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it was a lovely easter sunday

our family gathered together over the late afternoon/dinner hour. mom always finds the cutest seasonal touches for the table!

the girls' accessorized from g'ma's collection...

and made sure to include aunti, as well!

g'ma's piano is fascinating! (and loud!)

the easter bunny (aka g'pa & g'ma) found little e and cutie c in waterloo! this colouring activity makes stained glass pictures - the easter bunny knows that anything princesse-themed is always a hit.

mom baked her annual loaves of paska on saturday - this has been a family tradition since 1973!

with MY grandma (who will be 90 next month!)

mom and dad/the host and hostess; two thumbs up to dad on his smashing new shirt!

you do not try to over-pose a 5 year old and a 2 year old! the brother, sil ana, little e, cutie c.

cousins kate and alex with sharon and paul!

carving and slicing...

the traditional seated-around-the-table-portrait. we sit, we snap photos, we eat!

hoping the easter bunny was good to you and your loved ones, too!



the humble egg is a nutritional powerhouse.


a few years ago, i took a wellness coaching course with canfitpro, and during the nutrition portion, we learned that an egg is rated 100; other food sources are compared to the egg in order to determine just how good they are for us. [sorry, but googling is not pulling up more details, and my memory is fuzzy]. if you click here, you can find all the wonderful benefits of including eggs in your diet.

i have eggs in my fridge 90% of the time:

here is a photo of the eggs in my fridge.

this weekend, we celebrate easter – are you decorating eggs? last year, i decorated a dozen. they looked pretty.

file photo, easter 2011

mom has a lovely easter bowl on display, right now:

what a pretty seasonal touch in mom and dad's living room, on their coffee table

if you are a vegetarian and you consume eggs, you can call yourself an ovo-vegetarian.

i grew up thinking of eggs as a supper food, not a breakfast food. we did not cook eggs for breakfast, ever, and if we were in a restaurant, i always went the pancake or french toast route. eggs in the morning sounded eggs-cruiatingly yucky.


and thus we now have on record the least egg-citing post ever in the history of the kiki blog.

the most mundane egg question i can think of:

how do you like to eat your eggs? my go-to prep method is scrambled in the microwave because that, to me, is cooking it is quick, easy and tasty to do so. i love mom’s homemade version of egg mcmuffins, and she also poaches a perfect egg.

sidenote: this is also, i do believe, the first post ever in which not one eggs-clamation point appears. do you know how tricky that was to do??? [<– like, add in RIGHT HERE].

Gluten-Free or Fam-i-ly??!

Goal #1 – Finish A’s sweater.

Goal Accomplished! With nine days to spare…

On Thursday evening (while my eggs were a-boilin’) I sewed the final seam on Version #2…

Sweater #2 is quite different: much more narrow in  both the body and sleeves, and note the very simple neckline. Compare it with Sweater #1:

I am super happy with Sweater #2 – the final measurements match exactly to the detailed notes I took before beginning the reknit. A will receive her new sweater on Sunday. Hopefully, the modifications are just what she was hoping for!


Goal #2 for April is Follow a Gluten-Free diet. To date, I have stuck to my plan. I feel fantastic!

Last eve, though, a dilemma presented itself: as she has done for every year since 1975, my Mom made Paska for Easter, and an invite to bread-for-dinner was extended.

My options:

a) skip Paska because it’s not GF.

b) partake in Paska eating because it’s Easter, it’s an opportunity to “break bread” with family, and I could enjoy a special treat that we only consume once per year. There is nothing like my mom’s Paska, eaten on the day it is made.

[Sidenote: Paska is actually a family tradition from my Dad’s side of the family – the German Mennonite side. My Grandma and Great-Grandma also baked Paska every year for Easter. My mom took over the tradition since Dad is lost in the kitchen when we were very small, and we have celebrated Easter with this special bread, ever since. I have never made Paska and likely never will. The Brother and SIL Ana have embraced the family practice the last couple years, so the next generation will carry on the tradition!]

It was not a hard choice.

Mom made four loaves, total (half a recipe). Paska is truly the best the day it is made.

Another tradition! When I was little, I always swiped the drops of glaze off of the wax paper.

Dad is the official bread slicer. The Paska is super delicate, and Dad has the gentle touch:

The glaze icing is my favourite part of the bread. I’d like a slice of TOP, please!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve eaten my Paska this way:

Eat the main part, then savor the glaze!

2011 was a very good Paska year, declared Mom!

Look! Mom and Dad decorated eggs, too!

So yes, I deviated from my April goal. And yes, later on I could tell I had eaten gluten.

And yes, I completely made the right choice.

Are you celebrating Easter with family this weekend? We will be having our extended family get-together in mid-May this year, due to the busy travel schedules of some family members! Not a biggie to me…it’s the celebration together that counts, not the date!