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diet coke sunday: a smashing success!

yesterday was such a fun day!

as soon as i woke up in the morning, i thought, “it’s diet coke day!!!” and i hopped right out of bed.

since i had two diet cokes planned for the day, i had decided to enjoy one in the morning at the store, and one in the afternoon when i got home from work.

the MORNING diet coke:

oooo, the anticipation!…

9 a.m. - diet coke and yesterday's paper while the run club people were out running and the store was quiet.

9 a.m. – all set! diet coke and yesterday’s paper while the run club people were out running and the store was quiet.

pre-first sip - how are my taste buds going to react??!

i am excited!! pre-first sip – how are my taste buds going to react??!

a re-enactment...

a re-enactment…

pure. bliss.

pure. bliss.

let me tell you, that pop was deeeee-licious. the divine taste exceeded my memory. i savoured each sip of that bottle. except!…i had forgotten how diet coke makes me feel C-O-L-D! i had to follow up with a decaf coffee to warm up again!

the AFTER NOON diet coke:

i worked until noon then rushed home to drink:

one of my favourite past-times from days of yore: knitting, diet coke and blog reading.

one of my favourite past-times from days of yore: knitting, diet coke and blog reading (that is a fake knitting project – xmas secrets, you know!).

all gone! too bad, so sad!

all gone! too bad, so sad!

…but it sure was fun while it lasted!

three reflective thoughts:

1) as previously discussed, mom swears that my eyeballs are whiter when i don’t drink diet coke. let’s compare:

file photo: december 9, 2011...

file photo: december 9, 2011…

december 9, 2012

december 9, 2012


i don know that i feel better in a multitude of ways, not being a slave to diet coke. it’s the best thing for me!

2) the build-up to, and anticipation of, diet coke day, esp this past week, was almost more fun than the actual drinking part: you know how when you plan a wedding or other big affair, it seems like the BIG DAY is so far off in the future, then – BAM! – all of a sudden, it’s THE DAY? that is how diet coke day felt. and now it is over, boo hoo!

3) here is my plan for the future: no more pop in 2012 (except maybe for diet root beer as part of our family christmas, that is tradition). THEN, starting in 2013, i can have a diet coke if i am out to lunch [not dinner as i avoid caffeine past early-aft or i cannot sleep] for pizza or a burger or some sort of fast food AND if it is a social setting (aka i am not out by myself). something like a harvey’s lunch with dad just screams for a diet coke accompaniment as part of the fun!

later, i wrapped presents and listened to christmas music…for a couple of hours!

i always gather the gifts in this corner!

i always gather the gifts in this corner!

to end the very fun sunday, last eve, we had our staffS holiday keg party. it was such a good time. i stuck to h2o, beverage-wise!

in conclusion, diet coke day was a very good thing: i thoroughly enjoyed my two bottles AND i do not feel addicted AND i am going to stick with drinking coffee and water as my go-to beverages of choice. i am happy with my decisions!


backtracking to saturday, mom and i had such fun at stitch n kitsch! we arrived just after 4 pm (the show was on til 6 pm) and we missed the mad rush of earlier in the day so we were able to wander around comfortably in crowd-free conditions.

i came home with the cutest ring ever…

it's a vintage-y "little kittens have lost their mittens" ring! adorable!

it’s a vintage-y “little kittens have lost their mittens” ring! adorable!

…as well as the green “christmas tree” earrings that you see in all of the diet coke photos, above. the purchase was funny because as soon as i spied the earrings, i exclaimed to mom, “those look like christmas trees!” and the artisan responded with, “i guess they do…i never thought of that…” (?!). so, these earrings will be getting lots of ear-time over the holidays, and i will continue to wear them year-round as they don’t necessarily HAVE to be christmas earrings!

have a great day! 13 (excluding today) more shopping days til christmas!

i am SET!

ready for christmas, you ask?? after all, that would be the logical thought at this time of year.

no, i am not quite ready for the holidays – i still have the wrapping of presents to do. i like to leave that for closer to christmas. otherwise, YES! shopping, cards, baking, decorating…check, check, check, and bring on christmas.

actually, I AM SET for DIET COKE SUNDAY!!

the pop cooler at walmart

the pop cooler at walmart

(tangent: look!!! do you notice that my photo-uploading issue is FIXED!?! after a couple of q & a exchanges, the wonderful support crew at wordpress sent me this email at midnight last night:

Hey Cathy,

We’ve tracked down this issue and it should be fixed in the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.

Daniel | Support | WordPress.com

what GREAT customer service from wordpress! and now we are saved from all photos/all text blog posts til eternity!)

anyway…i purchased my diet cokes at walmart after work today. the bottles were $1.78 each which is highway robbery, considering i could buy 6×710 ml bottles at food basics for $2.97 BUT i do not want that much dc in the house…so i grudgingly paid that astronomical fee. those pops better taste DIVINE on sunday!

the fridge at home: old/new beverage beside new/replacement beverage of the last 11 months.

the fridge at home: old/new beverage beside new/replacement beverage of the last 11 months.

btw, that is new packaging/design on the dc bottles that i have not seen before (yes, i have been avoiding even looking at pop since last january).

approx 64 hours til drinkin’ time!!


a FUN weekend looms on the horizon:

  • a 40th bday party tomorrow eve
  • stitch n kitsch with mom on saturday, after work (last december’s recap here!)
  • the storeS’ holiday party sunday eve

december is flying by already!

any holiday parties coming up for you? we start extended hours at the store next weekend, so it’s nice for us to get together before full-out retail hecticness sets in.

will you drink a diet coke on sunday? feel free to enjoy!


you’ve gotta be kidding me

i’ve now been diet coke-free for 22 complete days – yea, me! so, i thought i’d give an update on how i feel.


first off, you have got to be kidding me that it has ONLY been 22 days since i stopped drinking pop – it feels like a freaking LIFETIME ago that i last knit, read blogs, and sipped on fizzy goodness. that being said, i am genuinely glad i changed my imbibing ways.


just so you know, i have not cheated at all – being accountable on the blog is what has been my primary motivation. secondary motivation is feeling authentic, light of heart and spirit, and guilt-free.

i credit success to dear dr phil – i learned from him long ago that you do not BREAK a habit – you simply replace one addiction action with another. so diet coke time has become coffee time! now, believe me, coffee is proving to be an acceptable solution…but i don’t love it to pieces. what i DO enjoy is that it makes me feel all warm and cosy inside, but the taste is only…ok? acceptable? just beyond so-so??


i’ve found that coffee really packs a punch! i have made the mistake of having one cup too many of non-decaf on a couple of occasions, and wow, the jitters really kicked in – and not in a good way. i felt on the edge of feeling overly anxious. lesson learned! and i find i tire of coffee pretty easily – after a few mugs, i’m done for the day with any desire for coffee, and switch over to carbonated water.

the coffee i am drinking is just instant – nescafe is preferable to maxwell house.

my at-home coffee collection - i also have stockpiles of regular, decaf and stevia at both the store and theOTHERstore

i would love to sip down nothing but starbucks via; however, the price is prohibitive, and i am trying to be fiscally responsible with my drinking budget. [tangent: it is totally unfortunate that i can buy two six-packs of diet coke when it is on sale at shoppers for $5 – yes, that is 12 bottles for $5.00. starbucks via pacs cost $11.95 for twelve. carbonated water is anywhere from $1.oo to $1.89 per 750 ml bottle, depending on whether i can score a sale or not. i keep reminding myself i am investing in better health! oh – and don’t forget about the stevia sweetener – $8.99 for a little 15 gram canister. this switchover is not financially advantageous!].

the brand name is "new roots," and i purchase my stevia at "eating well organically."

*they* say it takes 21 days to install a habit in your life – since day 22 was yesterday, i am past the breaking point – right?!


let’s summarize the differences i have noticed:


~ great digestion – any stomach or bowel warblings have dropped off considerably, to the point of being practically non-existant. and this is with the inclusion of gluten and dairy products in my menu selections.

~ whiter eyeballs (mom notices this immediately, every time i go off pop…and it is true, i have to admit). too bad whiter teeth did not also happen!

~ excellent energy (since i am still getting my caffeine fix with the coffee).

~ soft, smooth skin on my face (although this could be the result of some recent dietary modifications…hard to say).


~ happily, i can honestly say i have not yet had any extreme cravings for a diet coke – whew. that’s the worst, when you realllly want something and have to keep repeating no no no no to yourself.

~ as hokey as it sounds, i feel like i am being true to myself. i don’t feel that deep-down guilt for ingesting chemicals that i know do absolutely nothing to promote health. so i guess i feel emotionally proud and strong (??).


you can be sure that we will revisit this diet coke discussion a few times over the next eleven months 44 weeks (remember, as per the 12 days of kiki, i am off of diet pop til december 9th!! – yikes!). but, to think positively and not complain, at least we’ve knocked three weeks off the timeline! [as mentioned, this is not the first time since i started blogging that i’ve quit pop – we have posts dedicated to diet coke here (march 2011) and here (april 2010), for example].


what is your opinion on pop? i am simply curious as to whether you think it evil or harmless.

further comment as you wish! share a personal anecdote or just encourage me – haha!

Gluten-Free For Good?

Happy 1st Day of May!


Here’s a random conversation starter for you: did you know that this weekend is the only “crossover weekend” of 2011 – ie two months on one weekend. My thanks to Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40 for imparting this scintillating piece of information!

I love the month of May. If I could choose my birthday month, I would pick May. [Sidenote: I’ve tried for years to convince my family to celebrate my birthday on July 9th, six months after the actual date of January 9th. So far, no dice. The Brother is the only one who seems to support a Birthday Transfer!…]

This month, I am looking forward to:

~ Mother’s Day

~ celebrating Easter with my extended family

~ the Victoria Day long weekend (a.k.a. “May 2-4”, the kick off to “summer,” for us warm-weather-starved Canadians)

~ Mom’s birthday

file photo, may 2010

~ my favourite local yarn shop moving into town, and opening in my neighbourhood!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Before we get too caught up in May excitement, let’s recap our two April goals, set thirty days ago…

Goal #1) Finish the re-knit of A’s sweater.

celtic pullover for A


A received her sweater Easter Sunday morning, and we were both super pleased with this version.

Goal #2) Go Gluten-Free for the month.

Again, success!

I didn’t have to make any radical changes in order to accomplish this goal. The biggest switch was buying only gluten-free cereals. Avoiding products with gluten made a remarkable difference in digestion, in general. I am definitely going to stick with choosing GF groceries and food products.


I have decided not to be fanatical about being GF.

In April, I deviated from the GF diet twice: on Good Friday, with mom’s homemade Paska, then again on Easter Sunday when we enjoyed mom’s homemade lasagna and apple pie. And I am glad I chose to consume these items. Celebrations > diet restrictions!

I also tried Gluten-Free Pizza Crust for the first time. It was very tasty; next time I’d grab the ready-to-go regular slice. At Gino’s.

Moving on!…in terms of May Goals, I’m keeping it simple this month, and again, will stick to two :

1. Finish reading The Help.

The Help

In order to accomplish this goal, I am going to need to read like a maniac cover about 10 pages a night, PLUS plan on spending at least a few sessions in an easy chair at Coffee Culture. Right now, I’m on page 48 of 444! :0

2. Knit up the rest of this ball of yarn…

looks can be deceiving: there's more yarn on there than you'd think! plus it's VERY fine!

…for this baby blanket:

growing at a snail's pace!

I’ve been making this lacy coverlet since July. The problem is that I cannot knit on this project and read blogs at the same time! Hence, it’s Tier 2 in priority. I think the size of the blanket is going to be adequate once I finish this ball of yarn (that will be three balls used for this blanket).

Should that be the case, I still have THREE MORE of the same yarn, though!

i hope i don't need a 4th ball for the current blanket...that would only leave two balls, and i have no clue what project i could use them for!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

In local news, it’s Running Sunday today!

Two major events are taking place:

The St John Ambulance Waterloo Marathon and Half Marathon is being *run* in Waterloo, while in Kitchener, you’ll find The Mud Puppy Chase – go 3, 5, or 10km!

Pretty unique to find five running distance options occurring simultaneously in one region!

And… a special shout-out to Gina‘s husband Jeff, running the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon this morning! Go, Jeff, Go!!!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

What are you looking forward to this month? I hope we get at least a few days of hot temps and bright sunshine!

If you could pick any month of the year in which to celebrate your birthday, what would you choose? After my first choice of May, any warm month would suit me just fine!

March Outings of the Month, Modified

Nothing like leaving things til the last minute!

One of my 2011 Goals is to have an Outing of the Month, every month, with Mom, and with Dad, and to give babysitting time to The Brother and SIL Ana.

You can put a check mark next to the March Outing for The Brother and SIL Ana – here‘s the report of that babysitting adventure festivity!

Due to extenuating circumstances, things did not work out to go to lunch with Dad, or to go shopping with Mom in March. (In February, Dad and I went for coffee at Starbucks. In February, Mom and I shopped at Michaels).

On the bright side, we did enjoy two coffee outings this month! 

Last week, we gathered at Matter of Taste:

the girls!

photographic proof that dad was there, too!

(Actually, B was able to join us, as well, that afternoon!)

This afternoon, mom, dad and I rendez-vous’d at The Huether. (Yes there is a plethora of coffee shops in Uptown Waterloo. Did I start drinking coffee due to atmospheric osmosis?!)

I had yet to try a Huether coffee.

me and my...caw-aw-aw-fee!

The verdict?

Yum!!! I just got decaf…too late in the day for anything strong!

the girls, again!

dad treated - thanks, pops!

All in all, two coffee outings with my favourite parents is better than no get-togethers at all! April’s Outing of the Month goals: lunch out with Dad (remember, we’re moving through the day from breakfast –> coffee bread –>lunch) and a trip to the Kitchener Real Canadian Superstore with Mom (we really want to check out Joe Fresh fashions for spring).

How often do you get to see your parent(s)? I am lucky to have my parents in the condo building next door!


I’m Still Clean!

Last week, I shared about ditching Diet Coke (mini-goal is to get to Easter, pop-free). So far, so good! I’ll submit to any testing, sans hesitation!

Have I craved a Diet Coke? Yes.

Have I given in? No.

How have I overcome a craving? With substitutions: Perrier, coffee, cold water, a snack…I go with what is the “second best option” for that moment in time. Within minutes, then, I can forget that I initially wanted a pop!

Do I miss Diet Coke? I don’t miss the drink itself  – I miss the ritual of drinking a Diet Coke while knitting. That’s the honest truth.

Do I notice difference in mind/body/spirit? Yes. Physically, I feel less bloated. Mentally, I feel less guilt because I know I am injecting less chemicals into my body. But I do miss the ZING!!!! that Diet Coke gives me – that energy rush. Caffeinated coffee just is not giving me the same feeling (??) – so maybe it’s an aspartame-whoosh I feel with Diet Coke!?!

Anyway the few times I have felt like drinking a pop, I’ve resisted, thanks to knowing I’d have to blog it. Feeling accountable is helping!!

Did you give up anything for Lent? How are you doing?

Let’s Try This Again






Soooo Tasty!

Last April, I proudly posted a blog entry about giving up Diet Coke.

And I did stop drinking the evil, calcium-leaching, chemical-laden fabuloso, refreshing, best-invention-ever beverage that makes my heart sing and my lips smack in glee.

For about six months.

Then, sometime this past fall, I started drinking again.

And I felt horrible guilt. Yet it tasted so good.

It’s not only the taste of Diet Coke that I adore – it’s the rituals and associations I have surrounding when I drink it that I do so love.

Knitting + Diet Coke (+ blog reading) = a favourite way to spend some quiet time. I even joked to SIL Ana, one day, when I was off the liquid crack bottle that my knitting suffered when I don’t drink Diet Coke because I am not inspired to knit, knowing “my treat” is missing.

A few weeks ago, I realized my guilt – not to mention my un-centring inner heart vibe – was way far outweighing the pleasure factor I was receiving with each gulp of cold, sugary goodness.

I felt like I was disrespecting my body by repeatedly ingesting fake sugar, chemicals, and who knows what else, on a daily basis.

I stopped for a solid week. [You may be saying “a week? so what?” – if you have any sort of addiction, be it smoking, drinking alcohol, eating a certain food, practising a certain behaviour, you know a week is an eternity].

Then I went to Aruba.

feelin' hot, hot, hot!

I’ve always tanned + knit + drunk Diet Coke in Aruba.

And this time was no different. Boy, it hit the spot.

Then I came home.

I brought Diet Coke into the Condo Casa. I knit + drank Diet Coke…and then decided no. more.

On Tuesday, Angela posted this entry on her blog. I well remember last year at this time when her husband, Eric, ditched Coke. In part, he inspired me to quit Diet Coke – there’s strength in numbers.

And I realized, again: I don’t need this stuff.

I came up with a plan:

~If I’m craving carbonation, there is Perrier water.

~If I’m wanting a cold beverage, there is Brita water in my fridge.

~If I’m craving a comforting drink, there is a cuppa coffee at the ready with my name on it. [Yes, you rightly could argue that coffee is addictive; I see it as the lesser of two evils – at least it’s not chemical-laden].

So, I’ve set myself a goal: no Diet Cola until Easter. Yes, it’s a late jump onto the lenten bandwagon, but better a late leap than no leap at all, right?! And then we will re-evaluate and look at the next step.

To be honest, this is one of those blog posts where as I’m typing, I’m thinking, do I really want to hit “post?”

But yes, yes I do.

Because if I put it out here, I can be held accountable.

I’ve come to realize that it’s OK to ask for support when you need it. So I’m asking!

So for the next month, exactly (how’d I time that?!), please feel free to randomly ask “did you have a pop today?” That would help me!

Yesterday was Day #1…one day at a time.




the brita is full and at the ready




my s'bux stash is currently a mile high




Sooooo Tasty!

Any addictions you wish to share?! I don’t judge, trust me!

Friday Photos: Take a Peek Inside Our Fridge

Before I go on to explain, here is a look at the inside of our fridge, photo taken literally 2 minutes ago. Bear with me to see where this is going!…

take a close look at what you see...and what you don't see...

soo00oooo….any observations??! how about you take a look at THIS photo…

hint, hint...

…and now look back in the fridge…


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Surprise!! 🙂 That’s right – I have not had a diet pop since Sunday April 18th. Wahoo!

And I can’t believe the karma of how it worked out…I decided to use up what I had purchased and not buy any more pop – cold turkey is my style. Wouldn’t you know, it worked out that my first TOTALLY POP-FREE DAY was Monday April 19th…BOSTON MARATHON MONDAY!! Good vibes or what!

A bit of history…right about now, some of you may be thinking, “heard this one before – here we go again…” and yes, you are entirely correct. I have quit Diet Coke (the last year or so I preferred Coke Zero) twice previously in the last few years:

1) When we still lived on Ross Ave, I stopped drinking Diet Coke for 52 days. It was soooo hard, I really had heavy withdrawal symptoms, and succombed to the cravings after less than two months.

2) In February 2007, I successfully stopped drinking Diet Pop for 13 months. I gave  in while on our Aruba vacation in March 2008. To be honest, for the entire 13 months, I felt like I was teetering on the edge of caving in. Not a single day passed where I did not want a Diet Pop. I missed my habit of having pop and knitting. I missed the alert feeling I got, the buzz, the taste – everything. I felt like I was hanging off a ledge by my fingernails just to not drink pop. Often, the sight of someone with an ice cold diet pop in hand would literally make me salivate in desire. I made it through our Aruba trip in March 2007, but gave in the following year (March 2008) and was never so happy to welcome something back into my life! (realize this sounds overly dramatic but if you’ve ever had an addiction, you know what I’m talking about).

Tangent here…please note that I am not bashing the drinking of pop. But for me, this is just not a good thing! All indicators show that Diet Pop to me is no different than cigarettes to a smoker or booze to an alcoholic. I fully admire anyone who can kick these habits, as examples, because beating an addiction is tough.

BUT!!! I am happy to report that for whatever reason, this go-round is going TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I’ve had ZERO cravings, ZERO withdrawal symptoms, and it’s been a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE, if you can believe it. Even now, the thought of drinking the sweet syrup makes me think “blech!” – how awesome is that! To what do I attribute the success this time?

  • knowing deep down that I just did not want to keep drinking diet pop, feeling uncentred
  • finding for quite some time that the taste was tasting very fake
  • feeling that a pop-free life, for me, is a healthier lifestyle
  • I realized I was drinking pop out of habit – as long as I have water while I knit or at the store etc, I AM FINE!

So my “pop drawer” in the fridge now holds these beauties…

$10 for 16 Crispin apples at the Farmer's Market yesterday!

So what am I enjoying in place of Diet Pop? WATER!!! Yup, I am finding that cold Brita water in my stainless steel klean kanteen

40oz Kanteen Classic

…is delicious! I’ve never been a coffee or tea drinker, and while I’ve tried a couple of cups of both in the last few weeks, can’t say I’m a fan. And I’m not feeling low on energy, nor have I noticed any effect whatsoever during my workouts due to no caffeine, either – score!

And a shout-out to B, as well: in the fridge picture (above), there are two cans of Coke hidden behind the peanut butter jars; B says that when those are gone, he’s cool with being a pop-free household. This is a major step for both of us as we love our pop. So while B will continue to enjoy a carbonated beverage OUT in restaurants or with pizza, I am going to continue on the straight and narrow with a pop-free lifestyle. Moderation works for most people most of the time, but for me and Diet Colas, it’s gotta be all or nothing.

it's been a slice, darlin'...

i mentally call this "the liquid poison" for postive reinforcement!

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye!

The moral of the story: if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. When you’re fully ready for it, change will not be a struggle.

Cheers! 🙂