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three socials a day…

keeps the doctor away …is good for the soul!

look who’s in town!!!

my dear friend since we were age five!

i feel like i received another christmas present yesterday. gina is visiting her family for their annual christmas vacation, and we had consulted our calendars scrupulously in order to find a time for a get-together. wednesday morning at 9 a.m. worked for us both!

we met at cora’s in cambridge. this location was a new experience for me! (oops, that’s right! i’m not tabulating those anymore!). i’ve been to the waterloo cora’s once, with dad, as our august outing-of-the-month. the cambridge location is much smaller than waterloo, but otherwise very similar.

before we knew it, it was 11:30!!! i swear someone put the clock on fast-forward. i guess that is the sign of a successful visit!

another self-portrait for our collections!


i made full use of my day off – and time in waterloo (no aunti day this week) – and met up with lisa in the afternoon “for coffee.” (i had water and a cookie as i had enough coffee/caffeine at cora’s! yes, i am forcing myself to consume coffee. you will see why on monday). the way the christmas school break fell this year, kids + teachers still have this week off. all the easier to plan a meet-up with teacher lisa!

une bonne visite, comme toujours, avec lisa!


way back in early december, dad pvr’d the hawaii ironman triathlon for me. i LOVE watching this annual broadcast of the october world triathlon championships. ever since i saw julie moss stagger through the finish line of the 1982 race, i have been captivated by this monumental physical challenge. some may say that nbc’s coverage is too treacly, but i find inspiration in watching the elites and “regular people” tackle this three-part test of physical and mental stamina. after dinner with mom and dad, i got my yearly fill of ironman inspiration.

hellooooo from the couch!

this year’s show was the usual mix of drama, emotion, and tension – but i did love the artsy feel to the camerawork of the swimming portion, and the seniors shown near the end sure displayed tenacity! i sincerely doubt i will ever be an ironman…but i am a devoted fan!


…and today, it’s back to work! with christmas gift returns slowing down, we are now entering a quieter time of year in the retail world. i miss the pre-holiday excitement already!

Schmoopy Weekend x 2 – Part 1, Sunday

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a very “warm and fuzzy” weekend: Valentine’s Day today (brought to you by the makers of Hallmark moments) and Family Day tomorrow (Mon Feb 15), kindly delivered to you by the Gov’t of Ontario. Here’s how we are festively marking both days…

We’ve got the spirit!!! I pull out my heart hair elastic that dates back about 20 years, a long ago gift from mom:

it's in good shape since it only sees the light of day once per year....

And I decide to kill two birds with one stone by wearing my Canada Hoodie: red for Valentine’s Day and CANADA for the Olympics:

This hoodie isf from the Roots Olympic Collection (when they were the "Official" clothiers) from 2002, Salt Lake City

Brad gets into the Valentine’s spirit by dehydrating some salsa just because it is RED and today is VALENTINES. If you believe he specifically chose this food for this day….well, you need to get to know B better!

preparations are under way for the John Muir Trail hike this summer

Brunch is our idea of a nice Valentine’s outing, so we headed out to the Huether this morning, our favourite brunch spot:

much prefer a morning celebration to an evening one! that's our style!

I’m not really a candy/jewellery/dinner/flowers kinda gal – but I do enjoy our tradition of exchanging cards:

Write Impressions has the best selection of cards in our 'hood (sorry, Hallmark!)

Five things I “heart” that were part of today’s agenda:

#1 - our Sunday walk

#2 - baking Valentine's sugar cookies (see #6 of "40 Recipes")

#3 - watching the Olympics! The TV will be on and I will be watching every spare moment til they end!

#4 - have I ever mentioned that I love my Stairmaster? We spent quality time together today, too.

#5 - and don't forget a little knitting!

To cap the day, we went over to mom and dad’s for the Sunday Eve Visit and Yahtzee Match:

Are you ready to rumble?!?!

Mom’s been in a real slump lately. This shake did not make her day…

...something about Yahtzee being the worst game ever invented...

And the victor on Valentine’s??? …None other than…

...the Erv-man, yet again! (doing his PGA Golf point) (???!)

And thus endeth a lovely family day…no wait, that’s TOMORROW, Family Day. Stay tuned for a recap of Schmoop Day #2!

Valentines, Olympics, Long Weekend, NASCAR…and let’s not forget one more cause for celebration! We would be remiss in not wishing our Asian family and friends gung héi fáat chōi as we celebrate the Lunar New Year and welcome the Year of the Tiger.

                             Year of the Tiger

ushering out the old year…

We spent the last day of 2009 with our favourite girls. (and our favourite brother and SIL, too). We all enjoyed a brunch outing (along with many other families, by the looks of it) in the ‘hood.


E. enjoys taking photos – here’s one of uncle b. aim just a little higher next time, E!…

...and she did!