haha! i’m sticking to the honour system – you’ll have to trust that i play by my rules. just so you know, i have a reward already planned for when i successfully complete this year’s kikiproject – that dangling carrot is all the motivation i need!].

meet the NEW 1970kikiproject!

happy monday to you!

i am excited to unveil the third edition of the 1970 kiki project!

the idea for this year’s challenge was a long time in the planning. i started brainstorming back in the summer. as i explained to you here, i batted about several ideas for what to do this year to celebrate my 42nd birthday (yikes, did i really just type that?!). then, one day just before christmas, i had the eureka moment i had been waiting for. i can thank my december theme of all christmas all the time and the classic christmas tune “the 12 days of christmas” for leading me in the right direction. so without further ado…

this year’s project is entitled

the 12 days of kiki

from january 9th, 2012 to january 8th, 2013, i will complete twelve challenges. [sidenote: i realize that “days” is not entirely the correct word to use for this year’s project. more appropriate terminology would be challenges, projects, even stations…but none of those nouns rolls off the tongue as happily as DAYS. “the 12 days of kiki” just makes me laugh. so, since it’s my blog, my project, DAYS it is!].

i kept returning to the theme of twelve when determining what goals to pursue this year: here we are in 2012, and there are twelve months in this year – the vibe just seems perfect.

here are the details:

the 12 days of kiki

1. record at least one positive thing every day in my gratitude journal excel spreadsheet. the item noted will be either something for which i am thankful, something kind i did for someone else, or something nice/serendipitous that happened to me. [this is my third year of keeping this type of chronicle, as you read about here].

2. babysit little e and cutie c two times so that the brother and sil ana can enjoy a significant date or special event. over the course of last year’s outing-of-the-month project, it naturally evolved that many a wednesday, the brother and ana could slip out while i stayed with the girls after school and into the early eve. i loved this time of togetherness with the little ones! i envision a similar routine continuing during this coming year; however, i would love to plan in advance for two occasions where the babysitting is for a lengthier period of time, and the parents can truly take a few hours to themselves.

3. blog three times per week (monday-wednesday-friday). the first year of this blog, i posted with no rhyme or reason as to frequency. this past year, i blogged every day. i have realized that i like having a schedule…but i do wish to moderate the amount of time spent composing blog posts. monday-wednesday-friday feels like a very happy solution.

4. run four (point two) km…times ten. i don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to see where i am going with this mathematical equation…although, it is open to interpretation! as of this moment, i have plan a, plan a1, plan a2, plan a3…in mind; more details to come as i narrow my options!

5. eat five wildly decadent and delicious desserts. we’re not talking a measly tim horton’s donut here, kids! what i am envisioning is pure scrumptiousness. as an example, i have already determined that a bowl of fro-yo heaped with at least four toppings is going to be one of my five choices!

6. finish a minimum of six knitting projects. right now, i just have one knitting project on the go: a baby blanket. i started it in september, and i am at the mid-way point. so yea, it’s a time-consuming endeavour.  i deduced that six projects is entirely possible – if i make something for little e and cutie c, the blanket to donate to the mcc quilt auction, a christmas gift and one more *something*… there’s my six!

7. read seven books, and hopefully more. i started irma voth last week, so that will be book number one. a 2012 goal is to do more reading. the works can be either fiction or non-fiction. i’m not going to make my reading choices based on the number of pages involved…but if the end of the year is in sight and i am sorely short, then you can expect to see some nancy drew short, fluffy novels in the mix!

8. perform eight random acts of kindness. i would like to thank angela for giving me the idea to include r.a.o.k.s in this year’s project. i like the concept of doing something nice, unexpectedly. an example that i really liked from angela was to brush the snow off of near-by cars after a stormy deluge – that’s the type of action i am imagining.

9. watch nine different and new-to-me tv shows (either online, on dvd, or on tv). there are so many shows that i have heard good things about, but have never seen (modern family, the big bang theory, dexter, for example). of course, with the plethora of crap tv shows available online, thanks to the slice network and mtv.ca, i could complete this goal without ever leaving the comforts of my laptop!

10. refrain from chewing gum for ten months. i used to chew a lot of gum. then i quit, just like that, last spring. in times of stress and anxiety, i tend to pop gum into my mouth. it’s not necessary, and i don’t really miss it when i don’t have it. this goal will just reinforce that i don’t need to return to this habit in times of pressure. (yogic breathing, hmmm?).

11. abstain from drinking diet pop (any pop) for eleven months. oooh, ya. this is a biggie! i love diet pop. but deep in my heart, i know i am better off without it. instead of thinking negatively that i can’t have diet coke, i am thinking positively: i can have all the coffee + stevia that i want! i can have refreshing carbonated water! i can have pop in eleven months if i want! please wish me luck!

12. meet with at least twelve different friends for a coffee outing. i’d like to thank my childhood friend (and sometimes blog commenter), juanita for this idea. i will aim for one different friend outing per month. really my goal is to see how many friends i can connect with, in person, this year.

so, there you have it! some of the 12 days make me jump for joy in gleeful anticipation, and some sound like jail sentences steep challenges. (i leave it to you to deduce which is which!). but, deep in my heart, i know that achieving each goal is something that my authentic self wants to do.

i plan on summarizing the status of the 12 days of kiki at the end of each month. and achievements of significance will receive their own blog post.

as always, thanks for reading, and i look forward to the next twelve months of blogging!

if you would like to review the past two years of the 1970kikiproject, please click below:

the first edition!

the second edition!

[just as i did for the first  two editions, i’ll be turning today’s blog post into a page for easy reference].

brunch at the king eddy

as much as i would like to tell you that our family brunch yesterday at the king edward hotel was a new experience, i cannot.

the posh entrance

we celebrated dad’s 65th birthday there, too – five years ago!


november, 2006 - that baby is little e!

and now!

guess what?! we were seated at the EXACT SAME table as five years ago! coincidence? i think not!

i’m so glad dad’s birthday is in the festive season. look at the wondrous sight that welcomes you when you enter the hotel:

i was really looking forward to seeing "the big tree!"

filling in time while dad parked the car...

we started off with some family photos to capture our celebration day on film for digital filing:

70 year old dad (haha!) + mom!

the little family!

aunti + the girls!

then we made our way into the main room. i propose to you that the king eddy brunch is the most amazing buffet in the universe. you may beg to differ, but all i know is it is the best i have ever experienced. here is a sampling of the array of choices that greet you:

cheeses, spreads + breads...

seafood + fish...

fresh fruit...

a hot buffet line...


...and more desserts!

all under the watchful eyes of various mr nutcrackers:

beautiful holiday decor, all around the room

ah, we enjoyed such a relaxed time! the conversation flowed, and we took turns going back up for whatever our hearts desired. what i enjoyed the most: beef wellington [i am 99% sure this was a new experience for me to try this meat dish, but i’m not going to count it towards my list as it’s rather trivial!]; french toast; chocolate mousse cake; the fresh fruit. the only disappointment: for five years i have drooled every time i remembered the bread pudding at the king eddy. well…there was no bread pudding this year!

the little ones were so well behaved! a perfect stranger even commented!

and just because i am a proud aunti (as if you didn’t know):

isn't little e's flower the best?!

cutie c could not get enough...blue cheese!

it was a completely enjoyable and happy celebration for dad’s birthday weekend. we are all in agreement that “brunch at the king eddy” should indeed become an annual tradition.

happy birthday weekend, g'pa!

does your family have a special celebration spot (or did you, growing up?) the charcoal steak house was our favourite restaurant for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. for many, many years!


november thankfulness:

(for sunday november 27): yesterday i was thankful for the fact that even though dismal rain fell alllll day in waterloo yesterday, it was not snow! had it snowed, there was no way we could have driven to toronto. and in toronto, it was overcast but not raining, and very very mild!

a bday tribute

well, this is it: today is dad’s 70th birthday!

i can’t believe he’s that old it! and if i can’t believe it, i wonder how dad feels?! 🙂

dad will receive his gifts later today. then, tomorrow we have a special family celebration!

in honour of dad’s milestone day, we have a list of 26 things about dad (because it’s november 26th, hence my choice of 26 items). i would have done seventy (twenty-six was surprisingly easy to find) but then i’d have to delve into even more embarrassing stories, so twenty-six shall suffice!

happy birthday, dad!

26 reasons we love dad

1. dad was that neighbourhood father who spent evenings and weekend afternoons outside with all the kids, playing baseball, driveway hockey, football tossing, frisbee flinging…

2. dad is the author of  my favourite quote of all-time: the world is full of idiots. classic.

3. “everything in moderation” is another life expression dad espouses – and it makes so much sense.

4. dad can check “run a marathon” off his bucket list – we ran our first marathons at the same race! (niagara, 1996).

5. dad is always the first one to reach for the bill when out with friends or family, at a restaurant or coffee shop.

6. dad loves a bowl of cereal.

7. dad is an ace at sudoku puzzles.

8. dad has a warm smile and kind eyes.

9. dad will always win at the board game “risk” because of his never-fail strategy of taking over all of australia, then attacking outwards from there (we used to get soooo mad, as kids!).

10. dad is a willing and un-complaining dish-washer for mom when she bakes and cooks.

11. at various stages of his life, dad has played recreation-league hockey and baseball; he has been a curling squad (team? crew? foursome?), he took yoga, and now, he still golfs regularly.

12. dad is willing to have his photo on the blog at any time, even when wearing his pajamas.

13. dad worked for the same company for his entire 45+ year professional career – that kind of loyalty is rather uncommon.

14. dad is skilled at painting and wallpapering – his attention to detail is phenomenal.

15. dad taught me to ice skate when i was two.

16. dad has a deep bass singing voice, and can carry a tune marvelously.

17. dad let me learn to drive standard – and taught me himself! – on his beloved 1981 toyota celica.

18. dad can bbq a mean medium-rare steak; we’ll forget about the time he accidentally melted his sunglasses by placing them on top of a hot bbq!

19. dad has impeccable style and is a dapper dresser.

20. dad held my hand at the 9k mark of my first 10k race and encouraged me not to walk – that can-do attitude has stayed with me ever since.

21. in his role as g’pa, dad gives pony rides to little e and cutie c, and lets them walk on his feet.

22. dad made up stories for us when we were little, featuring “the little man” (he’d walk his fingers to be the little man) and “susie and freddy” (a little girl and her dog).

23. dad slipped me french fries on the sly beginning when i was about a year old. mom found out when i started pointing and going “ugh ugh!” for fries, upon spying them!

24. dad keeps his vehicles in pristine and mint condition – both the interiors and the exteriors. that begs the question: why are the brother and i so lax??!

25. dad is bilingual – german and english. he failed grade nine french, though.

26. thanks to dad, i have green eyes, too.

happy saturday, friends!


november thankfulness:

(for friday november 25th): yesterday i was thankful for my longstanding friendship with lisa.

friends since the early '90's!

it was her birthday yesterday! i am happy that we have plans for coffee to meet up next week!

happy birthday, little e!

five years ago today, i became aunti:

october 2006

and now little e is five!

in the aunti-mobile, sept 2011

i know it sounds so cliché, but seriously, where does the time go?

look at those cheeks!

our "buddha baby"

story time with g'ma and aunti! (june 2008)

may 2009 with dora umbrella - there is a funny aunti + e story about that 'brelly!

big sister status! (april 2010)

always a cutie (august 2011)

this also sounds so predictable but i get this big lump in my throat when i look back over my collection of photos. i ♥ being an aunti!

happy birthday, little e!

Surprise, Wes!

Last evening, my friend Sarah hosted a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband, Wes.

As you know, Sarah and I became friends when we worked together at the store. But, I bet you didn’t know that I met Wes at least twelve years ago! I trained, for a brief time, with a local track club. And Wes was one of the star high-school athletes, at that time! [Sarah and Wes both attended college in the States on full athletic scholarships for running]. “Six degrees of separation” rules, yet again!

We could not have ordered more perfect party weather!

hot, sunny, light air - a perfect july saturday!

Before I tell you about the party, I have another story that is just too funny:

There’s a Nike Outlet store between Waterloo and Cambridge, where the party was held. So, I decided to leave a few minutes early and stop in to see if I could get my favourite Nike socks. (Yes, we sell tons of socks at the store, but there’s one specific style that I adore, and can no longer get). I was looking around and SURPRISE! Suddenly, there’s Sarah standing right before me!! Holy coincidence or what! What are the chances? Wes was in another part of the store, so we quick snapped a photo to capture the moment:

seriously - what are the chances!?!

Sarah was trying to keep Wes occupied with some shopping before party time. So, the first surprise of the day was on us! We played it really cool in front of Wes, and he never suspected a thing. Whew! (Oh, and I struck out on finding my socks!)

We had been instructed to park around the corner from Wes’ parents’ house so as not to raise his suspicions:

no parked cars, bare street, nothing funny going on!

Sarah had organized the decorations on Friday, and did a fabulous job!

the theme was green + blue...

"30th birthday" balloons + happy birthday banners abounded!

We were advised that Wes and Sarah would be arriving momentarily…

sarah's dad and wes' sister were on the lookout

…so we all scurried over to huddle behind the driveway gate:

we're ready!

the arrival took longer than expected!


wes thought he was arriving to a family bbq with his parents...

..and his surprise was genuine!

good job, sarah! (sarah started planning this surprise in march!)

BBQ Time!

wes' dad is a professional chef, and cooked up a fine array of kebabs!

salads + side dishes aplenty!

and fun plates!

Cake Time!

wes is still a big telephone talker! can you believe sobey's (grocery store) recreated an edible photo?

yes! 30 candles!

I enjoyed myself immensely. Thanks so much for including me, Sarah! It was such fun to meet both your families, as well as your friends – everyone was very friendly and very welcoming. You managed to surprise Wes but good!


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

So which hairband did I end up choosing, yesterday?…

This one!

the colours (orange lining!) and braided design are smashingly divine!

Thanks for all your guesses – Gina and Mom guessed correctly!

Of course, I wore the band to the party!

i have a feeling this is going to be THE 2011 summer 'do!

And look at the cool inspirational saying that was on the tag (which I removed before wearing, of course, haha!):

each design has a different expression - this one is very fitting!

Mom: need a stocking stuffer, hint hint??? [Mom collects gifties for our stockings year ’round]. 😉

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Has anyone ever surprised you with a party? Gina TOTALLY shocked me with a wedding shower she planned and hosted…and Mom got me in high school with a birthday party. I fell for every misleading detail on both occasions, hook, line and sinker!

I Couldn’t Resist

I like a good joke. My definition of “good” is a funny that makes me laugh, no one gets hurt (physically or emotionally), the joke isn’t overplayed, and everyone is still friends in the end.

My Mom is a retired kindergarten teacher. Her students used to be so thoughtful when giving her Christmas and End-of-the-Year presents. It’s the sentiment that counts, and Mom always appreciated each and every acknowledgement from the families.

One year, a little darling sweetly profferred this gift:

a photo frame unlike any other

Yes, that is a Christmas bag, underneath. See, thanks to this…item, mom and I began a back-and-forth running gag: you never knew when you would find this photo tchotchke in your possession. I’d open up a birthday gift…and find my Gift Card inserted into the photo slot. Mom would open up her teatowel drawer…and find the “two hearts” tucked under a dishcloth. There was no rhyme nor reason to our timeframe: three days or three months could go by before  – pop! – there would be that dang photo frame back in your possession.

As you can see, I was the last lucky recipient…and it’s been a while since I regifted.

Mom celebrated her birthday yesterday! “29” once again! 🙂

I had three gifts for her:

#1 (balloon wrap) and #2 (green and white wrap)

#3 wrapped in renoir

[Sidenote: the joke’s on me with that Renoir wrap on Gift #3: I bought it last summer in St Petersburg, Florida at Haslam’s Book Store, knowing that only Mom would appreciate the exorbitant price the artistry. When I opened the package this week….I saw that bosom-y, unclothed women were featured (misleading product! there are no bare-necked females on that coverlet!!!)…ok, maybe I should have gone with the Van Gogh paper!]

Anyway, back to the story…we gathered yesterday aft so Mom could open her birthday presents.

First up: Gift #1 in the balloon paper:

jane brody's cook book!

mom loves cook books! good choice, right?!

JOKE!!!! I picked up that book at the store for …$1.85!!!

i tucked the receipt inside the cover so mom could see the value of her gift!

[The Jane Brody cookbook IS actually a very good cookbook! I have the same one that I got before 3rd year university; however, it’s copyrighted from 1985 so it’s not exactly *new,* and not exactly Mom’s “style].

mom appreciated the joke. what a good sport!

Next up: Gift #2, wrapped in green and white:

a run for the cure mini tote bag!!!!

isn't that special.

JOKE!!!!! That’s not Mom’s real gift, either!

and again, we enjoy a good laugh

mom with her birthday "blagues," as the french would say...

Time for Mom’s real present (no one likes a joke that overextends its welcome):

red keds!

I thought Mom would enjoy a kicky pair of sneaks for her jaunts around Uptown this summer. Red seemed right for Mom.

a perfect fit (we wear the same size, so i was pretty confident picking out these shoes)

I’m so glad we enjoy a similar sense of humour, Mom! Thanks for being a good sport on your birthday!

official birthday portrait

My day was made when I got to sniff these beautiful blossoms. Joanne‘s parents dropped them off to Mom yesterday!

the scent of lily of the valley is my favourite flower, ever. we had beds of these at my childhood home and at the house we owned before the condo casa

a bounty of lilacs - which also smell so heavenly

So, Mom, now that I have found where I stashed this…

…you just better watch out!

Any gifts that you’ve ever received that have been a little…*not your style?*

Any running gags that you’ve ever participated in?

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

So far I have resisted…

this window display caught my eye a few days ago...

…these American Apparel neon nail polishes. They’re $7.50 each…not sure how long I can hold off on treating myself to a flashy hue; just a little pick-me-up for all this dreary rain this month???? I should pick several one up, right??? right??! 🙂

Recipe for a Successful Birthday

~ sleep in…until 5:19 a.m. 🙂

~ order up a beautifully sunny day:

according to my mom, i was born on a day like today: cold, clear, sunny!

~ take some “Official Birthday Photos:”

self portrait!

had to wear my favourite colour on my bday!

me n b chillin' in the condo casa!

~ …and be a little silly!

i'm ready for aruba!!

~ open birthday greetings!…

b always finds the best cards!

mom & dad k and my friend cathie were thinking alike! what are the chances?!

~ blog (the next edition of the 1970 Kiki Project is up! Click here to see my challenge for this year!)

~ knit!

my knitting/blogging set up in the kitchen...

~ skype with Little E and Baby C:

SIL ana got to try out her new video camera!

~ squeal with joy when Baby C says “AUNTI!!,” clear as a bell, for the very first time!!!

SIL ana also had fun with onscreen graphics! haha!

~ spend some time with the parents!

off to shop with mom!

receive a bday hug from dad!

~ go for a walk with B!

a lovely walk n talk through westmount!

 (an annual tradition! this was snapped Jan 9th.2010!)

~ blog again (what you’re reading now!)

~ plan the evening entertainment: one of these…

more snooki!!!

[Sidenote: we watched Jersey Shore Season 3, episode 1 last eve, then realized that we really should watch Season 2 first…which we PVR’d on New Year’s Day when there was indeed a “Jersey Shore-a-thon” on the tube…so tonight’s viewing will be Season 2, episode 1]

…plus another of these:

what drama will the next episode include??!

~ sigh in contentment and give thanks for health, family, friends, sunshine.

~ rejoice that we have 365 days until the next age change!

Mission Accomplished and Blog Email Subscriber FYI

I was planning to do a formal restaurant review of our outing to The Huether last eve with Steve and Diann – you know, rating the ambiance, decor, food, service etc. My favourite newspaper food critic? The inestimable Joanne Kates of the Toronto Globe and Mail. She’s pithy, doesn’t tolerate fools (or being treated like one), and never minces words. But I don’t feel like rambling on about our Barleyworks dinner. It’s my birthday weekend so I can do what I wish! Instead, here’s just a photo of the four of us at dinner:

b, steve, diann, me

This is actually the second photo that our server, Tonya [sidenote: likely the BEST service we have ever had at Barleyworks – thanks, Tonya!] took for us – in the first photo, Steve was still talking, see?

the photographic evidence

So, yes, today is the last full day of being me at age 40. I feel neither particularly up nor down about that. Turning 41 doesn’t have any pizzaz factor, not like 25, 40 or 50 (although I don’t even want to THINK about that last age achievement – freak me out!).

Favourite Birthday: Sweet 16. My dad took me to get my beginner’s driver’s permit. I passed and Dad presented me with my very own key – on a Mutual Life key ring – for our family car. I never felt so grown up.

Worst Ever Birthday: Thirty. I spent the day in tears. For some reason, I found this decade change totally traumatic. Early mid-life crisis?

I had some time this morning to work on my knitting while reading blogs (favourite form of multi-tasking). Here is an example of my very sophisticated system for pattern making:

these chicken scratches on the stuck-together sticky notes translate to...

...this stroller (as in baby) blanket; i didn't know the pattern would be a keeper when i started the design!

Note the Birthday Manicure I gave myself this morning. True to form, I smudged the polish right away. I never wait long enough. Black is my favourite polish colour – too bad it shows every ding so quickly and easily!

I worked at the store til 3 pm, and it was a day of shoe fittings. Since it’s only January 8th, people are still gung-ho on the Fitness Resolutions Theme, and we sold several pairs of runners to newbie athletes/treadmill beginners today.

Then it was off to Michael’s with my trusty sidekick, B. I wanted to make use of my two 50% off coupons and pick up two required items for my decorating class.

We walked in to Michael’s, ready to execute Operation Save-Some-Bucks. I had my supply list handy – they even provided the UPC codes on the syllabus! True to form, I couldn’t find what I needed (Easter egg hunting and word searches have never been my forte). Guess who came to the rescue?!…

how'd he find that so fast??! inner baked goods radar??!

Two coupons, two items: I gave B the “Wilton Decorating Basics Student Kit,” and I took the “Wilton Ready to Use Decorator Icing.”

(photo snapped after we arrived home)

We lined up, products in hand…

hey, it's all legit! "two" customers, two products, two coupons...

I sent B up to the check-out first. Since there were, like, five other tils open, I assumed I’d be going further down the line.

stay calm and move along...

Of course things never go according to plan! I got called up to the same cashier! But all went smoothly – whew! And 50% savings is nothing to sneer at! B’s total: $26. My total: $2.98. Haha!

I still need to go back now for this:

"wilton decorating colors"

…but I’ll wait until next week…and use the 40% off coupon we received tonight (it’s in the photo, above, of the kit and icing).

Now for tonight’s celebratory plan! We’re going to spend the eve with Snooki:


(we PVR’d the Season 3 premier of Jersey Shore from last eve…don’t start, I know it’s such mind-enhancing and enriching viewing) 🙂


Dennis Leary:


We’re midway through Season 2 of Rescue Me. Hooked. Must watch more.


Attention Email Subscribers!!!

If you receive blog updates via email, I just wanted to put a bug in your ear…

When I started my blog a year ago, I used the PAGES system for each component of the 1970 Kiki Project. I now wish that I had just used separate posts for each recipe, movie review etc…ah well, can’t go back in time. But, in order to archive the first edition of the project, I’ve now created posts for 40 Movies, 40 Reads, 40 Cereals, and TWO posts for 40 Recipes (#1-20 and #21-40). I have these posts ready to “go live” tomorrow morning (Sunday January 9th). Just wanted you to be aware that, likely, you will be receiving a few emails (all these posts) and also that the recipe ones are quite long, given the number of recipes included. I will be removing/updating the “pages” links on the left-hand side of the home page, too. Thanks for your patience with hitting delete having your inbox slightly inundated with Kiki emails.

Tomorrow is a big day!

Enjoy your Saturday Night!