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five friday the fourteenth fotos

your thought o’ the day:

thanks for the reminder, “death valley’s little brother!” (uptown coffee shop)

mom needs this tshirt:

as seen at “harmony by earthwinds” (in uptown)

that would make me laugh, to see mom in that tee when she is out and about with this guy:

dear dad!

i would enjoy receiving THIS shirt!…

again, at “harmony by earthwinds” -> very soft fabric! xmas list item, fam!

snookie is a mom!!!

what does this mean for the future of “jersey shore??” anyone have any info? is there going to be a new season any time soon?? please advise!

happy weekend, friends! seize the day!


i firmly believe in the life philosophy that what goes around comes around. as you know, i tried quite hard to be nice this week. well!! wednesday eve, i met sharon at s’bux and i had a gift card to use. there was $2.95 left on the card -> i know this for a fact because i even had the s’bux staff print off my receipt when i used the gc the day before.

our total (two decaf teas!) came to $4.10. i gave the barista my gift card and said i had $2.95 on it. she scanned it, and told us that the gift card had covered the whole total – their system had been acting wonky all day, and if the computer accepted our entire bill onto the gift card…well, so be it!

haha! that was a little bonus joy to my visit with sharon!

five foto friday

let’s start off by talking about ground hog day. a picture will not be included in today’s photo series because i do not know any groundhogs. the whole “did he or didn’t he” regarding the shadow viewing is a moot point this year – winter, so far, basically has been a breeze – and this is a statement coming from an avowed non-fan of the cold months.

one more point, off the top, before we move along to the snapshots: i also am decidedly NOT a fan of false spellings…but my enjoyment of alliteration trumps that, hence why you get “foto” and not the proper “photo” in today’s title. [tangent: what irks me the most is when stores use fake spellings in their name: to wit – kwik trip variety, the foto source, etc. so my apologies to my fellow grammar curmudgeons and spelling sticklers – i shan’t let this type of cutesy-poo-ness happen with any regularity].

friday foto #1:

*SOMEBODY UP THERE* heard my whining lament about the price of starbucks via coffee pacs, and took massive pity on me:

i looked up, and behold, my eyes did see...

i did a mental jig (not physical, that would be weird) right in the aisle of little old valumart. then i crammed my shopping basket full of via. that price is still not cheap [tangent: any blog reader-friend with a costco membership, can you please FYI me on their via price?? muchas gracias – i am beyond curious] but i’ll take it.

friday foto #2:

when i was little and i would daydream about my life when i was all grown up, this is what i would picture: i would live in downtown toronto, in a soaring condo building, i would be a psychologist, i would wear lots of makeup and big silver earrings, and totter run around in high heels all day long. the very instant i saw these shoes over at heel boy, this childhood fantasy came rushing back to mind:

$125 -> not a bad price for something jimmy choo-ish!

maybe i need to base my outfit for cousin kate’s wedding around these shoes…start from the ground up, literally – haha!

friday foto #3:

new-to-me furniture!

a very bare wall unit!

recently, the brother and sil ana updated their entertainment area with a gorgeously huge flatscreen tv and the most divine cabinet you have ever seen (no picture as then we’d have six photos for today!). i gladly inherited this wall unit from them at least a month ago. as you can see, i have not made it a high priority to actually decorate it…i’ll get to it! my excuse is that i am mentally debating what i want to place on the shelves…yea, that’s it. i’m happy to have this piece of furniture – storage space is always at a premium in a condo, and as you see, i have several drawers here, plus all those shelves are adjustable so they’ll be able to accommodate everything from photo frames to books to vases (no tv is planned). the decorating shall be a spring around-the-home project…maybe!

friday foto #4:

a new flower shop opened up a week ago today in the mall across the street.

look at those vibrant colours!

my mood perked right up when i saw the little bouquets. spring will arrive – we just need a little more patience!!

friday foto #5:

my advice to you today is…

as seen at the store "damzels in this dress," queen st east, toronto. i thought it was a mouse pad, but it's thick glass ->a tray?!

peace out, kids! and happy weekend!

friday photos: walking in a (springlike) wonderland

on the sixteenth day of december...

yesterday was not your typical mid-december day in southern ontario! first of all, it poured rain for most of the day. trust me, i am not complaining – i would rather have rain than snow. you don’t have to shovel rain (not that i ever have to shovel anyway, haha!) and you don’t have to worry as much about treacherous driving conditions [anyone else freak out just a little, though, when you’re on a rainy highway with transport trucks surrounding you??]. secondly, the temperature yesterday climbed to 11 degrees celsius (that’s 51.8 degrees fahrenheit, u.s. friends!). that is not a record, however: 12.9 is the record high for december 15th, from back in 1975! (i learned that very important cliff claven-type fact information on the radio, at the store).

no skating allowed on the rink in uptown waterloo, yesterday!

after work, i decided it was the perfect time to fulfill another annual christmas tradition: go see the lights in waterloo park. some people may think you need gently falling snow and crisp night air to enjoy the full effects of the light display. not i! i’ve frozen my bunz off enough in previous years. i revelled in an evening temp where i hardly needed mitties!


the “wonders of winter” light display takes over all of waterloo park from the first saturday in december until new year’s day. it’s really quite impressive! in addition to the light displays, they play christmas music near where the animals are, there are horse-drawn trolley rides, and hot chocolate is available. i totally recommend it if you’re local and looking for a fun evening excursion.

well, at 5:30 p.m. on a rainy thursday eve, the park is not exactly hoppin’! there were a few other people out and about – and i saw one runner in shorts and a tshirt – but it’s been wayyy busier other years when the temps are minus-frostbite!

now, unfortunately, a point-and-shoot camera takes really crappy photos of lights in the dark. but here’s the best of the bunch!

this tree goes from dark ->1/3 lit->2/3 lit->fully lit + flashing!

there’s a “ring road” that goes around waterloo park…

candles line this side of the road; candy canes mark the other, parallel side

this castle marks another entrance...

another neat thing is that the lights are set up by volunteers. what a lovely sense of community and holiday spirit.

there's dora!

is this a "captain canuck," of sorts?!

inside this cute little house...

...you'll find santa and his workshop!

yikes! that santa’s a little scary, if you ask me! i think i prefer this guy!…

ho ho ho!

look! it’s a running moose!

...or a jiggly photographer!

right about this time, it started to rain again, so i hightailed it to a couple more displays, then called it quits.

"the stockings were hung by the chimney with care..."

swans right beside the waterloo park lake - very appropriate!

that was fun! and you know what’s cool? when i’m at home, if i look out the big, front windows of the condo casa, i can just see the edges of the light display!

after my xmas-light walkabout, i got groceries, came home and cleaned the toilets (i wish i was joking), and did a load of laundry. hey, even when it’s all christmas all the time, around-the-home duties call!

what’d you do last eve? esp if it’s christmas related, do share!

locals: have you been through waterloo park yet this year? i hope to take a boo through at least one more time!

rank these household chores in your order of most favourite to least favourite: groceries; laundry; cleaning (dusting, bathrooms, etc); vacuuming. me = groceries, laundry, vacuuming, cleaning. i genuinely don’t mind the first three! but bathrooms + dusting? yuck-o!

Friday Photos: 5 Things…

…that have made me smile 🙂 already today!

1. Communication

An early-morning online visit with SIL Ana and little darlings, Little E. and Baby C., currently in Finland-land! (Little E's term)!

2. Car-Coveting

This "Big Bird" yellow shade on cars cracks me up...really I'm just jealous!

3. Cantaloupe

Spectacular! Eaten my favourite way: spooned out right from the shell

4. Crazy Colours

Latest knitting project: variegated oh-so-soft yarn in bombastic blasts of colour!

5. Casa-Curious

Quirky Delight: Just beneath reading the Marriages in the Sunday New York Times - reading "Done Deals" in my beloved Friday Globe and Mail!

And this is all before noon! Who says the little things in life aren’t the most delightful?!

What’s made you smile today?! 🙂

Friday Photos….Are Coming!

Good evening!

Yes, it’s Friday! Happy last weekend of May to you!

I just got back from where I took my Friday photos…too late to blog ’em now, but I will get them at some point this weekend! Fear not! 🙂

So in the meantime…

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

a photo of mom from tonight!...and a hint of where tonight's photos were taken!...

❤ (it took me forever to figure out this was a kissie lips - can you see it?!)

Yup, Saturday May 29th is Mumsy’s Birthday. I won’t post her age – haha! (I think that pretty much would be bad bloggie etiquette!) but I will wish her  a fabulous day!

Ok – later!

Friday Photos: Happy Birthday, B!

I’ve always thought that B has the perfect birthday date – May 21st. Usually this date is on (or very near) the weekend of the May 2-4 long weekend, so we can meld birthday celebrations with the extra holiday day. Plus, the weather is so nice this time of year (better than say, January…take it from one who knows), the evenings are long, everyone is in a good mood as we kick off summer…I covet B’s birthday!

Brad, in typical B (lowkey) fashion, does not want a lot of hoopla this weekend. So today was a more or less normal Friday but we did celebrate tonight with B’s parents. Mom and Dad K made the trek down here from the Collingwood area so that we could all go out to the Huether tonight as a birthday eve outing.

Mom and Dad K brought a really cute card for B:

the card just kept getting bigger and bigger! good choice!

Meet Mom and Dad K!…

Mom and Dad K are fantastic conversationalists - never a shortage of chitchat when we're together

…and a photo of Birthday B and Wife-y at the Huether…

40 x 2!

…and a shot of the four of us…

love the relaxed and casual atmosphere of the huether - great spot in our 'hood!

Mom and Dad K used to live in Waterloo so they are familiar with the area, but they were pretty amazed at all the changes that have taken place and all the construction that is currently happening. We had a nice meander to the Huether as we introduced them to the “new” Uptown Waterloo – no more Kmart or Bingo Palace on King Street!

Earlier, B enjoyed a rooftop BBQ Lunch with a couple of neighbour buddies and a gym workout with his workout buddy and moi…and now we have three more days for B to milk this birthday of weekend + Vic Day holiday to continue the fun. Tomorrow eve (Saturday) is a DVD rental of B’s choice – like, I have no say whatsoever. I already know what movie he is going to pick … let’s just say I think it’s going to be an *interesting* movie review for the “40 Movies” chronicle!

Happy 40th B!

Friday Photos: An Intimate Literary Affair

Wednesday evening this past week saw mom and me off to attend a book reading. Our uptown bookseller, Words Worth Books, regularly hosts series of author events. As part of their spring series, “Words Worth Hearing,” Sarah Hampson and Judy Fong Bates were on the menu for Wednesday evening. As you know, the Toronto Globe and Mail is my favourite newspaper, bar none. Sarah Hampson is a Life section columnist – I read her columns without fail, whenever she’s in the paper. Judy Fong Bates is a novelist – a few years ago, I read her book “Midnight at the Dragon Cafe,” and found it to be a wonderful read.

So! When I saw that both of these women were on the agenda for Wednesday evening, I immediately asked mom if she would accompany me. Being a huge reader herself, mom readily agreed to accompany me.

I had assumed that the author event would take place at the Princess Twin Cinema, based on the information on our tickets. So both of us were a little surprised to find our venue was actually next door, at the Princess Cafe. Previous Words Worth-sponsored readings that we have attended have been quite large gatherings – several hundred people at times. Well, we were the first to arrive Wednesday evening, and in total there were probably about 30 people! That ended working in our favour, as I had the opportunity to approach both Sarah Hampson and Judy Fong Bates and request a photo:

Globe readers: do you recognize Sarah from her newspaper column photo?

Judy Fong Bates: a tiny dynamo with a flair for the dramatic!

Judy presented first and talked about her new memoir, “The Year of Finding Memory“. I appreciated her comments on the Asian experience: she was the only non-white child growing up in her small hometown. Judy provided a window into some of her feelings and thoughts as she grew up with this identity.

We had seats no further than 2 metres from the microphone!

Sarah also has written a memoir: Happily Ever After Marriage. Frankly, in her post-divorce themed columns in the Globe, I have often found Sarah’s voice to be brittle, a tad strident, with a bitter edge. She could not be more different in person! I was so impressed with her humour, warmth and also by the honesty with which she spoke of life after divorce. (Her off-on-a-tangent tale of interviewing Leonard Cohen was a highlight, too!). I will be reading her future columns with a new eye.

The Cafe provided a very "art house" atmosphere to the book readings

Both writers graciously responded in the short Q & A session which followed their brief presentations. All too quickly, our literary event was over! Now to get my hands on their books!…

Friday Photos: Pet Peeve

So what are your pet peeves? (seriously, please share if you feel like it!).

I would have to list the following:

Procrastination: I am a “once n done” type person. Ie: rather than throw your clothes onto the floor after you wear them, (hrmmm hrmmm, not mentioning any names, dear husband o’ mine…) toss them into the hamper, and they’re all ready for the next time i do laundry. Clothes are finished in the dryer? Let’s fold them now and then that job is done, i can check it off my to do list (note: AM a big fan of To Do Lists! make one daily). Not a fan of the dishwasher: why wait for the machine to wash and dry the dishes when i can hand wash and be done in 5 minutes? You get the picture…

Events That Do Not Start On Time: church. concerts. movies. chiropractor appts. running races.

Drivers on the 401 Who Drive Slowly in the Fast/Passing Lane: move over already if you’re doing anything less than 120 km/hr.

**Knitting Patterns That Contain Errors** – this is my topic of the day. Nothing annoys me more than happily knitting away, sailing along, and BOOM Ka-Pow!!! suddenly my knitting row has too few or too many stitches. For a beginner knitter, this is akin to suddenly having to converse with someone in Swahili. Luckily, I have been knitting for 35 years now so i can more or less figure out what the pattern author is trying to say, or make up my own variation that will work.

Other knitting pattern error options: omittance of important information (ex: cut yarn, return to work with right side facing); vague and oblique knitting short forms with no glossary of terms (i’ll never forget my first view of psso when i was 12, and not having a clue, literally had to go visit my knitting-capable next door neighbour!); blatant wrong instructions (pattern states K4 when clearly you need to K5 or you will be up a creek without a paddle). Sigh. We’re not designing rockets here, people. A published pattern creator should have a competent editor and a team of testers who have gone step-by-stitch completely through the pattern. 

A good pattern should be written at a Grade 1 level of knitting parlance. You can err on the side of not saying enough; you cannot err in including too much information. Also, the pattern should state the obvious (ex: when you are done this section of decrease, you will have 24 stitches on your right hand needle). I could go on, but I’m likely losing you already, you poor non-knitters dear readers.

Here is what I am currently knitting:

close-up view of the right front

far-out view of the entire piece

It’s a lacy baby jacket that in my mind i am calling the “bohemian shepherd coat” – you’ll notice that due to the colours of this ball of to-die-for yarn, the RIGHT front is going to be different from the LEFT front which will be different from EACH SLEEVE.

I love how it’s turning out, but seriously, I have lost count of how much ripping back and adjusting I have done so far. The pattern is from a book in my knitting library collection:

the "knitting area" of the Zen Room

I’ve tried to make note of my changes:

note the turquoise blue scribbles

The sweater is going to be super-cute once it’s done, i do believe (i still have to do the sleeves, a yoke, the collar band, the button and buttonhold borders)…but it’s been a real head-scratcher at times! Ah, the joys of knitting…a peaceful hobby in essence; not always so in practice!

Friday Photos: Take a Peek Inside Our Fridge

Before I go on to explain, here is a look at the inside of our fridge, photo taken literally 2 minutes ago. Bear with me to see where this is going!…

take a close look at what you see...and what you don't see...

soo00oooo….any observations??! how about you take a look at THIS photo…

hint, hint...

…and now look back in the fridge…


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Surprise!! 🙂 That’s right – I have not had a diet pop since Sunday April 18th. Wahoo!

And I can’t believe the karma of how it worked out…I decided to use up what I had purchased and not buy any more pop – cold turkey is my style. Wouldn’t you know, it worked out that my first TOTALLY POP-FREE DAY was Monday April 19th…BOSTON MARATHON MONDAY!! Good vibes or what!

A bit of history…right about now, some of you may be thinking, “heard this one before – here we go again…” and yes, you are entirely correct. I have quit Diet Coke (the last year or so I preferred Coke Zero) twice previously in the last few years:

1) When we still lived on Ross Ave, I stopped drinking Diet Coke for 52 days. It was soooo hard, I really had heavy withdrawal symptoms, and succombed to the cravings after less than two months.

2) In February 2007, I successfully stopped drinking Diet Pop for 13 months. I gave  in while on our Aruba vacation in March 2008. To be honest, for the entire 13 months, I felt like I was teetering on the edge of caving in. Not a single day passed where I did not want a Diet Pop. I missed my habit of having pop and knitting. I missed the alert feeling I got, the buzz, the taste – everything. I felt like I was hanging off a ledge by my fingernails just to not drink pop. Often, the sight of someone with an ice cold diet pop in hand would literally make me salivate in desire. I made it through our Aruba trip in March 2007, but gave in the following year (March 2008) and was never so happy to welcome something back into my life! (realize this sounds overly dramatic but if you’ve ever had an addiction, you know what I’m talking about).

Tangent here…please note that I am not bashing the drinking of pop. But for me, this is just not a good thing! All indicators show that Diet Pop to me is no different than cigarettes to a smoker or booze to an alcoholic. I fully admire anyone who can kick these habits, as examples, because beating an addiction is tough.

BUT!!! I am happy to report that for whatever reason, this go-round is going TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I’ve had ZERO cravings, ZERO withdrawal symptoms, and it’s been a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE, if you can believe it. Even now, the thought of drinking the sweet syrup makes me think “blech!” – how awesome is that! To what do I attribute the success this time?

  • knowing deep down that I just did not want to keep drinking diet pop, feeling uncentred
  • finding for quite some time that the taste was tasting very fake
  • feeling that a pop-free life, for me, is a healthier lifestyle
  • I realized I was drinking pop out of habit – as long as I have water while I knit or at the store etc, I AM FINE!

So my “pop drawer” in the fridge now holds these beauties…

$10 for 16 Crispin apples at the Farmer's Market yesterday!

So what am I enjoying in place of Diet Pop? WATER!!! Yup, I am finding that cold Brita water in my stainless steel klean kanteen

40oz Kanteen Classic

…is delicious! I’ve never been a coffee or tea drinker, and while I’ve tried a couple of cups of both in the last few weeks, can’t say I’m a fan. And I’m not feeling low on energy, nor have I noticed any effect whatsoever during my workouts due to no caffeine, either – score!

And a shout-out to B, as well: in the fridge picture (above), there are two cans of Coke hidden behind the peanut butter jars; B says that when those are gone, he’s cool with being a pop-free household. This is a major step for both of us as we love our pop. So while B will continue to enjoy a carbonated beverage OUT in restaurants or with pizza, I am going to continue on the straight and narrow with a pop-free lifestyle. Moderation works for most people most of the time, but for me and Diet Colas, it’s gotta be all or nothing.

it's been a slice, darlin'...

i mentally call this "the liquid poison" for postive reinforcement!

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye!

The moral of the story: if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. When you’re fully ready for it, change will not be a struggle.

Cheers! 🙂

Friday Photos: Waterloo Pottery Sale!

Have you ever had an event that you keep meaning to get to, “one of these times,” yet you never quite seem to make it there? The Waterloo Potters’ Workshop Pottery Sale fits that description for me. The Sale is held twice per year, literally down the street from us at the Waterloo Rec Centre. We’ve lived in our condo over 5.5 years now (!) and despite seeing the sign in front of the Rec Centre every six months, I never seem to make it to the sale.

But today it worked out! Maybe the best plan is not to have a plan! Mom emailed me last eve, inviting me to go along with Dad and her to the sale this afternoon. Hey! That works for me! Beats posting photos of my trip to the dentist this morning instead (no cavities, by the way!…)

here we are!

It’s a super set-up: like a craft show, each potter has a table of his/her wares; unlike a craft sale, there is one central station where you can pay – a very efficient and user-friendly system.

a sampling of the pottery...

Mom and Dad have attended before, and said this afternoon was not busy at all compared to the last time they were here, when the crowds were something else! Today we had lots of room to meander around the tables and aisles:

the Sale is good-sized, but not overwhelming (like I find the "One of A Kind Show" to be....)

Dad did not find a perfect mug, but Mom DID find her pate knives!

Of course, at some point you have to make a choice. These two bowls caught my interest, but I really only wanted to purchase one. Can you guess which one came home with me?!…

the blue one (L) had lovely indentations/strips while the one in orange shades (R) is a bit more shallow...

In the end, here are the two items that are now part of our dish inventory!…

a cheerful little side dish...and the ORANGE-shaded bowl!

My goal is to gradually switch over our daily dish set (they’re 15 years old, after all!) to an eclectic assortment of unique pieces – nothing matching. This is a good start to accumulating that collection!

So I can check “going to the Potters’ Sale” off my To Go To list. That just leaves me with seeing Madonna live in concert and running the New York City Marathon – I’m rather starting small, eh! 🙂