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pick your holiday!

yesterday, it was…

  • family day in ontario [the fact that we have this holiday slays me as it is a day off made up by the provincial government a few years ago. so, stores, schools, banks, private industry, and municipal/provincial employees are all off…but federal services are still running (so, i can’t go grocery shopping, but my mail is delivered!). makes no sense! and there is no real reason for the holiday except to break up the span of time between christmas and easter!].
  • louis riel day in manitoba [thanks, gina, for that fyi!]
  • islander day on prince edward island [thanks, mom, for that tip!]
  • presidents’ day in the states [i was ignorant about the very existence of president’s day until going to aruba. my american friends warned never EVER to travel to aruba for president’s week because paradise the island is jam-packed with families. the only GOOD thing about all the swarms of people is that is the bingo pots are sky high – haha!].
  • also, did you know that february is: national grapefruit month; national snack food month, national sweet potato month, national cherry month, and national canned food month? ’tis true. i found out here! [would it not make more sense to declare february national chocolate month, thanks to ♥ lovey-dovey day ♥ on the 14th??].

anyway, to get back to yesterday – all i did the whole entire day was be social and drink hot beverages! it was fantastic!

in the morning, i went out to sarah’s house. sarah gave me a tour around their lovely, new home…

notice zoe the kittie peaking out from upstairs?!

…and then we went out for coffee to tim hortons. it is now roll up the rim season…and, surprise, surprise, i won a coffee!

i will be cashing that rim in for the LARGEST size possible!

in the afternoon, i met mom and dad at our uptown starbucks:

what's one more coffee in a day??!

i had to see family on family day, for sure!

in the evening, i got together with my neighbourhood + blog friend, tricia! third coffee shop of the day ->we met up at coffee culture:

tricia and i realized we have the exact same cameras!!

i was actually feeling a bit “coffee’d out,” (what a surprise, eh?!) and switched to decaf tea. it was wonderful to chat with tricia – our schedules are such that they conflict completely, normally, so it was really fun to be able to meet up – all thanks to family day!


which national food would you be most likely to celebrate? me = canned food – yes! i love all manner of tinned seafood; mushrooms; and many varieties of beans!

what was the theme of your day, yesterday? ummm, coffee?! 🙂

and sunshine! check out the spectacular day we enjoyed!

...and no wind, temps above zero

the rink in the uptown square was packed!

today it is back to reality…and less coffee!


sarah’s house

wes and sarah are building a house!

things are taking shape!

ok, ok, they aren’t doing the actual labour themselves…they are having a house built.

sarah and i knew we had to squeeze in a visit before the pace of life picks up dramatically in september. i’m increasing my work hours, and sarah (a teacher) goes back to school, so an august visit was a must!

on thursday, we started our day with a visit to the new home [love a friend who also believes that a 9:30 a.m. get-together time is sane and cool]. sarah and wes’ future neighbourhood is in a new subdivision of a town five minutes outside of the city. the move-in date is set for november!

sarah outside her house-to-be!

the view from a different angle

sarah drove me around the neighbourhood before we walked over to the new house. we had to park a couple of blocks away, because the scene outside sarah’s house is building frenzy!

lots of action going on during the day!

we couldn’t actually go into wes and sarah’s house because work was being done. it’s bricking time!

the side walls are bricked already, you may have noticed

some evening when things are quiet, i’ll tag along with wes and sarah, and go for a tour through the house. i liked what i saw from the outside! exciting times!

from sarah’s house, we went to cathy’s house

i'm very comfortable here!

like i said, sarah returns to the classroom in less than two weeks (had to add that small detail, sorry teachers!) and i have been having no problem spending money out shopping lately, so we figured a trip to the mall was a justifiable activity.

we started here:

sarah showed me something really neat that, of course, i now would like to have!

i think you'd call it a scent diffuser (?)

you plug that thing into a wall socket and insert a smelly thing:

sarah models the smelly thing...

and, voilà, beautiful scent wafts through your home! i went gaga over “salty caramel” and “leaves” (had a cinnamon base). **idea for my xmas list!**

then it was on to clothing!

don't think we actually bought anything here...

…although sarah found a COAT for $29.99! sadly, not her size.

up next:

newly reno-d location at the mall

i had been oohing over sarah’s jeans today – which happen to come from smart set! in we went, and…

they happened to be 25% off!

here’s why these are so super-awesome: there’s no button at the waist. so they look like jeans, feel like tights! that’s my kinda pant!


i tried ’em, i loved ’em, i got ’em! sarah had luck with some tops, too!

happy shoppers!

across the aisle…

here, sarah totally lucked out: she found a knit dress that is just her type of thing for only $20, and tights were 2/$15! i admired this dress…

on sale for $15

it even looked good on! but i passed it by…

as sarah was completing her purchase, my eye wandered to the nearby display…

snazzy! i'd go for that yellow/orange in a heartbeat! only $8 for 2!

we made one final stop at payless (score one more for sarah – she’ll be set for back to school!).

can't go home without a self-portrait!

that was really, really fun. ok maybe now i’m done shopping for a bit (i seem to recall saying that yesterday, didn’t i?!)

what activities mark the end of summer for you? for me, i’d say back to school shopping/fall clothes shopping, and the buskers festival – > you can still catch the acts today and tomorrow, locals!