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you can put the words right into my mouth








in other news, i did make it over to michael’s yesterday, but walked out empty handed. not enough balls of the same dye lots for the yarns i wanted. too bad. i guess my gift card will continue to burn a hole in my pocket. but!!! i was able to do a BONUS r.a.o.k.!!! when i realized i would not be spending my “boxing day, 25% off your entire purchase including sale items” coupon, i gave it to a nearby woman who was holding several items – she had no coupon! how jolly!

then i went to chapters and got my 2013 desktop agenda for 50% off:

my g'ma and g'pa (the g'ma that passed away this fall) actually HAD a yellow camper van when we were little!

my g’ma and g’pa I. actually HAD a yellow camper van when we were little!

my hippie-dippie nostalgic trend of lovin’ all things 70s will continue into the new year!

happy thursday!

one week, a second perfect day

so, in my last blog post, i told you about wonderful wednesday. well, yesterday turned out to be spectacular saturday!

it’s really funny how things work out as they are meant to be. originally, i had booked yesterday off from the store because i was planning to spend the day in toronto, and then participate in a fun event in the eve. well, as this past week went on, i kept getting the vibe that i should deviate from my intended itinerary – so i did! and i could not have asked for a more joyous saturday than yesterday!

to start, i finished off my latest knitting project at the ripe hour of 6:18 a.m.:

the orange baby blanket! i’ll show you a full view after i block it. still have tons of yarn left over, i’m passing it to mom to use for HER knitting projects!

then, i went for a run. i tried a new route.  i g-map‘d a neat-o course, then sharpied the directions onto my hand:

who needs a garmin?! [oops, i probably shouldn’t say that given as i sell those gps devices!…]

actually, garmins truly are great training tools, it’s just that tracking distance/time/pace is not my approach, and after 22 years of running, i can tell when i am going slow/steady/fast. [sidenote: windex takes sharpie-marker off of skin very well].

i had barely started off when my running friend val and her husband caught up to me – so fun to wish each other good running, and that cheery chance meet-up set the tone to my outing.

here is a post-finish photo:

uncombed hair, 20 year old LIFA top, shorts that are losing their elastic, yup i am a real fashion plate…at least the compression socks are in good shape!

oh – and could the weather yesterday have been any more gorgeous?

view from the condo casa window

the only thing is that an autumn feel is most definitely in the air….

next, i went in to play at the store for three hours. like i said, i was supposed to be off, but since we were a bit short-staffed and i wasn’t going anywhere anyway, it was just fine with me to spend some time working with manager paul and being social.

there is the cutest new coffee shop right across from the store: café 22. the proprietor, asha, used to work at the nougat bakery in kitchener, and now has opened her own establishment:

the lovely asha!

the decor is beautiful!

i encourage you to pay café 22 a visit if you are in the ‘hood. mom and dad and i had a lovely time!

right next door to the café is o.w. sports, and they happened to have some items out on their sidewalk, marked 50% off:

a spur-of-the-moment $22 treat, this billabong hoodie came home with me!

that’s a lot o’f fun in a day. but wait, there’s more!

in the eve, seagram stadium (a short stroll away) was the site of an invitational tattoo.

a gathering of marching bands!

what a gorgeous evening to be out-of-doors!

ahhh….my type a soul revelled in the precise marching formations, staccato beats, and 4/4 time of the music:

exhibit a!

exhibit b!

seagram stadium was packed with a huge audience – it was fun to people-watch!

i hope YOU enjoyed a busy + happy saturday, too!


best wishes to the endurrun-ners this morning! they are finishing off their weeklong adventure with a mere…marathon!

the main july project – revealed!

as you saw in yesterday’s photos, i have been having a real blast so far, this month. have i ever happened to mention that i ♥ summer?!


from july 1-22, i had one main focus that received more attention than coffee outings, movies, and shopping. while manager paul and annette enjoyed three weeks of sights such as this…


and this…


…i got to be the acting manager at the store!

see, this is (partly/mostly) why i did not want to feel any *pressure* to blog this month: i wanted to able to focus on my responsibilities and embrace this career opportunity. [ok, i also wanted to just run around (literally and figuratively) and be social and read smutty novels on the rooftop, that is true].

so how did the job go?

quite simply, i loved it.

some days were frantically busy: for example, one shift, i had to ship out all of our nike track and field spikes -> it ended up being ten boxes worth of product…and then that same day i received IN to the store nine boxes of three NEW shoe styles; that day flew by, i can tell you that. i completed tasks associated with merchandising (new swimwear and compression sock displays!), clinics (evaluations reminded me of doing report cards in my teaching days)…and, of course, customer interactions and transactions!

i did not miss blogging because i got to write creatively as part of my managerial duties: each tuesday, we send out an email to our run club members, so i wrote that newsy update each week. i also sent out a staff email every thursday. it was fun to have a focus for these emails, yet have the freedom to write in my own style (i think my blog voice might have carried over to these weekly updates!).

another highlight was co-ordinating the 20 minute challenge event for our store on july 18th:

some of the participants – photo courtesy of my friend (and blog reader) sue!

we had more participants than anticipated, the weather was divine (sunny and warm) and everyone seemed to have a good time (free hats and snacks always make people happy!).

paul returned to work on monday of this week, so now i am back to being the assistant manager – and back to working my regular monday and friday shifts at theOTHERstore. i so enjoyed the manager opportunity!

ok, this blog post just took me eons to write -> i have severely lost my blogging voice and touch. whew! i need more blogcation time. i shall see you again on thursday, august 9th for the next kikiproject update!

please share a july highlight! although i must say that thanks to visiting with my real-life friends, and blog-commenting with my blog-friends, i do feel in touch with a lot of you!

new balance party!

some people get all hyped up in anticipation of a NASCARtv-watching party or a wine-and-cheese-tasting soirée. moi? invite me to a running-themed get-together, and i am grinning from ear to ear and bouncing on my toes.

this past wednesday, new balance hosted an information event for staff at the store, theOTHERstore, and yetANOTHERstore! i rearranged the aunti wednesday schedule a little so that i could be in attendance.

i had two super-secret wishes, going into the evening.  number one: i was really hoping new balance would bring in this celebrity runner for a special guest appearance – after all, he trains just down the road in guelph:

sadly, reid was a no-show

hmmm, you’d think the guy was busy prepariing for the olympics or something…i really would like an updated photo, though!

dream #2: to go home with a pair of new balance shoes (rumour had it there would be a  free draw happening…).

in order to better my chances of having goal #2 actually occur, i sucked up big time got into the spirit of the evening:

i dug this ancient tshirt out of the depths of my closet: i know i kept it because it is ORANGE!

we had a chance to view some of the NB shoes before our evening officially started:

me and my bosses, haha! manager paul and manager nicole! and bright shoes!

our host for the evening was dave from new balance:


dave was awesome – his presentation to us was informative yet fun at the same time. dave gave a power point presentation that included some videos and also allowed for some interaction from us.

we learned some nb history, product info, and got the inside scoop on what is coming up!…

we talked quite a bit about minimalist footwear since that is the huge trend, right now (we just got the new balance minimus [zero drop heel], road version, into our local stores). i will share with you what dave told us about good running form in minimalist footwear – you want to focus on these four key points:

  • posture (i need to work on shoulders back!)
  • midfoot strike (as opposed to slamming your heel)
  • cadence (3 steps per second)
  • lean (slightly forward! stand tall!)

by improving your form in each of these categories, you will help prevent injury and enjoy a more positive running experience.

i must say i feel a lot more confident in my knowledge about the different models of new balance shoes and the numbering system used to classify them. dave gave us a great line in reference to the new balance shoes that could be called an everyday training shoe – they’re the “dude, i just wanna run!” type shoes!

next, it was time for the draws (shoes and clothing)!

who will it be, who will it be??

not me, that’s who! luck was not on my side, this evening [maybe that was karma biting me back for this post where i gave my impression of the new balance 890V2 – cringe!]. i’m super happy for nicole, though – she won an item of clothing of her choice!

no party is complete without:

a party favour!

party treats!

many, many thanks to new balance and the store for organizing this event! i had a wonderful time!

and – you were expecting this, i know – i now have my sights set on adding the minimus – and/or the 1400? – to my footwear collection….

the 1400 (mens version) – good for racing!


30 day photography challenge:

day #24: animal

our official picture:

just how i like my four legged-creatures: safely behind a protective barrier!

i took a tour through the waterloo park animal area for today’s photos. meet one of the llamas:

liking the chain-link border effect for today’s pics!

here is sandy’s companion:

the runner-up photo of the day…would have been the #1 shot, but he wouldn’t turn around!

if we had a sign category for this photography challenge project, here is what would receive my vote:

you don’t have to tell me twice!

that sign reminds me of the time in moab, utah when we saw the admonition, “parents control your children” sign and laughed about that for years!

i like visiting the waterloo park zoo very much…now if they could just build an expansive sanctuary for all the roaming geese – there is poop everywhere!

coming up tomorrow: we are back to a colour photography assignment!…

i wanted to want this shoe!

this past week, we got a snazzy new shoe in at the store:

for men…

…and for women…

meet the special canadian edition of the new balance 890V2!!

it’s pretty exciting to be able to offer this shoe – new balance has committed to donating 15% of net sales of this model to supporting our olympic athletes.

reid coolsaet – he will be representing canada at the olympics this summer in the marathon!!

[remember when i met reid? haha, sorry, i know i post that link a lot, but it was just too terribly exciting an experience!!].

i ♥ special edition shoes. yes, i fall for the marketing ploys very easily. but don’t you agree this shoes look great?!

i wore these 890s for an hour in order to see how they felt.

view from the top…

A+ for looks!

unfortunately, in typical nb fashion, they felt as hard as rocks and as flat as pancakes light and minimally cushioned. (and there goes any hope i ever have of getting sponsored by new balance…). [please note, as always, opinions expressed are my own and nb did not ask me to review this shoe!]. following the trend of designing shoes with a more minimalist feel, the 890Vs has a heel height of 8mm (as opposed to 12 mm) and i really felt a pronounced drop under the toes. the shoe feels quite low to the ground, as a result.

however, to each their own, and if you are a new balance fan and are looking for a light, neutral special edition 890, give this shoe a whirl!!!

so, as much as i would love to support our canadian marathoners by purchasing this shoe, i will refrain. but i will be eagerly watching the olympic marathon, come race day! mom and dad -> consider your tv booked NOW!



[aren’tcha glad i am not going to talk about #1 or #2…sorry, bathroom humour never gets old…kinda like jokes about nuts and balls].

since i have been wearing my pink CEP and my black CW-X compression socks non-stop (to work, to run, to shop, to lie around on the floor…) i decided that i desperately needed wanted to add a third pair to the sock rotation. i am telling you, summer 2012 is going to go down as the year of the knee sock.

white was most definitely the colour to get in order to enable fashionable co-ordination with outfits. i thought i’d try yet a different brand of compression sock, just to be fun. i narrowed my choices down to two options:

sugoi on the L and asics on the R

after giving each sock a try-on, i went with…

the asics kinsei compression sock!

they fit tighter than the sugoi sock – that was the deciding factor because both brands were very comfortable.

my impression after one week of wearing the asics: this sock is the least compression-y of the three brands. but i do like how the different colours highlight the changes in design, and fabric strength and weave. these retail for $49.99 [i did pay less, thanks to my employee discount] which places them at the mid-range price for compression socks. [here is my honest, professional advice if you are considering compression socks: make the financial commitment/investment and go for the top-of-the-line CEP socks. the extra money is worth it because when you are wearing the CEPs, you can totally feel the support].

i am going to really try to stop buying compression socks now. oooo, but did you know that you can also buy compression CALF SLEEVES -> just like socks, except there is no foot. so you can wear them with any sock. we carry adidas and saucony at the stores…so so tempting!…

if you were going to be sponsored, which company would you be proud to wear and promote? i have a whole list!

  • shoes: brooks or nike
  • apparel: lululemon
  • food: nature’s path or kellogg’s cereals; egg farmers of ontario; diet coke
  • massage therapy: anyone. ANYONE. anyone????!


30 day photo challenge: day #2 = what i wore today yesterday

[since i post my blog entries first thing i the morning, i am sharing what i wore yesterday].

this type of self-portrait IS a challenge to fit in the head-to-toe dimensions – this shot was take #3!

  • three pairs of silver hoop earrings, timex watch, brown hair clip, necklace with orange pendant,
  • white nike tech shirt
  • red staff shirt for the store
  • black MEC tights
  • wigwam brand ankle socks
  • *neon* nike free running shoes

this ensemble represents a pretty standard day!

a day of awesomeness

it’s not my usual blogging style to write a “here’s what i did yesterday“-type entry; however, we’re going to venture into that journalistic territory today because i really want to share my tuesday with you.

do you ever have one of those days that just seems too good to be true? that was my tuesday. by the time the evening rolled around, i was craning my neck out the window, trying to spot the lucky star (or flock of cardinals?!) that i was sure must be hanging over my head.

my “good karma” bird

[don’t worry, i do not live with a horseshoe up my a$$; one day last week, i endured a pretty craptastic evening at work that soured my entire day – happens to us all, eh?].

let’s go through tuesday’s events in chronological time order…

~ i worked at the store from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. during the first six hours of my shift, i was able to: organize the month-end paperwork for our home office package; write the weekly run club email; transfer out a ton of shoes; unpack a ginormous box of new product; complete a markdown report; do a spot audit for inventory purposes – oh, and assist customers with their purchases! it was so satisfying to get so much accomplished. during the last hour, a girl who i had not seen since we ran together with “tri city track” eons ago came in – it was fun to catch up with her!

~ i received a performance evaluation that filled my ♥ with joy.

~ tuesday’s blog post introduced the great may grocery challenge, and it was so much fun reading your responses and comments! one of the best parts about blogging is visiting back and forth. i do hope some of you play along with tracking your grocery expenses, too, and we can all compare notes at the end of the month.

~ i received a phone message from a member of the mcc quilt committee. the kind lady wanted to let me know that my blanket was selected to be part of the quilt display on from now until the end of the month at the joseph schneider haus in kitchener.

log cabin blanket

~ after work, it was time for errands. first stop: the library. finally, i was able to snag emily giffin’s “something blue” after a few weeks where it was already signed out every time i checked for it [reading something blue makes for my third e.g. read in a row! i’m enjoying her style very much].

~ then, it was on to valumart. i got the grocery challenge off on the right foot by taking advantage of a number of super deals, for example:

  • tin of tuna – $1!
  • salad dressing – $1!
  • chicken pot pie – $1!
  • lettuce – $1!

i spent $18 and change, and had a good haul of items to bring home.

~ as i walked into my building, i ran into (not literally) my superintendent. he asked me, “i think it was you who left a NIKE cardboard box in the recycling room??” i thought, uh oh…guilty as charged. [background details: a couple weeks ago, at theOTHERstore, i took all of the cardboard boxes out back to the recycling receptacle. there was one box –  the NIKE one – that i just could not cram in nor break down…so i brought it home with me to *hide* in the building recycling bin]. super doug continued: “i have to tell you that i saved the box because it is absolutely perfect for using when we wax the floors. what a great find!” whew! (while i am tempted to count this positive outcome as a r.a.o.k., i will not!).

~ up in the condo casa, i attacked a to do list as long as my arm. i was determined to pull an erv and get everything checked off, tickety-boo. after a couple hours, my list was complete except for one last thing: make more recyclable bags for the compost bin. i didn’t really feel like doing this task, but decided to get it over with. i trotted down to the recycling room to get the needed newspaper. as i entered the garbage room, an item on the dumping shelf lending library shelf caught my eye:

one dozen brand new golf balls!

i scooped these up for dad! too funny: if i had not gone down to get the newsprint tuesday eve, i am sure the golf balls would have been gone by morning. i bet dad will get a hole-in-one when he uses these lucky-find golf balls!

and then i enjoyed a good sleep!

what’s one activity, moment, blessing, *coincidence* that RAWKED (as my friend derek would say!) for you, this week, thus far? hopefully, sharing good karma begets good karma!

today i am going on an outing with dad, and we are going to pursue something that i had hoped would be a new experience LAST year! [no, it is not a hot yoga session.]…i’ll fill you in tomorrow because i am not sure if we are going to succeed on our mission, or not!

officially goofy

do you remember seeing those ads that used to run on tv where a hyper, unseen announcer would thrust a microphone in front of an ecstatic, celebrity athlete and bellow, “troy aikman! you just won the super bowl! what are you going to do next??!!” and the practically incoherent mega-superstar would yell, bug-eyed, “I’M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!” before continuing on with his victory arm-pumps and man-hugs with his equally-frenzied team-mates?

well, my current level of excitement is right on par with these guys. cuz…guess who is going to celebrate her birthday next january in disney? me, yes, me!!


here’s the backstory:

the first time i ever heard of goofy’s race and a half challenge was the first winter i worked at the store. janice came in to the wednesday eve run club one cold, winter night with three rockin’ huge medals dangling from her neck – she was freshly returned from completing the goofy. we all ooh-ed and aah-ed over the super-cute hardware, and i was all ears as janice described her weekend of fun down at disney. i made a note to self: add this travel adventure to my life bucket list.

fast-forward to this past november, or so. various friends at the store started discussing disney 2013 and how a group trip was in the making. a facebook page was established, and i joined, just to stay in the loop as i debated whether i could make a visit to disney a reality for january 2013.

[tangent: typing this post, i sometimes feel like i am composing another april fool’s joke -> but, trust me, this plan is for real!]

i debated the pros and cons, my mind veering from YIPPEE thoughts to the YIKES. on the plus side:

  • a travel opportunity that is not too expensive nor too long in duration
  • a travel opportunity with a group of people i know and like
  • a travel opportunity to florida, my natural habitat, a state i love and adore
  • a travel opportunity that involves running
  • a travel opportunity on the weekend after my birthday
  • a quick get-away escape from january in canada
  • a chance to see all of disney’s parks
  • a chance to train for a specific event: disney is also about the journey, not just the destination
  • MEDALS!! a TSHIRT!!! LAUGHTER-FILLED FUN TIMES!!! (i am not joking when i say these are my three primary goals of completing the goofy)

the potential downsides all included hypothetical what if’s:

  • what if training doesn’t go as planned?
  • what if the weather is horrible that weekend?
  • what if there are flight delays, hotel snafus, race kit pickup blunders??…
  • etc

as you can see, the negatives are largely things beyond my control. (for training, i plan to be smart and do my best). still, i wasn’t 100% sure about disney…i askedvarious friends and family members for their input (thumbs up!), then decided to wait for karma to work its magic (after all, isn’t magic a major disney theme?!) and wait for *a sign.*

easter sunday eve, i got home from our family celebration and found an email:

“time to sign up there girl. come aboard. you can room with c and me.”

bingo. right then and there i made up my mind to just do it. life is too short to be worried by what if’s.

disney registration opened last week, and last monday eve (monday april 9th -> 9th day of the month = birthday date = good karma), i signed myself up.


i’m going to disney and i’m going to be goofy!!

show me the bliiiiiinnnnggg!!!


have you ever been to disney (in florida)? my one and only visit was our family vacation when i was nine/in grade three. this was pre-epcot, even!

photos from my album - we hit disney during a cold spell, back in 1979!

i am appreciative of any tips, websites, must-see disney places that you can recommend! at this point, i most want to see cinderella’s castle, again – haha!!

[sidenote: i have planned a number of running-related blog posts for the remaining days of the blogging from a-z april challenge; however, this blog is not about to turn into a training log book – that’s not my style! for example, you may or may not hear about disney again until i do up the race report next january!].

i love it when i’m right

please pardon the more-than-slightly obnoxious title for today’s post. but it’s an entirely true and accurate statement for today’s main story!

remember back here when i gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to the new redesign of the runner’s world shoe finder? i loved how the new yes/no q & a chart suggests a wider range of running shoe options:

(you can now find that flowchart online here, at the runner’s world website; at the time of my initial mention, the chart was not available online).

back in february i posed the question of whether the store would follow suit and revamp our colour-coded shoe wall:

an example of our old shoe tags - yellow tags defined our neutral/cushioned shoe category (blue was for stability shoes and red tags indicated motion control shoes)

honestly, i had an inkling [which i expressed to manager paul – i have a witness!] that at some point in the near future, we would be seeing a shoe wall overhaul.

on friday, i was proven RIGHT!! we received brand new tags for our shoe wall…

all tags are now BLACK!

i absolutely am 100% thrilled with this shoe wall redesign! the all-black tags make the wall look clean and more professional:

the view from afar!

here’s a close-up of a new tag:

we'll put the spotlight on the women's mizuno wave inspire 8!

under the old system, this shoe would have had a blue (stability) tag. if you take a peak at the right hand side, above the price (U.S. friends, i am betting this shoe costs a lot less for you) you will see three blurry words:

  • cushioning
  • stability
  • weight

each shoe receives a rating of 1-5 for each of those categories:

for cushioning, a 1 would be a shoe with very little cushioning (like track spikes or vibrams) while a 5 would be the ultimate in softness and comfort (like an asics nimbus or a nike vomero).

for stability, a neutral (yellow tag) shoe is a 1 or 2, while a 3 or 4 indicates a stability (blue tag) shoe, and a 5 designates a motion control (red tag) shoe.

for weight, our resident experts weighed a men’s size 9 shoe; if the shoe was over 11 ounces, it’s got a ranking of 5, 10-11 ounces is a ranking of 4, 9-10 ounces equals a 3, 7-9 ounces is a 2, and less than 7 ounces is a 1.[glad they figured that out for us!].

let's look at the saucony triumph 9 - the upper-end neutral shoe from saucony

in this example, you can see that the triumph 9 gets a rating of FIVE for cushioning (as a more expensive shoe, you are getting more cushioning, better quality cushioning, so the five rating makes total sense), ONE for stability (it is a neutral shoe so there is no reinforcement through the arch, at all). and FOUR for weight (saucony shoes are not known for their lightness).

compare the triumph 9 to the nike free!…

ah, the nike free run 2...can you believe i still do not own you, beautiful shoe that you are with those fantastically awesome colours!!!

look how much less cushioned (only a TWO rating) and LIGHT it is! that’s a minimalist shoe for you!

so, like i said, i am totally pumped to work with this new system. and i am thumping my chest that i saw it coming!


here’s another thing i was right about: the impactful effect of starbucks coffee on my system. it’s now been ten days since my last cup of starbucks via coffee, and i have had not one moment of where the WHEEEEEEE!!! feeling of a coffee jolt has turned into more of an EEEEEKK over-the-top case of the jitters and/or anxiety. taster’s choice instant, i am sticking with you. starbucks, i will enjoy you in-store – as a decaf! – but via pacs, you are not coming home with me any more!


remember when i went to carrie’s book launch for the juliet stories? the toronto globe and mail reviewed her novel-in-stories (here is that review) in this past saturday’s newspaper. national exposure like this is a major achievement! way to go, carrie! (acclaim for a neighbourhood + mennonite author – we like that).


how did you choose your current pair of running shoes? of course, i am hoping you will say you shopped at a specialty running store…and i will grin even more widely if it was a certain running store!

canadians: have you won a coffee yet at tim horton’s for roll up the rim? i am 1/1 but i have yet to cash in my free coffee – timmie’s is not as convenient as s’bux for me to get to!

did you remember to turn your clocks ahead? yes – i sprung ahead early saturday eve (i am always paranoid i will forget). so, i went to bed an hour earlier than usual…and could not fall asleep. so i lost an hour sleep, anyway!


oftentimes, the week after a holiday monday draaaags by at a snail’s pace. not so, this week!

thursday and friday were each eleven hour work days, split up between the store and theOTHERstore. i genuinely don’t mind that type of schedule because with a break in between shifts and/or a switch of locations, it really splits up the day/eve nicely.

two things:

first, the spring clothing lines are juuuuust starting to arrive! last week, we received…

spring jackets from the rfc (run for the cure) line!

love the detailing on the back!

...and from our in-store clothing line - a turquoise half zip! (there is also a spring jacket that co-ordinates)

now, we just need some SHORTS!

i love when these bright and fresh spring items start arriving – it’s a reminder that march/warmer weather is around the bay around the corner. [sidenote: around the bay is a big race at the end of march, in hamilton; it also signals the change of seasons!].

second: i was going to be oh-so-smart – > all day thursday, the radio announcers kept reiterating that we were going to have a huge! snow! storm! on friday, with 10-15 cm of snow. so i thought it’d be cool to have a before and after photo of the same scene but with drastically different weather conditions. i snapped this photo on thursday at 5:30 p.m.:

exhibit A...

…that scene then looked like this on friday morning at 8 a.m.!

um...where's the heaps of snow?!

and that was the worst of it! now, the day was not nice, yesterday – in fact by last night, the winds were monstrous gusts – but it was definitely bearable! winter, the clock is running out on you!

what signals the arrival of spring for you? roll up the rim, maybe?!! spring training for baseball? *that smell* in the air??!

happy weekend!

i love it when a plan comes together

yesterday was such a thoroughly productive day!

~ i worked at theOTHERstore from 9-5, and it was just a really pleasant shift.

~ i went over to fairview park mall after work because i am putting together a surprise for dad (it’s ok for me to say that, he knows i am working on something top secret). my plan is going to be able to come to fruition beautifully! i’ll be able to share exactly what i am organizing by next weekend, most likely. i am giddy in anticipation, already, as this idea has been years in the making!

– i also stopped at the lancôme counter at the bay, because on the website mrsjanuary, i found a coupon for a free sample:

"eclat miracle," serum of light complexion illuminator

my canadian friends, if you are not familiar with this website, bookmark it! you’ll find coupons, steals and deals, daily! [shhh, but i printed off more than one coupon as i will be back at the bay before the coupon expires on february 21st, and i’d like another sample!].

~ i then stopped in at food basics for groceries. my bill came to $23.31. i figured out that my total would have been at least $40.00, had i purchased the same items at valumart. i ♥ saving money!

~ i decided, after four mugs, that i really, really don’t like that s’bux “veranda” blend. as i was reflecting on how disappointing this blonde roast is to my taste buds, i had a brainwave! starbucks is so good at customer service, that i wondered: if i returned the eight unused/unopened pacs, (plus, i had my receipt) i bet they would swap out a roast that i really do like. since there’s no harm in asking, that’s what i did. and i was right! with no issue whatsoever, i was able to choose a 12 pac of french roast.

thanks, a.y., for your excellent customer service...and for agreeing to pose for the blog!

i had to laugh when i got up to the counter at s’bux because look at the sign that was by the til:

i beg to differ with this caitlin!

~ i went back to friday night knitting club. ok, you would not believe the topics of discussion that arose as we sat around the tables. if you think knitting club is uptight and prim, you are sorely mistaken. i won’t divulge, but let’s just say there was not a dull moment, and i had to focus on not letting my eyes become as big as saucers.

look what they have at "shall we knit?!" KNITTING TATTOOS!!! mom!!! stocking stuffer!!! please!!

i now have nine squares done for the log cabin blanket! the colourway that i am working with right now may well indeed by my favourite:

objects in photo are less pink-y than they appear!

and lastly…

~ i didn’t freak out over a computer issue! this is huge!

yesterday morning, i went to open up my gratitude excel spreadsheet and i got the spinny wheel of death for like, two minutes, then a *gong* bonk sound, and the message that there was an extreme error and my spreadsheet was unavailable and i should seek help, or some stupid thing. i tried other excel and word docs – same message. i had to go to work, so i couldn’t figure out the solution. normally, i would stew and fret all day long over something like this…what if i have lost all my documents? what if i can’t fix this issue? what if, what if??… but, i really was unconcerned all day long, and decided i’d mess around with finding a solution at the end of my day.

so i got home (after all those errands) and decided to start with shutting down and rebooting the computer. well, if that did not solve the problem! hooray! i have no clue as to what caused the friday morning computer crankies…i’m just thankful all is now well and good.

happy saturday! it’s a long weekend in ontario – family day is monday!


did you ever watch the a team on tv?


(that’s where today’s title comes from). the brother and i were allowed to watch the a team. and here’s the funny story as to why; my grade eight home room/core teacher was mrs r. i loved mrs r, but she was definitely on the wacky side a free spirit. one day, she gave a whole spiel about the benefits of watching the a team. well, i went home and recounted her reasons to my parents, and they agreed to let the brother and me watch this show every week! the a team was a bit on the violent side, if you recall, and i sincerely doubt that we would have been allowed to watch it, had it not been for mrs r’s vote of confidence!

rate your friday the 17th on a scale of 1-10. i say 8.75!