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the humble egg is a nutritional powerhouse.


a few years ago, i took a wellness coaching course with canfitpro, and during the nutrition portion, we learned that an egg is rated 100; other food sources are compared to the egg in order to determine just how good they are for us. [sorry, but googling is not pulling up more details, and my memory is fuzzy]. if you click here, you can find all the wonderful benefits of including eggs in your diet.

i have eggs in my fridge 90% of the time:

here is a photo of the eggs in my fridge.

this weekend, we celebrate easter – are you decorating eggs? last year, i decorated a dozen. they looked pretty.

file photo, easter 2011

mom has a lovely easter bowl on display, right now:

what a pretty seasonal touch in mom and dad's living room, on their coffee table

if you are a vegetarian and you consume eggs, you can call yourself an ovo-vegetarian.

i grew up thinking of eggs as a supper food, not a breakfast food. we did not cook eggs for breakfast, ever, and if we were in a restaurant, i always went the pancake or french toast route. eggs in the morning sounded eggs-cruiatingly yucky.


and thus we now have on record the least egg-citing post ever in the history of the kiki blog.

the most mundane egg question i can think of:

how do you like to eat your eggs? my go-to prep method is scrambled in the microwave because that, to me, is cooking it is quick, easy and tasty to do so. i love mom’s homemade version of egg mcmuffins, and she also poaches a perfect egg.

sidenote: this is also, i do believe, the first post ever in which not one eggs-clamation point appears. do you know how tricky that was to do??? [<– like, add in RIGHT HERE].

canada is getting rid of the penny!

i know!!!! this news story TOTALLY sounds like an april fool’s joke, doesn’t it?! but, it is indeed true. now, i honestly only found out about this monetary development on sunday, so i am very highly embarrassed because the penny decision came down on thursday. hey, when you have neither a newspaper subscription nor a tv and spend wayyyy more time reading blogs than searching out cnn online, it sometimes takes a bit for current affairs to hit your radar.


here are a couple of links to stories from the globe and mail [the globe doesn’t really have a sense of humour, so you know they wouldn’t josh around about the penny and make an april 1st joke]:

penny to die, but GST, HST to still be calculated to the cent [who made up that title? they split the verb! eesh, i hate that!]

penny’s demise signals an empire in decline

ode to the humble penny

i, for one, am delighted by this governmental, budgetary decision. i have considered pennies a nuisance for years. the penny only hits me sentimentally when i think back to my childhood years, and dad’s astounding penny collection – dad had pounds of pennies in huge, glass mason jars! as a child, i distinctly remember being out with mom, shopping, and we never, ever gave pennies to make correct change. mom would say, “we’ll save the pennies to take home to daddy!” i’ve told you how i won’t stop to pick up a penny on the sidewalk. hmmm, maybe i better change my ways and begin to hoard pennies asap. that one cent coin could be worth ten times its current value in, say, fifty years!

sidenote: do you know how incredibly easy it was to come up with a multitude of “letter c”-themed blog titles? i very likely could have dashed off twenty different posts, in a matter of minutes. the creative ideas were coming at me fast and furious!

here are a few of the brainwaves that did not make the cut:

~ cruising (bff debbie recently returned from a cruise, so i was thinking back to the cruise we went on which was at least fifteen years ago. i have very fond memories of that eastern caribbean holiday! debbie’s travel itinerary featured many of the stops that we made, so i loved seeing her gorgeous photos and hearing her stories)

~ conestoga mall (i almost went back up there on sunday afternoon – my huge fashion fever show no signs of abating!)

~ cutoff shorts (i think i have found a pair that i really like at o.w. sports – they’re roxy brand and they’re on sale)

~ coffee (this topic has been overdone on this blog and has grown tiresome)

~ cutie c (i could so easily pop up sixteen photos of my darling younger niece and bingo! there’s the blog post). ok, twist my arm, you do need one picture…

file photo: march 16.2012; i think we were playing bus stop

~ cereal (again, we need not revisit this subject again soon)

~ camaros (i know nothing about cars. this one has always looked cool)


~ cheers (second best sitcom ever, after seinfeld)

~ computers (we could debate the merits of mac vs pc [microsoft?]. so boring, so tedious)

~ cityline (they should never have let marilyn go)

~ comment ça va? (exposé on why i do not regret having a french degree that is of no use to me, today)

~ california (never been, want to go)

c” what i mean? somehow, i have this feeling that not all alphabet letters are going to be this simple to work with…currently, i am stuck for “g” which is due for saturday…feel free to help a girl out (guest post, anyone? haha!).

pennies: love ’em or leave ’em? dad – do you rue the day you cashed in your impressive stockpile??!

what would you choose to write about for a blog post beginning with the letter “c”? anyone else feel like we’re on an episode of sesame street??!


dream a little fashion dream

curses. i have searched high and low over the past week for my orange birkenstocks, and i cannot find them anywhere. i always kept them in the front hall closet, and they are definitely not there. nor are they mixed in with the multitude of flipflops that are begging to come out of storage (they will have to wait to see the light of day until my good friday cleaning frenzy).

anyway, i can only conclude that in a fit of ruthless purging, i gave my orange birkenstocks away. this is really, really bad!!! i want to wear them! now i am going to have to go to zellers or walmart and get a cheap knock-off pair (and they won’t be orange). because there are a few looks that i am dying to sport this spring/summer season, and one involves birkenstock sandals.

this afternoon, mom and i are going shopping! i can’t wait. because i am feeling all fired up about fashion, here are the looks i would love to wear this spring/summer season. the following ideas are straight from my heart, and you have to promise not to laugh and not hold them against me.

1. the look: mirrored aviator sunglasses


inspired by: sandy, who i chitchat with at the store. sandy totally rocks her aviators, and i sooo want to wear this style of sunglasses. this makes absolutely no sense because i hate having anything on my face. now, while i would look nowhere near as awesome as sandy, i would feel oh-so-cool if i was wearing aviators. i saw a pair at the vintage shop beside the princess twin cinema last week, for $10. i am debating going back for them.

2. knee socks + birkenstocks (with a twist)

inspired by: university girls on st patty’s day. right up front: i have an inner snooki side when it comes to fashion, and this sock ‘n’ birkie combo idea is flat out snooki-ness.


i openly admit this, so that makes it ok. NOW. instead of wearing white, cotton knee high sport socks, i would get the hot pink CEP running compression socks we sell at the store and wear those…


with my orange birkenstocks…


if i could find them which is why i am so mad at myself for donating (?) them. i know you are raising your eyebrows at this idea, and yes it is more than questionable in taste to find style inspiration from drunk tipsy female students more than half my age…but i don’t care! it’d be a FUN look!!

3. feather earrings

the earrings at earthwinds

inspired by: harmony by earthwinds, the store across the street from the store. the earrings are $12.95. i am hoping i can find the same thing at h & m for half the price this aft.

4. beaded bracelets and leather bracelets


inspired by: a customer at the store. this girl was wearing about ten thin bracelets, some composed of tiny beads while others were thin strips of leather. the look was very earthy and summery.

5. bellbottom jeans


inspired by: i have no idea. i have always detested flared jeans, but along with an inner snooki, i have an inner hippie side, and i can only guess that the desire for faded, worn, vintage, low-rise 70’s style jeans comes from that. *big shrug of shoulders.*

to end, i am going to make a FASHION PROCLAMATION. i hereby announce that i am never going to give clothes or footwear away again. the birkenstock loss is but one example from, oh, the past six months of something i have had a craving to wear…but, i have given it away in a fit of cleansing and organizing. no more! with the cyclical nature of fashion, i will eventually want to wear something i think i don’t want to wear.

in conclusion, it would appear that my summer mantra’s be a bohemian.

what’s your look going to be this summer? luckily, there are a few vintage shops in my ‘hood and in TO that i can frequent. i also *need* a pair of cutoff jean shorts!

HAPPY RACING to all around the bay runners, this morning!

three things thursday

this is going to be the quickest blog post on the face of the universe. i may not even proofread! the only reason i am blogging is because i miss you. all of my focus is on THE BLANKET, this week (see, i am watching the clock so intently that i will not even link back to the most recent talk about THE BLANKET). the good news is that the time and effort is paying off. dare i say i am ahead of schedule? no, i musn’t. that would be a surefire jinx.

three things thursday (and five for friday, two-sday, etc) are popular blogging titles. to the best of my knowledge, i have never done three things thursday! however, i am not about to go back through the blog chronicles and verify that fact – we’ll just take my word for it.


#1 – i love peanut butter with all my heart and mind. my tiptop favourite is this one (nothing new, you’ve seen this brand before, here):

uh oh, this is the last one in my pb stash...and yes, the pb is stored beside the instant coffee - that's my cupboard organization!

in doing some reading, i have learned that ALMOND BUTTER is even better for you than pb because it is not so acidic (if i understand right). i’ve purchased almond butter in the past, but am just not crazy about it. however, for variety, i bought this almond butter – there was a $1 off coupon at valumart to sweeten the deal!

a never-tried-before brand, to me

i will eat it, but it’s just not as yummy as pb.

#2 – i would give my right arm eyeball for this tank top:

it CAUGHT MY EYE (punny!) immediately!!

it’s hanging in the window of the store ‘denim’ in uptown. [again, no linkage due to time! google if you must!]. unfortunately, it bears a price tag of $74. ouch. put this top into the “want” and not the “need” category of fashion desires. it’s totally me, though! and i already have a peach berserk top with eyeballs all over it, and i have that dress that i wore to duncan and jillian’s wedding by the same design team (desigual). anyway, i do stare at it and blow it a kiss every time i walk by.

#3 – what is it about food basics giving me opportunities for a r.a.o.k.?? on monday, i was in line to pay, and the woman ahead of me asked the checkout woman if she could have two $10 bills for a twenty. the cashier said no. she said she needed her small bills in her til for customers. well, the thought flashed through my mind that i could help out by providing two tens. sadly, i only had one in my wallet. but i would have assisted if i could have! haha, how funny would it be if 7/8 of my r.a.o.k.s all took place in food basics!?!

it is going to get to 22 degrees today!

tomorrow is the middle of the month!

this blogging break was good for my wrists!

question for if you are in a rush: peanut butter: crunchy or smooth? me = crunchy!! here’s my other favourite!

maybe i should try THEIR almond butter???

question for if you have a moment to chat: tell me the first three items of news that pop into your head starting NOW! me = i still have the urge to spring clean; i am not going drinking for st patty’s day (surprise, surprise); vfbf joanne and i are coffee cultur-ing after work – might i knit ‘n’ chat IN coffee culture?!!


nowhere near 27 dresses!

this weekend, i made the time to watch the chick flick 27 dresses.


nicole recently emailed me a spreadsheet [gosh, i love nicole’s organizational style!] which lists all of the dvd movies and tv shows that she owns – and i am welcome to borrow what i wish! i tell you, there are enough options to keep me in front of the tv at least through the rest of this year…and next year…and the next year…!

to keep things simple, i just started at the top of nicole’s list and chose 27 dresses because i didn’t see it when it came out in theatres (i do remember that it was playing at the cinema in aruba when i was there last march).

i do not own 27 dresses! not even close! i went up to my closet and counted:

dress #1:

purchased at "the embellished room" this summer; i have not even worn it yet!

dress #2:

purchased in florida, summer 2010, during my outlet mall visit! worn at nick and wanda's wedding reception

dress #3:

a christmas gift a few years ago from cousin kate. she totally knows my style; worn on umpteen occasions!

dress #4:

purchased at "damsels in this dress," on queen street east, toronto, march 2010, worn to jillian and duncan's wedding

…and then there is beach coverup dress #5…

purchased off the old navy clearance rack with my groupon, this past summer; worn to TO for aunti day the day it was 40+ degrees C!

[ok, that one we are counting as half a dress because it is technically not a dress but i have decreed it as such].

that makes for a grand total of 4.5 dresses in my wardrobe. i do 110% love each of the above-noted dresses, though – they are all*me.*

27 dresses was predictable, inoffensive, sweet, gently humourous…pretty much b-grade in terms of the acting/writing/editing, a standard-fare boy-girl film. i have no real complaints (actually, no strong reaction, one way or another). the funniest sequence was katherine heigl’s trying-on of her bridesmaids’ dresses – talk about a hideous collection! and i chuckled at the oft-repeated inclusion of the line, “and the best part is you’ll be able to wear this dress again!” how many times have we all heard that one?! this film was a nice choice for a winter evening’s entertainment.

how many dresses do you own? (guy readers, i assume i am excluding you, today!) skirts do not count! include only dresses! and beach cover ups.

how many times have you been a bridesmaid? me = three!

have you seen “27 dresses?” what is your **** (four star) review? i’ll go with ** (two stars) -> sweet, not terrible, not outstanding. a MUCH funnier bridesmaids-themed movie is….bridesmaids!

new experience #39: whiten my teeth

on the thirtieth day of december...

there is no better time of year than christmas to display dazzling teeth. photo! smile! “cheese!” ’tis the season to strike a pose flash a bright grin!

i’ve asked my dentist a few times, over the years, about different methods to make my pearly whites whiter. so, i basically decided on this kiki project just out of curiosity. i got a giggle out of pursuing this idea because it seems so self-absorbed and hollywood-esque! heck, i should get a spray-on tan and fake boobs and blond highlights while i’m at it!

i procrastinated on starting this project for a good few months. i wanted to get the whitening kit when it was on sale, but even when i did see it on sale, i put off committing to the purchase because of the cost: $44.99 (sale price) for a 28 day supply. i dove in when i decided to use my shoppers drug mart points. ah, what i don’t do for the kiki project

the kit i purchased

i was impressed when i read the instructions: all you need is five minutes a day. hey, that’s a piece of cake! i needed to find a set point in the day (routine lover that i am), and i would have picked wake-up/first thing in the morning, but the directions advised not to do the treatments right after brushing your teeth. so, i settled on taking five minutes while i got ready for work/got organized (or about 8:30 a.m. every day).

first impressions:

~ the strips are thinner than saran wrap! i had envisioned insertable trays, like what the dentist uses for fluoride treatments.

two strips - the longer one for your upper teeth, shorter for the bottom

~ tastes fresh, like toothpaste, and is a teensy bit foamy like toothpaste, too.

~ creates lots of garbage, what with the outer box, the individual pouches, the clear plastic to which the adhesive upper and lower strips are attached, and the strips themselves.

an example of a day's pouch - strips are inside

i actually started this blog post back on december 1st so that i could keep a photo journal and comment log as the 28 days ticked by…on day one, i was most curious about what my teeth would look like on day 28! would there be a noticeable difference?

day one:

a regular pose...need more teeth!

a little better...

out to attack!!

day two: the instructions warn that you may experience sensitivity. i was a bit worried because when i’ve tried whitening toothpaste before, i’ve had to discontinue it due to sore gums. but the strips don’t bug me at all! and i love the fresh, minty, clean feeling after i use them!

day three: at stitch n kitsch, mom tells me my teeth are “glistening.” [does that mean they will be “blinding” by day 28?!].

day four:

is there a difference? can YOU see a difference?!

day five: this is the first morning where applying the white strips feels like part of my getting-ready routine. just like remembering to put on (tie-dyed) underwear and to comb my hair.

day six: dentist appt this aft! now my teeth will be even more sparkly, i hope! i tell my dentist how whitening toothpastes have made my gums and teeth feel sensitive but the strips do not bug me at all. he says there are so many chemicals (*nice*) in the pastes that the combo in the strips may omit one ingredient to which i have reacted, before.

day seven: it’s official – i’m addicted to that super-clean mouth feel, after removing the strips.

day eight:

is it the reflection off the turtleneck, or are we seeing more whiteness??!

hey, if you want a close up of the teeth, you're gonna get a view up my nose, too...

day nine: i was totally rushed this morning and flubbed the application of the strip onto my bottom teeth. so my upper choppers now have a +1 advantage.

day ten: i ♥ love ♥ this new experience!!!!

day eleven: i wear lipgloss to the carols + lessons service at church. let’s draw attention to the teeth! [maybe this project is not such a good thing – it’s encouraging me to be self-centred!].

day twelve:

i'm keeping the background and the time of day the same for each photo update so that the lighting is consistent

i'm getting more daring with the close-ups!

day thirteen: a bit of gum sensitivity on the upper right side – i just apply the top strip to avoid this section – problem solved, and it’s fine the next day.

day fourteen: a customer at the store has glaringly white teeth. i hope i do not stare – i think i talked to her teeth during her sales transaction. it’s on the tip of my tongue to ask how she got that gleam!

day fifteen: valumart will have the crest 3D strips on sale, 30% off, next week!! so tempting!…[i resist buying another round].

day sixteen:

blurry photo cuz i did something to the camera settings during my walk thru the park last eve - will fix asap!

[i am out of thoughts for the in-between picture days].

day twenty:

if we were holding up paint chip samples, i'd say we've moved a coupla shades down the line!

day twenty-four! (merry christmas!)

think we've plateau'd over the past few days...we do have whiter choppers for christmas, though!

day 28 (last day, boo hoo!):

here’s what the strips look like on your teeth:

all my teeth shots look like i am about to pounce on you. sorry!

and the final photo! as white as we’re going to get!…

twenty-eight days of daily applications later...

ok! now let’s go back to day one…

day one - just so you don't have to scroll up...

and again with day twenty-eight…

ta da!

and back to day one…joking!!

definitely a difference, eh?

CONS [get the negative out of the way first!]:


~environmentally unfriendly


~very easy to apply

~only requires five minutes per day

~did not irritate my gums or make my teeth sensitive to hot and cold

~i did see results

~lovely taste and do leave your mouth feeling very clean and fresh **this amazing clean feel is what i will miss most, truly.**

conclusion: would i buy whitestrips again? heck, yes! ->IF i feel like doling out the cash – the price is a significant limiting factor.

now i’ll be interested to see how long the added whiteness lasts!

let’s talk teeth! how often do you see your dentist (every six months), did you wear braces (yes, nine years), have you ever whitened your teeth? (i have now!).

delightful december!

on the first day of december...

welcome to the first day of the last month of 2011!

today we’re going to talk all about the month ahead. it’s going to be jam-packed! [“it” refers to both this blog post and the month, just so’s you know].

december goal:

prioritize and embrace everything festive. i love the christmas season with my whole heart. this month, i am going to include as much exposure to christmas lights (on homes and in the park), festive music, favourite traditions, happy celebrations and outings with family and friends, and fun parties (staff, condo building, for example) as i possibly can.

it’s hard to believe that this is my last month to organize coupon of the month outings with mom and dad and for the brother/sil ana, too! [tangent: mom and i are all set for this saturday – locals: get thee to stitch n kitsch, this saturday if you can in any possible way. mom and i are terribly excited!].

i’m also jazzed because i have at least three new experiences related to christmas in the works, and two for around new year’s. the end of the project is on the radar – wow!

christmas prep update:

~ my shopping is done – today i am purchasing a jacket for grandma and that is the final gift to buy. so my goal to finish my shopping by december is a success.

~ decorating the condo is complete, as you well know. since it is now december, i am going to start wearing my christmas-themed clothing and playing christmas CD’s at home. i have held off til now because it seemed too early, during november. and yes, i have felt ridiculous having a decorated home for three weeks already. never again!

~ i am in the finishing stages of a christmas artsy-craftsy new experience, and will share it with you asap…tomorrow?!

~ i have three items left on my to do list: send out christmas cards (my goal date is to do this by mid-month); wrap presents (anticipate doing this by ~december 20th); do my philanthropy giving for the year (i give to my favourite charities once per year, and enjoy including this as a christmas tradition).

~ besides advent calendars, another tradition with little e and cutie c is decorating a gingerbread house. this year, i am going to have one kit for each girl, and we’ll do that on an aunti wednesday, i hope.

~ i am hoping to attend at least one church program or concert before christmas – either at my parents’ church (the church i grew up in) or in my neighbourhood.

~ i plan to share some christmas baking recipes – family favourites – on the blog, this month. no, not that i will be baking, you sillies! that’s what moms are for! i’ll see if i can co-ordinate blog posts with her baking schedule so that i can include photos – it’s more fun to drool as you read to see a finished product.

work schedule:

as you know, this is the month for which the retail world waits the entire year. and i love it!! i am going to fully enjoy my time at the store. for the month of december, my schedule is all over the place – no two weeks are the same. i have everything from an 11-hour day (um, today!) to split-shifts to a mix of day and evening shifts at both the store and theOTHERstore. bring it on! i am ready!

…and that’s a wrap for december chatter!

how are you feeling about december? excited, stressed, organized, overwhelmed, gleeful??? i hope you can have fun with your traditions and prep!

the neverending story + a better story!

my tentative plans for thursday eve never came to fruition (<- don’tcha love how that word sounds?!) so i ended up booking an appointment for the apple store. it was meant to be: there was one time slot left for 6:45 p.m.

confirmation email!

since i know you are on the edge of your seat, i will cut right to the chase: the ipod saga is not yet over.

i know.

i am shaking my head, too.

apple store service dude listened to my brief account (this piece of sh!t won’t work my shuffle won’t play!) tappy-typed on his iphone for a good five minutes, and told me they could “swap out” my shuffle.

except they had NONE – yes, as in ZERO – in stock.

i was like, i am fine with another colour. no – it has to be replaced with exactly the same thing, i was informed.

after seven more minutes of iphone entries, he told me he had ordered me another silv-ah shuffle (ok, he didn’t say silv-ah) and it should be in within a few days.

i was not surprised, p!ssed off, or bothered because i had fully prepared my emotions and my brain for the fact that i would not be leaving the apple store with this situation resolved.

to be honest, i’m also nonplussed (<- what’s with the vocab today?!) because i am ♥loving♥ dad’s relic old-school shuffle! the thing’s a beast and i am never giving it back i am super-pleased with the sound and performance!

oh – i confirmed that yes, i do need to make an appointment to pick up the shuffle when it comes in. :/



two doors down from the apple store, you’ll find suzy shier:

home of cheap fashion

this sign caught my eye:

you don't expect me to walk on by, do you?!

i’ve never been a suzy shier fan, but when sarah and i went shopping in august, she found quite a few cute pieces, and on that day, i had seen a couple of items that i liked. no better time than now to try them on!

the store was pretty busy. and you could tell this was a “big event” because they had a dj spinning (very loud) tunes!

playing my favourite dance music, too!

smart move: provide music that makes customers want to be in the store -> they linger -> they buy more stuff…that’s a solid retail sales plan! or maybe the dj’d music was to keep the sales associates happy…either way, great idea!

i had to wait about 10 minutes to get into a change room. that was ok because standing there, i noticed THIS sign:

50 is better than 40!

and what’d’ya know, the two items i liked were in the 50% off category!

i couldn’t pass up these bargains. a little retail therapy was quite soothing after yet another apple delay.

i came home with:

greyish/silv-ah hoodie with a bit of a grunge look to it...

...and below-the-knee-length track pants!

total: $25. if the temps climb a few degrees any time soon, i can wear my new knickers this fall, yet. and the hoodie will be in active rotation twelve months of the year.

i left the mall pleased. quite an accomplishment considering i was leaving without a new ipod!!!

then, i completed some xmas present research. it’s all about balance, you know: one present for me, one present for you.



have you decorated for hallowe’en at all? cutie c and little e and i had fun with window decals this past week!

favourite fall fashions…

…from the store!

[i’ll stick with what i know and love; for *real* fall clothing fashion…check elsewhere!]

if you’re looking for some new running gear, and/or if you happen to find lycra comfortable for relaxing in, here are my top picks for fall:

the best innovation of the past couple years has to be the thumb hole in tops:

no more exposed wrists!

more and more companies are adding this option to their tops – makes great sense. you get chilled when cold air hits your exposed skin, so any place you can stop the air flow, your chances of staying cosy increase.

this "canada" 1/2 zip features a soft and thin fleece lining...and thumb holes!

i love this hoodie from the "run for the cure" line: partial zip, front zippered pockets, thumb holes, and...

a spot for your ponytail!

this top from adidas is on my christmas list:

love the 70s/retro vibe...and the colour is more turquoise than in this photo!

i’m very partial to partial zips and recommend them often. keep the zipper zipped all the way when you start out on your workout, and as you warm up, you can unzip and cool off a bit, if you need to. 1/2 zips make a great midlayer (between a next-to-skin warming/wicking shirt and a shell jacket) when it’s the dead of winter, too.

nike is not shying away from colour!

capris and shell jacket

i wouldn’t wear these together – a little too matchy-matchy for my liking – but i love the unique plaid patterning!

this is an amazingly soft 1/2 zip:

...but nike dropped the ball by omitting thumb holes!

here’s a neat two-in-one jacket:

now it's a jacket...

...then zip off the sleeves, and you've got yourself a vest!

whenever anyone comes in looking for running tights, this pair is my first suggestion:

note the zipper at the ankle and the reflective blocks for safety

form-fitting pants are the better choice over loose cuffs/yoga style pants in winter – again, cut down on drafts of cold air, and up your warmth!

what would you get for yourself this fall (not limited to the items shown, above, or even fitness wear) if money grew on trees? besides the items you see above, i’d be roadtripping to lululemon, myself!

the return of the diva angels

yesterday, i was a woman on a mission.

bye bye

with diva angels in hand in backpack, i booted it back to the dollar bazaar:

here we are!

ultimately, i wished to receive a full refund for my runny fake jeans.

armed with proof of purchase!

my hopes were not high – i know that at the dollar store close to me, they have a “no refund, no exchange” policy. but since i had a defective item – as in i didn’t just change my mind – i figured there was a slight chance of compensation. let’s keep in mind, though, that maintaining customer relations is not likely a priority for a dollar store – we’re not talking holt renfrew, here!

my B level goal was to score an exchange. if that happened, then i faced a choice: get the russian porn girl leggings, or a year’s supply of what…cheap candles??

i held my breath, put a cheery smile on my face, and crossed my fingers.

i politely showed the proprietor the pants in question, and requested my money back. in reply, he told me that would be “very hard.” um, how???, open cash register. take out $11.29. give to customer? but instead of voicing those thoughts, i tried a sorrowful epxression, and woebegone tone of voice. please, could i please have a refund, please? again, i was told, “very hard,” and this time “store policy” was added on for good measure.

i decided to cut my losses. exchange it would be.

a quick tour of the store did not offer me much:

obviously, merchandising is not a priority

so here’s what i chose:

one of each colour available!

yes, i now have a year’s a minimum two year supply of tissue paper. family, don’t be surprised when your christmas present is enveloped by tulips. [sorry, stephanie, but i just could not do the other leggings!]

i must have been a little thrown because when i checked back with mr dollar bazaar, i had only nine tissue packs. i was thinking that nine = $9.99, i think. he generously said i had one more dollar – right beside the cash i found:

it's even got a cute pattern!

perfect! never too early for a planning geek to look ahead! plus, i will have a funny memory of how i got my 2012 agenda.

all’s well, in the end. the store owner insisted i take a plastic bag for my new goods, and as i was leaving warmly said, “you buy here lots. good customer. we see you soon, yes?” [i think he has me confused with someone else?]. but i appreciated the sentiment. although i would have appreciated my money back even more.

and, yes, because i know you want to say it – i have learned my lesson. no more clothes from the dollar store!!!