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two bloggers, two babies, r.a.o.k.#5!

before i started reading blogs, i used to entirely pooh-pooh the idea that online dating could ever work: how could you possibly get to know someone if your only contact was through messaging and emailing? hrumph, said my inner, cynical self.

well, since entering the world of blogging, i have changed my tune: i now believe that yes, over time, you can get a fairly accurate and true sense of a person’s personality via their online sharings, communications, and writing style.

i really like the blogs that i have in my current rotation! i visit my favourite blogs three times, twice daily –  and after more than two years of this routine, i do feel like i *know* these girls!

back in august, janae had the cutest little girl (baby brooke). janae has the best sense of humour (see yesterday morning’s post as an example), and i appreciate her love of her family and her enjoyment of running. her blog is among my very top picks.

then, just on september 7th, kath gave birth to mazen, a sweet baby boy! what exciting times in the blog world!

for some reason, i got the distinct vibe that i would like to celebrate each of these births with the new parents [i know myself: when i keep getting a recurring thought to do such-and-such, i really should just follow through]. so i decided to put together little gift packs [r.a.o.k.#3 was very similar – i gave my second cousin a “welcome, baby” set of presents. i like to mark happy baby occasions!!]. putting together unexpected surprises is much, much fun.

in terms of getting the packages to kath and janae, i knew i could send kath’s to her husband matt’s bakery in cville, va (the address is on the bakery website). i emailed janae through the “contact” button on her blog, and received the warmest reply back just a couple hours later. cool! time to put my plan into action!

i decided to send both janae/brooke and kath/maze a sweater from my handknit/personal design collection:

unique creations – i didn’t even record a pattern for the colour combos…

for brooke – a variety of bright colours!

for maze: hand print buttons, all different colours!

and i added a little something for the parents:

kath appreciates the “eat local” philosophy: apple butter from our nearby town of wellesley!

janae is a candy connaisseur, so two items that are uniquely canadian (president’s choice brand chocolate and smarties!)

all boxed up…

a little running humour for janae with that running recovery brew box!

…and ready for the post office!

(i added the addresses post-photo!).

safe travels, little boxes!

[sidenote, just to clarify: my motivation in completing this project was purely for the joy of planning out surprises; i am not trying to get exposure for my blog, my knitting or myself! babies + gifting is an act that makes me happy!].

how many blogs would you say you read iin a day? i find i have to put limits on my blog-perusing time or it could be a full-time commitment!

knit two together

if it’s the second saturday in september, that can mean one thing and one thing only:

knitter’s fair!!!

i love how this is the third recap that i have in my blog records of my favourite annual outing with mom. (the 2010 report is here! the 2011 account can be viewed here!).

mom and i figured out that we have been attending the knitter’s fair every year since [we think] 1994. we have only missed ONE year (2002) when i was away on a vacation! we are very proud of our track record. this year was one of the wettest, weather-wise (the rain was BUCKETING down when i got up in the morning; happily, by early aft, the sun was shining!).

9:30 a.m. – we’re ready to go!

9:31 a.m. – we’re ready to go! [i couldn’t decide which departure photo to use, we’ll just throw both in – haha!]

upon arriving at bingeman’s, we discovered that next year there will be a change in venue:

2013: see you at the aud in kitchener – the knitter’s fair has outgrown bingeman’s!

and something else new this year…

i want to know what happened to prompt this discontinuation! were children poking each other with knitting needles??!

mom and i have a touring method that we use every year: we circle each ballroom to see what’s available – we look only, except if we see a deal of the century, then we purchase immediately. i kid you not, booth number FIVE, and mom found the first deal-i-o of the day!

mom’s first purchase: seventeen balls of astra for $10! now that’s a bargoon!

variegated yarn is my weakness, and these skeins had a silver thread running through – file these under “perhaps!”

koigu yarn remains my favouritest – no purchase made as i can pick it up any time at “shall we knit,” should i so desire.

knitting humour!

only the brother will find this name as funny as i do! cracks me up every year!

i did not have any specific missions in mind, this year. if i happened to find a blanket to make for the mcc relief sale next may, that would be great; if i found sweaters for little e and cutie c, that would be bonus, but i was not searching for anything in particular…

i loved this PATTERN as an option for an mcc donation, but the finished size – about two feet square – was way too small!! too bad…

sadly, e and c are too big for the sweater kits we saw – all geared to the sub-two year old age group.

mom’s second purchase: four skeins of briggs & little for $20!

[mom’s intention for the day was to stock up on yarns for project linus blankets and prayer shawls…as you shall see, she should be set for the next twelve months!…]

a now-annual tradition! a photo with brenda (hi, brenda!) -> brenda made her sweater with leftover yarn – awesome creation, eh?!

mom’s third purchase! red heart – the orange (same as my sweater) for $2.50 a ball, the blue for $3.50 a ball – amazing! mom was on a real roll!

two more afghan possibilities???…

unfortunately, this design was for artistic purposes only – no pattern or kit available!…

i love LOVE loved this striking blanket/throw…but it was about 50% crochet…i do not crochet!

mom’s fourth purchase of the day! briggs & little, $4 a skein (NO TAX), any colour, any type!

whew, we needed a break at this point, as you can well imagine. a coffee/tea stop hit the spot! we also made a run back out to the rav to drop off the mega-bags we mom had accumulated. yarn is heavy!

regardless of the weather, i ALWAYS wear a handknit to the fair…my $4 sweater drew quite the compliments this year!

perfect strangers kept stopping me to comment on either the sweater colour or pattern – i proudly shared that the yarn cost me four bucks!

and the yarn of the year award goes to…this silk blend from zen yarn garden. oh my gosh, i have never felt yarn so soft, silky, luxurious…($35 a skein!!):

i wanted to curl up in this yarn and bury myself!

the “if-money-were-no-object” project…

i’d wear this bohemian sweater with my denim cut-off shorts and big loop earrings!

…but at ~$150 for the kit, i passed it by, boo hoo.

it took me a while to decide what i wanted to do…in the end, i concluded that the briggs & little deal was giving me the best vibe:

i will make two blankets! i’m envisioning lace creations…stay tuned!

mom’s fifth purchase! yet more briggs & little!

[the briggs & little vendor was absent last year. when we commented to the guy that we were so happy he was back, he said they will be returning EVERY year from now on as they are moving from quebec to ontario. yippee!].

the day’s celebrity moment: while we were lunching, featured guest speaker, the yarn harlot, passed within six feet of us! i totally chickened out of asking stephanie for a photo. i don’t know why??? i am not shy, but i couldn’t find the gumption to approach her! photo opp failure!

truly, all i want to do with my free time now is knit and read (i’m into jennifer weiner’s fly away home and sue grafton’s r is for ricochet) or knit and watch foodnetwork -> knitter’s fair always fires me up, creatively!

what a great, fun happy  saturday. our calendars are marked for next year (september 14th!).


btw, this is blog post number 700!! so…if i blog three times a day starting now, i could hit one thousand by my birthday!


my $4 sweater

just like yesterday, the photo challenge creators gave me an ez assignment…

30 day photography challenge

day #19: something orange

i didn’t even have to think about different options as my current knitting project just happens to be orange!

i’ve shown you this photo before:

three gigantic balls of ORANGE for which i paid a grand total of $10.17!!

(that is not today’s official photo).

in this post, back in april, i told you about how i had decided to knit myself an orange sweater with the yarn. i’m still knitting!

this is the cuff of the last sleeve

(that is not today’s official photo).

…but i’m almost done!…

back, front, sleeve

(that is not today’s official photo).

how super-cool that i will have created a handknit sweater for a sum total of … about $3.95 cents (i’m dividing $10 in thirds and adding a bit since i had to crack open that second ball of yarn) – in my favourite colour, no less!

the textured pattern has made the knitting not too mindless:

as seen on half a sleeve

(you got it: that is not…)

with any luck, i will finish the sweater this week – i’ll be on to a new project in july, for sure. since i still have acres of orange, i have a fun idea for how to use it up!…

ok, let’s do the official photo. for today’s shot, the orange yarn went on an outing:

not the usual backdrop for a ball of yarn!

tomorrow i’ll show you where this photo was snapped. until then, any guesses?! (locals and neighbourhood friends, you have the advantage!).


gotta share my latest country genre musical find (and this tune is also a clue for today’s official photo location) – i have to smile every time i hear somethin’ ’bout a truck. this song is perfect for summer relaxing. listen up! [thanks to that youtube link, you could karaoke this song, no problem!].

a day of awesomeness

it’s not my usual blogging style to write a “here’s what i did yesterday“-type entry; however, we’re going to venture into that journalistic territory today because i really want to share my tuesday with you.

do you ever have one of those days that just seems too good to be true? that was my tuesday. by the time the evening rolled around, i was craning my neck out the window, trying to spot the lucky star (or flock of cardinals?!) that i was sure must be hanging over my head.

my “good karma” bird

[don’t worry, i do not live with a horseshoe up my a$$; one day last week, i endured a pretty craptastic evening at work that soured my entire day – happens to us all, eh?].

let’s go through tuesday’s events in chronological time order…

~ i worked at the store from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. during the first six hours of my shift, i was able to: organize the month-end paperwork for our home office package; write the weekly run club email; transfer out a ton of shoes; unpack a ginormous box of new product; complete a markdown report; do a spot audit for inventory purposes – oh, and assist customers with their purchases! it was so satisfying to get so much accomplished. during the last hour, a girl who i had not seen since we ran together with “tri city track” eons ago came in – it was fun to catch up with her!

~ i received a performance evaluation that filled my ♥ with joy.

~ tuesday’s blog post introduced the great may grocery challenge, and it was so much fun reading your responses and comments! one of the best parts about blogging is visiting back and forth. i do hope some of you play along with tracking your grocery expenses, too, and we can all compare notes at the end of the month.

~ i received a phone message from a member of the mcc quilt committee. the kind lady wanted to let me know that my blanket was selected to be part of the quilt display on from now until the end of the month at the joseph schneider haus in kitchener.

log cabin blanket

~ after work, it was time for errands. first stop: the library. finally, i was able to snag emily giffin’s “something blue” after a few weeks where it was already signed out every time i checked for it [reading something blue makes for my third e.g. read in a row! i’m enjoying her style very much].

~ then, it was on to valumart. i got the grocery challenge off on the right foot by taking advantage of a number of super deals, for example:

  • tin of tuna – $1!
  • salad dressing – $1!
  • chicken pot pie – $1!
  • lettuce – $1!

i spent $18 and change, and had a good haul of items to bring home.

~ as i walked into my building, i ran into (not literally) my superintendent. he asked me, “i think it was you who left a NIKE cardboard box in the recycling room??” i thought, uh oh…guilty as charged. [background details: a couple weeks ago, at theOTHERstore, i took all of the cardboard boxes out back to the recycling receptacle. there was one box –  the NIKE one – that i just could not cram in nor break down…so i brought it home with me to *hide* in the building recycling bin]. super doug continued: “i have to tell you that i saved the box because it is absolutely perfect for using when we wax the floors. what a great find!” whew! (while i am tempted to count this positive outcome as a r.a.o.k., i will not!).

~ up in the condo casa, i attacked a to do list as long as my arm. i was determined to pull an erv and get everything checked off, tickety-boo. after a couple hours, my list was complete except for one last thing: make more recyclable bags for the compost bin. i didn’t really feel like doing this task, but decided to get it over with. i trotted down to the recycling room to get the needed newspaper. as i entered the garbage room, an item on the dumping shelf lending library shelf caught my eye:

one dozen brand new golf balls!

i scooped these up for dad! too funny: if i had not gone down to get the newsprint tuesday eve, i am sure the golf balls would have been gone by morning. i bet dad will get a hole-in-one when he uses these lucky-find golf balls!

and then i enjoyed a good sleep!

what’s one activity, moment, blessing, *coincidence* that RAWKED (as my friend derek would say!) for you, this week, thus far? hopefully, sharing good karma begets good karma!

today i am going on an outing with dad, and we are going to pursue something that i had hoped would be a new experience LAST year! [no, it is not a hot yoga session.]…i’ll fill you in tomorrow because i am not sure if we are going to succeed on our mission, or not!

knitting – duh

so did you really think i would do anything other than talk about knitting today? i thought not. happy to live up to your expectations!

i have a mishmash of knitting projects to chat about. let’s start with the log cabin blanket, since that throw was the last project completed:

i am as tired of showing you this project as you are of seeing it, but yet another snapshot is necessary for continuity of story.

this blanket will be part of the quilt auction on saturday, may 26th, out at the new hamburg mcc relief sale. if tradition holds true, mom and dad and i will go to the preview the evening before to look at all the works of art (because, really, that’s what the stitched quilts are).

this is the third contribution i have made to the sale. here is a photo of the pattern of submission #1:

i remember i chose the lighthouse theme because it reminded me of goderich!

i didn’t write down a date for when this blanket was part of the auction; maybe around 2003?

i sure got to know this chart very well after umpteen repeats!

the second blanket was a mosaic pattern:

the geometric shapes and the fabulous colour scheme sold me on trying this pattern

a close-up of the design

when i made this blanket, i used the same colour shades as in the book, there, and the yarn was purchased at (the now defunct) “cloth & clay” in uptown waterloo. i DID date this pattern, and it was part of the quilt auction in 2005.

what is next? well!…it depends on how insane i am how much i want to be challenged! my eye keeps coming back to this kaffe fassett pattern that i have in one of his books in my knitting library:

i love that photo - the english cottage, the blanket tossed from the window, kaffee's carefree grin (haha, he's so happy cuz he finished the darn blanket - joke!)

a close-up - check out the complexity of colour + design!

my hesitation to embark on this project is due to a couple of factors: 1) sourcing the yarn: there are over 25 colourways involved, and i imagine it would cost between $500-$1000 for yarn alone (no len’s mill specials would suffice for this masterpiece).  2) the mind-bending nature of the pattern – i for sure would NOT be reading and knitting while *whipping up* this creation:

here's a snippet of the chart you follow!

3) the time that would be needed to complete this project -> i am guess-timating a year? it would be a whole life-consuming kikiproject in and of itself!

can you imagine how amazing the finished product would look, though?!


i love and adore making baby blankets. they give me an excuse to use variegated yarn (my favourite type), insanely small needles, i can work on them and read at the same time, and then i like having the blankets on hand to give as gifts whenever a friend pops a baby. i had been working on a blanket which i set aside in order to focus on the log cabin blanket. i have now returned to the cast-aside baby blanket:


because i cannot resist a challenge, i have given myself the deadline of april 30th for finishing this blanket. it will be a one-of-a-kind: never again am i going to do an entirely seed stitch blanket on 2 mm needles.

once done, i HAVE to take a break from making baby blankets – look at the stash i have accumulated!

people! have more babies, please!

at least yarn does not have a “best before” date! but i seriously DO have to back off from the baby blankets.


in september, when mom and i attended the annual knitter’s fair (blog recap here), we found an awesome deal on red heart yarn. i bought three humungous balls of orange (total bill? $11.00):

each ball is 350 g so they are larger than they appear

my intent was to make…a baby blanket (groan). change in plan! i’ve decided to make myself a sweater! orange is my favourite colour, i have orange sweatshirts but no orange sweater…this is a good idea!

i have narrowed down my options to remakes of two sweaters i already have:

#1 –

minus the toy soldiers - don't you love her 80s hair and earrings?!

…which would be an update of…

this pullover that mom made me in high school - i still wear it!

#2 –

not quite so blatantly 80s...although the pattern is also from that era

…which would be an update of…

this yellow number that i wore on easter sunday; i made this pullover, yes, in high school!

i’ll putter around with the tensions and see which pattern will work best – i have no strong feelings one way or the other. i just want an orange sweater!

we’ll stop there. knitting is one of those things about which i could go on and on and on!…

i kan’t kome up with any kool kwestions today. i guess you kould komment if you knit. i know a few of you do!


here it is!…

completed just in time to photograph in natural daylight!

wow. when i imagined that i could attempt to complete this knitting project before friday march 23rd, the goal seemed lofty and unattainable. life lesson learned: don’t sell yourself short!

as artsy as my photography gets

dear dad has kindly agreed to transport the blanket over to the mcc office for me on thursday or friday (i am working) so that both blanket + information sheet are submitted in time (the final step is spritzing the blanket down with water, then letting it dry naturally, so that it can “settle” a bit…so, it needs a few days before i can fold it up). i think i will owe dad a coffee outing for playing courier service!

"the two storey view"

it was thrilling (yes, knitting can be exciting!) to work hard to meet beat my time goal…but, now it is time to give my wrists a break, and go back to knitting as relaxation – i feel on the cusp of knitting burn out! it’s time to rebalance – short term goals include:

  • cleaning the condo casa (it has been sorely neglected the last couple of weeks; i’ll do a regular cleaning then “reward” my knitting efforts by indulging in a full spring cleaning fling on good friday)
  • reviewing finances (taxes are done, yippee!)
  • reading (i’m well into emily giffin’s “something borrowed,” and loving it)
  • shopping?? (i have a yearning to check out cute, spring fashions)
  • enjoying random FUN moments before march says good-bye!

tomorrow SPRING ARRIVES! what will you do to celebrate?? i am off until 4 pm. maybe i should go up to the rooftop garden and tan read…i’ve never done that so early in the year, before!

three things thursday

this is going to be the quickest blog post on the face of the universe. i may not even proofread! the only reason i am blogging is because i miss you. all of my focus is on THE BLANKET, this week (see, i am watching the clock so intently that i will not even link back to the most recent talk about THE BLANKET). the good news is that the time and effort is paying off. dare i say i am ahead of schedule? no, i musn’t. that would be a surefire jinx.

three things thursday (and five for friday, two-sday, etc) are popular blogging titles. to the best of my knowledge, i have never done three things thursday! however, i am not about to go back through the blog chronicles and verify that fact – we’ll just take my word for it.


#1 – i love peanut butter with all my heart and mind. my tiptop favourite is this one (nothing new, you’ve seen this brand before, here):

uh oh, this is the last one in my pb stash...and yes, the pb is stored beside the instant coffee - that's my cupboard organization!

in doing some reading, i have learned that ALMOND BUTTER is even better for you than pb because it is not so acidic (if i understand right). i’ve purchased almond butter in the past, but am just not crazy about it. however, for variety, i bought this almond butter – there was a $1 off coupon at valumart to sweeten the deal!

a never-tried-before brand, to me

i will eat it, but it’s just not as yummy as pb.

#2 – i would give my right arm eyeball for this tank top:

it CAUGHT MY EYE (punny!) immediately!!

it’s hanging in the window of the store ‘denim’ in uptown. [again, no linkage due to time! google if you must!]. unfortunately, it bears a price tag of $74. ouch. put this top into the “want” and not the “need” category of fashion desires. it’s totally me, though! and i already have a peach berserk top with eyeballs all over it, and i have that dress that i wore to duncan and jillian’s wedding by the same design team (desigual). anyway, i do stare at it and blow it a kiss every time i walk by.

#3 – what is it about food basics giving me opportunities for a r.a.o.k.?? on monday, i was in line to pay, and the woman ahead of me asked the checkout woman if she could have two $10 bills for a twenty. the cashier said no. she said she needed her small bills in her til for customers. well, the thought flashed through my mind that i could help out by providing two tens. sadly, i only had one in my wallet. but i would have assisted if i could have! haha, how funny would it be if 7/8 of my r.a.o.k.s all took place in food basics!?!

it is going to get to 22 degrees today!

tomorrow is the middle of the month!

this blogging break was good for my wrists!

question for if you are in a rush: peanut butter: crunchy or smooth? me = crunchy!! here’s my other favourite!

maybe i should try THEIR almond butter???

question for if you have a moment to chat: tell me the first three items of news that pop into your head starting NOW! me = i still have the urge to spring clean; i am not going drinking for st patty’s day (surprise, surprise); vfbf joanne and i are coffee cultur-ing after work – might i knit ‘n’ chat IN coffee culture?!!


window panes

it’s going to be a race to the finish, guys!

twenty squares - check!

i am doing my best, knitting as fast (fastly?!) and furious as my little fingers can go as i attempt to finish this log cabin blanket before march 23rd.

zooming in...

here’s what happens next: using black yarn, i knit the squares together in horizontal rows. then i knit vertically, joining said horizontal rows. then, i will knit four borders to frame the entire “picture.”

close up of one square - i love both the texture and the colourways of each block

so far so good! i am pleased with how the squares turned out (the uneven edges will disappear when the border knitting occurs).

the benefit of having a two story loft space! "the view from above!"

good thing i don’t need the dance floor main room floor for anything else because those squares are staying put! i don’t want to confuse the situation!

hopefully, my finished product will look like this:


now: while my deadline to finish this blanket is march 23rd, i do have some wiggle room. the quilt committee for the mcc relief sale will accept finished product after march 23rd. but, i do have to submit my paperwork (donor name, description, sizing etc) by march 23rd. i would just as soon hand over paperwork + completed blanket, all at once, so i am gunning for march 23rd!! sixteen days…eesh, this is going to be close. esp since i can’t transport the project anywhere (ex: to friday night knitting club), from this point on. and i don’t relish the idea of becoming a recluse for two plus weeks, just to knit, knit, knit…care to place any bets on how this endeavour is going to turn out?!


you know how you sometimes hear a song and it strikes you at just that moment as so very FUN?!!! well, that happened to me on monday at theOTHERstore. confession: i have always liked WHAM/george michael.


and one of my favourite songs is faith. [<- if you click that link, you can listen]. it so boppy! well, when i heard it on monday, it just gave me a *moment* of delight. appreciating and noticing these surprise pockets of happiness and FUN are what i am trying to do, this month!


totally unrelated:

do you spring clean? yesterday, i got the biggest urge to whip open the doors, air out the condo casa, and scour the joint. i didn’t. i knit instead – haha! but, with the time change this weekend, and the spring temps rolling in (high of 12 degrees today, yahoo!), i am thinking a solid day of cleaning would be FUN most satisfying, this month.

coming at you friday: the 12 days of kiki two month recap!

i love it when a plan comes together

yesterday was such a thoroughly productive day!

~ i worked at theOTHERstore from 9-5, and it was just a really pleasant shift.

~ i went over to fairview park mall after work because i am putting together a surprise for dad (it’s ok for me to say that, he knows i am working on something top secret). my plan is going to be able to come to fruition beautifully! i’ll be able to share exactly what i am organizing by next weekend, most likely. i am giddy in anticipation, already, as this idea has been years in the making!

– i also stopped at the lancôme counter at the bay, because on the website mrsjanuary, i found a coupon for a free sample:

"eclat miracle," serum of light complexion illuminator

my canadian friends, if you are not familiar with this website, bookmark it! you’ll find coupons, steals and deals, daily! [shhh, but i printed off more than one coupon as i will be back at the bay before the coupon expires on february 21st, and i’d like another sample!].

~ i then stopped in at food basics for groceries. my bill came to $23.31. i figured out that my total would have been at least $40.00, had i purchased the same items at valumart. i ♥ saving money!

~ i decided, after four mugs, that i really, really don’t like that s’bux “veranda” blend. as i was reflecting on how disappointing this blonde roast is to my taste buds, i had a brainwave! starbucks is so good at customer service, that i wondered: if i returned the eight unused/unopened pacs, (plus, i had my receipt) i bet they would swap out a roast that i really do like. since there’s no harm in asking, that’s what i did. and i was right! with no issue whatsoever, i was able to choose a 12 pac of french roast.

thanks, a.y., for your excellent customer service...and for agreeing to pose for the blog!

i had to laugh when i got up to the counter at s’bux because look at the sign that was by the til:

i beg to differ with this caitlin!

~ i went back to friday night knitting club. ok, you would not believe the topics of discussion that arose as we sat around the tables. if you think knitting club is uptight and prim, you are sorely mistaken. i won’t divulge, but let’s just say there was not a dull moment, and i had to focus on not letting my eyes become as big as saucers.

look what they have at "shall we knit?!" KNITTING TATTOOS!!! mom!!! stocking stuffer!!! please!!

i now have nine squares done for the log cabin blanket! the colourway that i am working with right now may well indeed by my favourite:

objects in photo are less pink-y than they appear!

and lastly…

~ i didn’t freak out over a computer issue! this is huge!

yesterday morning, i went to open up my gratitude excel spreadsheet and i got the spinny wheel of death for like, two minutes, then a *gong* bonk sound, and the message that there was an extreme error and my spreadsheet was unavailable and i should seek help, or some stupid thing. i tried other excel and word docs – same message. i had to go to work, so i couldn’t figure out the solution. normally, i would stew and fret all day long over something like this…what if i have lost all my documents? what if i can’t fix this issue? what if, what if??… but, i really was unconcerned all day long, and decided i’d mess around with finding a solution at the end of my day.

so i got home (after all those errands) and decided to start with shutting down and rebooting the computer. well, if that did not solve the problem! hooray! i have no clue as to what caused the friday morning computer crankies…i’m just thankful all is now well and good.

happy saturday! it’s a long weekend in ontario – family day is monday!


did you ever watch the a team on tv?


(that’s where today’s title comes from). the brother and i were allowed to watch the a team. and here’s the funny story as to why; my grade eight home room/core teacher was mrs r. i loved mrs r, but she was definitely on the wacky side a free spirit. one day, she gave a whole spiel about the benefits of watching the a team. well, i went home and recounted her reasons to my parents, and they agreed to let the brother and me watch this show every week! the a team was a bit on the violent side, if you recall, and i sincerely doubt that we would have been allowed to watch it, had it not been for mrs r’s vote of confidence!

rate your friday the 17th on a scale of 1-10. i say 8.75!

the friday night knitting club

when lisa and i last met up, she lent me her copy of the friday night knitting club, a chick lit novel by kate jacobs.


to be honest, i tried to read this book once before, a couple of years ago – i only got about 20-30 pages into it when i set it aside and moved on to something else. i don’t know if it’s because the book came to me from a friend or if my mind is just in a different place, but i picked up the friday night knitting club again last week and decided to give it another shot. this time ’round, i can’t put it down! i’m loving it! so if all continues as is, the friday night knitting club will be my book #2 for the 12 days of kiki, project #7.

also last week, i received my monthly newsletter from my local yarn shop, shall we knit. [you’ll remember that they moved from new hamburg to uptown waterloo, and are now located a mere ten minute walk from the condo casa]. as i scanned over the email, my eye was caught by this tidbit:

Knit & Chat
Every Friday night from 6:00 – 9:00 is Knit & Chat.  Everyone is welcome and we are getting to be such a big group that we are opening another room for the evening.  You have your choice of sitting in the back room on the main level or in the classroom on the second floor.  So bring your knitting and come and enjoy an evening with people who totally understand about our addiction.

the wheels of my mind were set in motion!! ok, i just started reading the friday night knitting club…i now find out i have a friday night knitting club in my ‘hood…karma says i am meant to go participate!!

so, this past friday eve, that’s exactly where i went. after a full day at theOTHERstore, an evening of social knitting sounded perfectly restful…except that it was not without a little doubt that i ventured over to shall we knit. a few what if scenarios whirled in my brain: what if no one talks to me? [hello, don’t be silly, you are chatty cathy, YOU can initiate conversation]; what if they are all a bunch of crazieseccentrics, like women who knit bandanas for cats, or something? [then you stay 30 minutes and get up and leave and never go back!]. plans in place, over i went.

i took along my current square for the log cabin blanket in malabrigos rios:


friday’s status of said square:

easy to transport, at least!

the shall we knit shop looked very inviting on a cold mild february eve!

bright and cheery!

i had such a nice evening!!!

as soon as i walked in, everyone greeted me warmly, and went around the table and made introductions. and how serendipitous – there were twelve of us (get it? 12 days of kiki!…). i loved seeing the womens’ (yes, no men present!) various yarns, projects, needles and methods of knitting! it was a totally casual, relaxed, friendly environment with interesting conversation and banter. the ages represented ranged from mid-20’s to mid-50’s – i like that diversity. my favourite line of the evening: “cashmere makes everything better!”

the room we knit in was lined with fabulous yarns – the colourful atmosphere was very creatively inspiring!

i'll take one of those balls, two of those skeins...

watchful sheep (plus i want that yarn in the background)!

i ended up staying later that i intended – that’s a sign of a successful outing, wouldn’t you say?! i do think i will plan to go back!

what are you reading right now? i’ll be on the friday night knitting club for a good while!

are you currently a member of any clubs? i am not. my lifestyle right now is not conducive to making a commitment to any sort of set schedule!