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What’s this?! An outing with Mom two days in a row? Zowie!

This weekend is the Spring Pottery Sale in Waterloo. The fun thing about having a blog for 15+ months now, is that I am starting to repeat activities that I blogged about last year. Too bad I went to the Pottery Sale last year – otherwise, it could have been a New Experience!

Unfortunately, the balmy temps of 2010 were nowhere to be seen today. Mom and I bundled up for our 10 minute walk over to the sale:

middle of april and i had to haul out my sushi hat (sugoi, from a few years ago) - brrr!

The selection is almost overwhelming! Tables upon tables of individually hand-crafted pottery…let me show you some samples!

loved the colours of this fish!

something about the simplicity/stylized art of these pears really grabbed me!

Zo, this one’s for you! 🙂

zo, do you have any cat pottery, at all??! this kittie was pretty cute!

Gina, look who we met?!! HAHA!!!! I’m so excited to surprise you with this photo! 🙂

gretta (ginas sister); daniel; kira - the kids each chose a treat - mice it is!

Thanks for getting in on the Joke For Gina, Gretta, Daniel and Kira – plus, it was great to see you, again!

Mom and I also ran into about 7 other people we know…this is a popular local event!

Now back to show ‘n’ tell…

bookends with a southwestern flair...love the natural, earthy tone, too.

What’s this???!…

a KNITTING BOWL!!! yarn goes in the bowl, pull it out from that doo-hickey at the front...id knock that over andbreak it in a second, i bet...

Don’t worry, SIL Ana, I did NOT get you one for Xmas! 🙂

Not so fond of…

...this dr seuss-ical *art*...and it wasnt cheap!

DID love:

this bowl...

...these mugs (though only ONE - never a SET!)...

the east-indian influenced detailing on this gorgeous bowl...

...THIS mug....(note the HUMUNGOUS size!)...

...this restful and simple tree scene...

...the pairing of the glossy blue stoneware with the natural clay border...

Ahhhh…If I Had A Million Dollars

Fear not! We did not come home empty-handed!

mom purchased this sushi set because the dish is JUST the size shes been searching for, for butter; two spready knives!

Can you guess the two items I chose (hint: they are in the photos, above!)…

i COULDN’T pass up the gigantico mug with the asian-influence floral accents; love the pear plate (thanks, mom, for this uber-treat!)

I will never be a potter. [Just like I will never be a cake-decorator]. But I do appreciate, and marvel over, the skill and creativity of these artists. Truly, touring through this sale is like going through a themed art gallery.

The very best part, once again, was chatting with mumsy. [Although randomly meeting Gina’s sister comes close!]
What can we possibly find to do tomorrow, mom?!

How often do you encounter people you know, when you’re out and about? Happens to me pretty much all the time if I’m in Uptown Waterloo!

Pottery, tapistries, modern art, sculpture, graffiti…what form of art do you appreciate?

Happy Saturday!


Preoccupied with Pretend People

Last evening, I went over to visit BFF Debbie (who is not an imaginary person).

file photo, as they would say in the newspaper!

Knowing me all too well, Debbie had saved a very special and extremely exciting (to me) newspaper clipping:

i hope you can at least read the headline, here...


Debbie’s friend Dawna had passed the clipping on to her – I don’t know how Dawna got her hands on it, as it’s from the “Daily Mail,” obviously a British newspaper.

Anyway, my inner knitter kept squealing in delight as I closely examined the photos and accompanying article.

(How’s this for punny: the very first sentence reads, “If you’re needled about not being invited to the royal wedding…”

L to R: prince william and kate, the queen, prince philip, even the royal corgis!

the royal groom and bride

joining the queen and prince philip, we even have camilla, prince charles and prince harry!

When I got home, I immediately looked up the website for the pattern – the article says you can order the pattern book online for £9.99 (no idea what this would be in Canadian dollars, but it’d be worth every penny).


Needless to say, the book is currently sold out; last night the link to Amazon showed “out of stock.” Just now, I see they have updated the page, and the book will be available March 31st.

Will I order the book and knit up my own royal family? In all honesty, no.

Unfortunately, I loathe and detest knitting dolls. There are so many colour changes involved, and it’s incredibly detailed and time consuming work, as you can well imagine.

Plus, I would want my dolls to turn out EXACTLY as they appear in the photos provided – since the samples were (I’m sure) made by a professional – after who knows how many tries – I’m pretty certain my version would not look nearly as cute. Also, I’d be more tempted to knit The Family if the pattern book was available as a kit, with the yarn and embellishments all-included.

Lastly, I don’t know what I’d do with the set, once completed! I guess you could re-create the display, and have The Family serve as decoration?? Would that be too too kitschy, though?

Look what else caught my eye on Amazon:

Royal Wedding: William and Kate Dress-up Dolly Book (Royal Wedding 2011)(source)

Paper dolls were SO my thing when I was little! In fact, I still have my entire collection – I’ll do a show and tell some day.

I do love the knitted royal family – the designer, Fiona Goble, has created a masterpiece of sheer brilliance. So glad you passed along this clipping, Debbie!


So I was walking by Bon Mot yesterday and did a double take.

note the bottom left-hand corner there...

Remember Meg and Leif?

The have very nicely adjusted to life together in the Condo Casa.

I thought it was bad enough when they proposed bringing home a kittie…

…but a BABY???!!! My head is spinning!

how adorable!

Whoa, Nelly!!!

I don’t know, guys…

Are Meg and Leif ready to jump into parenthood??? Kittiehood?? Please don’t even suggest BOTH! 🙂


Later today I am meeting up with my VFBF: Very First Best Friend. (She is not an imaginary person). I can’t wait!! Recap tomorrow!

Who was your VFBF?

Meg’s Got a Husband!

At Christmas-time, Meg moved in to the condo casa:

She loves living here, and we spend time together pretty much daily.

The other day, on my daily walk, I passed Bon Mot, the site of Meg’s previous home.

I paused mid-step as my eye was caught by…

a potential meg-mate!!

I came home and told Meg about my chance encounter. She was pretty happy.

So I went in to Bon Mot and made a purchase.

oh tempt me more! but do i really want a kittie in the condo?!

[Sidenote: originally, when I decided to build a collection of eclectic dishes this year – see item #4 here – , I wanted no repeats of make or model; but “Beardie Man,” as the owner told me his name is, just has to be in the mix. It just feels right!]

So, may I present…

the happy couple!

Any suggestions for a *better* name for Beardie Man?! He looks like a lumberjack to me – what do you think?!

And do Meg and Beardie Man need/want a kittie???!