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the friday night knitting club

when lisa and i last met up, she lent me her copy of the friday night knitting club, a chick lit novel by kate jacobs.


to be honest, i tried to read this book once before, a couple of years ago – i only got about 20-30 pages into it when i set it aside and moved on to something else. i don’t know if it’s because the book came to me from a friend or if my mind is just in a different place, but i picked up the friday night knitting club again last week and decided to give it another shot. this time ’round, i can’t put it down! i’m loving it! so if all continues as is, the friday night knitting club will be my book #2 for the 12 days of kiki, project #7.

also last week, i received my monthly newsletter from my local yarn shop, shall we knit. [you’ll remember that they moved from new hamburg to uptown waterloo, and are now located a mere ten minute walk from the condo casa]. as i scanned over the email, my eye was caught by this tidbit:

Knit & Chat
Every Friday night from 6:00 – 9:00 is Knit & Chat.  Everyone is welcome and we are getting to be such a big group that we are opening another room for the evening.  You have your choice of sitting in the back room on the main level or in the classroom on the second floor.  So bring your knitting and come and enjoy an evening with people who totally understand about our addiction.

the wheels of my mind were set in motion!! ok, i just started reading the friday night knitting club…i now find out i have a friday night knitting club in my ‘hood…karma says i am meant to go participate!!

so, this past friday eve, that’s exactly where i went. after a full day at theOTHERstore, an evening of social knitting sounded perfectly restful…except that it was not without a little doubt that i ventured over to shall we knit. a few what if scenarios whirled in my brain: what if no one talks to me? [hello, don’t be silly, you are chatty cathy, YOU can initiate conversation]; what if they are all a bunch of crazieseccentrics, like women who knit bandanas for cats, or something? [then you stay 30 minutes and get up and leave and never go back!]. plans in place, over i went.

i took along my current square for the log cabin blanket in malabrigos rios:


friday’s status of said square:

easy to transport, at least!

the shall we knit shop looked very inviting on a cold mild february eve!

bright and cheery!

i had such a nice evening!!!

as soon as i walked in, everyone greeted me warmly, and went around the table and made introductions. and how serendipitous – there were twelve of us (get it? 12 days of kiki!…). i loved seeing the womens’ (yes, no men present!) various yarns, projects, needles and methods of knitting! it was a totally casual, relaxed, friendly environment with interesting conversation and banter. the ages represented ranged from mid-20’s to mid-50’s – i like that diversity. my favourite line of the evening: “cashmere makes everything better!”

the room we knit in was lined with fabulous yarns – the colourful atmosphere was very creatively inspiring!

i'll take one of those balls, two of those skeins...

watchful sheep (plus i want that yarn in the background)!

i ended up staying later that i intended – that’s a sign of a successful outing, wouldn’t you say?! i do think i will plan to go back!

what are you reading right now? i’ll be on the friday night knitting club for a good while!

are you currently a member of any clubs? i am not. my lifestyle right now is not conducive to making a commitment to any sort of set schedule!


Yes, We Shall!

Thursday after work, I walked over to Shall We Knit. It took me less than five minutes to get there from the store. This is either very, very good or very, very bad. Time will tell.

i love stores in renovated old houses - wonderful ambiance

a front porch is wonderfully welcoming!

Shall We Knit used to be located in New Hamburg, about a 30 minute drive from my home. This location is so much more convenient. I now feel so spoiled as when I’m in Toronto, I have easy access to The Purple Purl, too. SIL Ana: you are going to drool like crazy when we visit Shall We Knit together!

Meet Karen!

shall we knit's owner

…and **DOG LOVER FRIENDS!!** – – > her sidekick, Zena!

ok, even i have to say zena is adorable!

…and you’ll laugh at this: Zena is such a ‘fraidy-cat that I had to chase her around the store to get that photo. Finally! I have met a dog who was more afraid of me than I was of it!

Right – getting back to yarn…Shall We Knit makes fine use of its house-style room divisions:

the front hall/entry is the "library"

the "main room" houses a variety of yarn weights

next we find the lace yarns and accessories

the back room's theme is sock yarns!

don't you just love all the old wood? this staircase leads upstairs...

right now the 4-5 rooms on the 2nd floor are empty; the will be made available to artisans to rent as studio space - cool! knitting classes, too!

Right, getting back to yarn…

this is allll KOIGU yarn - my all-time favourite

Koigu yarn is just amazing: hand-dyed, brightly coloured; 100% merino wool BUT the yarn is so soft that I find it ideal for baby sweaters. In fact, you can’t beat this yarn for baby sweaters. Little E and Baby C have received oodles of Koigu sweaters, and I like to give them as gifts for newborns. I made my mom TIGHTS out of this yarn, too! (I should see if I can get her to dig them up so we can get a photo some day – they’re pretty rocking).

a colourful wall of skeins like this makes my creative energy soar!

yet another brand i've enjoyed working with - i made little e a lady-bug themed sweater out of this yarn

*sigh* – I did not leave empty handed. Quelle surprise. Here’s the explanation:

When I finish this baby blanket

(and I will – it’s a June Goal to do so!), I will still have two balls of yarn left over. Four balls is just the ideal amount for a baby blanket. So I wanted to pick up two more skeins, different colourway, and I will do a blanket with two rows x dye lot, two rows y dye lot, alternating.

all very colourful...

the ball on the bottom is the colour i already have - above, the two options i considered

Which one would you choose?! Tough decision – I’m taking a gamble on how two colourways will look when combined. Just like with a recipe invention: could be divine or could be a spectacular failure! I’m going for funky – time will tell.

Here’s what that next blanket will be composed of, then:

i chose the green-based option

SIL Ana is making a baby blanket right now from a pattern I am itching to try. I will get it from her, and modify the size to suit this Noro yarn.

Now, to just finish the current one, first! [I need to up my cr@p tv viewing and knit knit knit away...]

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

I received my new passport in the mail this week!

i keep my passport in with the computer paper! just another kiki-quirk!...

turning my unfortunate passport photo into an actual passport did nothing to improve it...

Watch out, U.S. friends! If you are in the vicinity of 1) Trader Joe’s 2) Whole Foods 3) Target 4) a shopping mall of any significance and/or if you live in a “sunshine-y state,” you just might find a certain Canadian blog buddy on your doorstep, some day.

this is actually aruba, but a palm tree is a palm tree is my natural habitat; what i wouldn't give to have a palm tree outside my front door!

What store near you is the most alluring/where you have the least amount of resistance when it comes to shopping? Haha, I’m actually super-tempted a lot at the store, and practice a lot of restraint! If I didn’t, I’d quite easily have no paycheque!

Where would you live if you could just up and move? In my ideal world, I’d live in Canada six months of the year, the States five months and Aruba one month.