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no, no, november

before i was born, my mom was a kindergarten teacher. in that role, she acquired a slew of seasonal songs. i have very clear memories of us singing together when i was really little – like still a toddler. we had a piano in our rec room, and mom would play songs and we would both sing and i would skip and dance, back and forth (i’m having a flashback to something about two-shoes, new-shoes…).

one song that i have remembered over all these years is about november:

no, no, november, you can’t make us sad.

dark days and cold days can only make us glad.

for we remember when the november days are gone,

christmas is coming, so we’ll be happy all the day long!

in keeping with family tradition, i started singing this song each november to little e when she was thirteen months old – i’ll have to see today if she still remembers it. i bet she does! (amazing memory, that kid).

[you can be glad i do not have vlog capabilities or i would sing the song to you!]



i haven’t set any specific november goals. keeping in mind “no, no, november,” here is one idea that i am going to work on (this falls under my “personal zen” life category):

no complaining.

i’m not a huge negative nancy, but the #1 thing i whine about at this time of year is the weather and the dwindling daylight hours. so i am going to make a concerted effort to avoid speaking negatively about that subject, both on the blog and in real-life (yes, the blog can seem like a fictitious escape, sometimes). and, speaking more broadly, i am going to turn downer-thoughts into positives. this month, we will look on the bright side!

working in tandom with this idea, i saw something that gave ma an a-ha moment yesterday: blogger tina invited readers to join her in a “be thankful challenge” –  for the month of november, every day, just answer the question, “what am i thankful for today?” it can by anything, big or small, that you want to acknowledge. now, tina is a u.s. blogger, so with american thanksgiving this month, her challenge fits in with that celebration. but, any time is a good time to reflect on life’s positives, so this canadian is happy to participate!

what i will do is modify tina’s question to “yesterday, i was thankful for…” and include that statement on the blog, every day this month.

(for tuesday, november 1): yesterday, i was thankful for the fact that a close family member received positive health news, reassurance from the family doctor, and a game plan for going forward from here. [and i gave a mini-thanks when i dropped a light bulb and it didn’t break – whew!].


do you know anyone participating in movember? derek, whom i know from the store, is in again this year! my dad, on the other hand, would have to have an anti-movember strategy – maybe he could shave his ‘stache every day for the month!

[joking, dad! don’t do it! it’d freak me out too badly!]

Them Thar’s Snow Clouds

Just as I was leaving for the drive to Toronto this afternoon, it started to snow big, wet, gobby flakes. I was in such a state of “snow shock,” I didn’t think to take a photo. Typical for November, the snow spurt did not last long and had stopped by the time I hit Kitchener.

The sky sure looked menacing outside of Cambridge:

those would be snow clouds over yonder way, i do reckon

 Not two minutes later, the sky looked like this:

that's more promising!

Once arrived in Toronto, we were back to


So, today we’ve had snow, sun, rain, pellets, blops, here, there, near, far…very confusing all this up and down.

Some days are just like that.


Remember Movember?! I thought of my Movember friends when I saw this sign today:

another participant!

Too fun! I hope more of my guy friends participate next year!…or how about it, B?!


The cornmeal muffins were a grand success tonight! See here for my comments, plus those of Little E and Baby C!