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and thus endeth my yoga interlude

my yoga groupon at fearless heart yoga expired as of yesterday.

[i thought i better refrain from yet another snookie “wah” photo insert – enough already, agreed?!].

i attended 10-12 classes during my month-long membership. for $40, that works out to <$4 per class which is amazing. [if you pay-by-the-class, it’s about $20 per session at each of the local yoga studios].

as much as i have embraced, enthused over, become enraptured with, and enjoyed the yoga classes, i won’t be renewing my membership. my work schedule combined with the new fall class schedule at fearless heart don’t mesh too well. in the past two weeks, i have only attended one class per week (the 30 minute lunchtime express on tuesdays).

yesterday, i made it a priority to go to the 7:30 p.m. “yoga for non yogis” class. how very full-circle that my first yoga class this summer was also with instructor lindsay!

i seriously have offered to buy that madonna t from lindsay - love it!

me and lindsay before last night's class. it makes me laugh to wear my jersey shore t to yoga!

class was totally awesome. i exited with noodle-y hips and an upward-facing heart.

looking forward, however, i wouldn’t be able to attend thursday evenings on any sort of a regular basis: i work monday and tuesday eves, wednesdays i am in toronto. thursday, then, is really the best evening for getting together with friends.

up until the end of august, fearless heart offered a friday at 5:30 p.m. class and a sunday at 7:30 p.m. class – those worked nicely. but now since i work at theOTHERstore on fridays, i would not be back in waterloo in time for 5:30 p.m….so that would be a no-go, anyhow.

without a groupon deal, the monthly yoga pass is $90. [and fearless heart is the least expensive studio i have researched]. i just can’t justify spending that amount of money on 6-8 yoga classes per month – esp when the one i would go to consistently is only 30 minutes in length.

if you recall, one of my september goals was to spend time on my yoga mat at home. and i did! once!

yes, there are a few!

golly, yoga at home is so hard! i’m not inspired to bring out my mat (even with motivating tunes in the background – i’ve discovered i like a side of music with my yoga!), my mind wanders and i think about my to do list, and i just want to finish up. not good! not zen!

maybe a laughing buddha beside me would help??!

i’ve brainstormed some solutions. here’s what i have…and why they won’t work:

  • download free yoga workouts from itunes or free online sites: this form of yoga does not address my need for a social setting, and personal cuing from a real, live instructor
  • use my own yoga dvd (i have a david swenson one) or follow my david swenson book: see reasoning, above
  • make up my own routines: if i start small – tell myself i’m only spending 10 minutes on the mat, and do sun salutations and legs up the wall, for example, maybe i’ll have success?

here is an alternative solution i have come up with:

  • get a two week trial pass at moksha yoga ($30 introductory pass for two weeks of classes) [yes, i was not really get hyped after my first class, but i think this yoga deserves a couple more chances]
  • get a two week trial pass at bikram yoga ($30 for two weeks, unlimited) [the moksha and bikram studios offer more classes at more times during the day and evening than fearless heart]
  • use up the two passes i have accumulated for a free trial week at two local gyms that each offer yoga

haha, guess what…through the process of typing out my thoughts, i experienced an a-ha moment: if it’s important enough to me, i’ll make the yoga happen.

authored by a very respected and renowned yogi

any suggestions of ideas for me on how to keep yoga in my life (at least a teensy bit)?? i am all ears!

if you do yoga, what works for you? i’m still all ears!

first moksha yoga experience + first day

technically, i could include my labour day monday moksha yoga outing as a new experience. but i’m not going to. you’ll see why in the next bit.
i had a free pass for the waterloo moksha yoga location.


since fearless heart yoga did not have any classes on the holiday, i thought it was the perfect opp to try out moksha. i’ve been wanting to go all year!
i attended the 60 minute class at 12 noon.
here are my impressions:
the positives~
  1. the heat! moksha yoga is done in a very very very hot room. like sauna hot. by the end of the class, i was dripping, sopping wet. this was not an issue because i love heat, and do not have problems with being hot and sweaty.
  2. there is absolutely no talking in the yoga room. you enter, and you are silent. this atmosphere supports the inward focus of yoga. only the instructor spoke as she guided us through our practice.
  3. you cannot be late! signs warn that you will be denied entry to class if you arrive late. i like hard-ass rules like this.
  4. the location: i can walk to the waterloo moksha yoga spot in precisely 10 minutes.


the downfalls~
  1. the class i attended did not feel like a yoga class, but more like a one hour stretching class. where were the sun salutations? we did none! it’s ingrained in my mind that you start yoga with sun salutes, and i really missed this integral yoga posture.
  2. the class was very easy. the heat was the only intense part of the practice. the moves were very basic – and i am not an advanced yogi by any stretch. and my least favourite pose, savasana, the one i grit my teeth and endure tolerate to end a yoga class, well – we did savasana in the beginning of the class, twice in the middle, and at the end. savasana overload!!
  3. i found the class atmosphere to be very impersonal. despite the fact that this was the largest yoga class i have ever attended (i’d guesstimate that there were 30-40 participants) there was no sense of being in this all together or camaraderie. might i even say it felt cold – quite the contrast to the physical temperature!
  4. the instructor was nothing to write home about – she was almost robotic. not sure she has yoga in her soul, know what i mean?

i was really disappointed because i truly wanted to love moksha yoga! now, i may give it another try: for $30, you can get a two week all-the-yoga-you-can-do pass (for first time members) so perhaps i can try that (???)…or maybe i’ll just move on to bikram…now that for sure i will write up as a new experience!


any outings or events of late with which you were disappointed? i don’t mind being disappointed when i don’t have to pay – but i get annoyed if i *waste* my money on a less-than-stellar experience.


i’m in trou-ble!!!

i enjoyed a truly marvelous first day down at theOTHERstore yesterday. i unpacked and merchandised the new fall line of run for the cure clothing, re-arranged and found space for tons of fuelbelt product, and socialized with a fairly steady stream of customers. i had two customers plus the purolator guy say, “aren’t you usually up at the OTHER store??” people are observant!

i had been a bit concerned about the commute because i need to take both the expressway and fairway road to get to theOTHERstore. my worries were completely unfounded: even at 8:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. – prime rush hour traffic times – it only took me 12 minutes there and 15 minutes back to make the drive. i am going in the opposite direction from the main flow which is very nice!

so….not all of our stores carry the same stock. look what is at theOTHERstore:


special CANADIAN edition saucony kinvaras - see the maple leaf?!

first, the good news: i know from a previous try-on that the kinvaras are too wide for my foot – thank goodness because i find that maple leaf on that shoe just too cute for words. now, the bad news: i love love love those frees!!

you betcha i wasted no time trying them on!

and the badder news is that all nike shoes are $10 off right now. [plus, i get a staff discount]. golly, i am so tempted. i do need a fifth pair of frees, right? RIGHT?! get a load of that colour combo!! if that shoe doesn’t scream, “kiki, wear me now!” i don’t know what does.

i’m not done with the bad news: when i’m working at this second location, i am within spitting distance of fairview park mall. oy yoy yoy….as my manager paul said, i am going to need a second job to pay for my first job!

all in all, i am going to love working at both store locations. i can’t wait to share more stories as time goes on!


mom and i are off to the knitter’s fair TODAY!! i can guarantee that we are going to have an awesome time! **if you are local and you have an interest in knitting, get over to bingeman’s between 9:30 – 4:30 today. just make sure to bring lots of $!

september: just go with the flow

you know what’s strange? my mind is completely blank every day about possible september goals.

for all of august days, i’ve been brainstorming ideas. see, i really want to have credible september goals because this month is more of a new year, a time of fresh starts, than january 1st will ever be. (i won’t repeat what i wrote last year, welcome to the REAL new year that you can read right there, if you want to see the argument for why labour day makes a better new year’s).

so, for september, i’ve decided to keep things pretty basic, yet go a little deeper, too (strike a side angle pose, everyone!).


i intend to make the most of my yoga groupon and get to fearless heart on as many days as time permits. i’ve mentioned that i have this blockage about doing yoga at home on my own, but for september, i am going to spend time on the mat at home on days i cannot get to the yoga studio. even five minutes of legs up the wall will count!


yoga instructor lindsay shared a quote with us the other day from david swenson [guru in the ashtanga yoga world] about what makes a yogi (someone who practises yoga). to paraphrase, in david’s opinion a yogi is someone who leaves a place or a person better than when they found them. that is awesome. add that philosophy to how we’ll approach september.

in addition, my strategy is to take each day as it comes – hence, the go with the flow in today’s title. that kinda terrifies excites me!

otherwise, i am also happy about beginning my schedule of full time hours at the storeS !!

for the outings of the month, mom and i are all set as we will have our annual day at the knitter’s fair [local knitters: you must go if you have never been! click here for info or ask me!] in less than two weeks! dad and i have about 41 eatery options we could pursue, and i’ve got play dates already lined up with adorable e and cutie c in toronto. fun stuff!

and…i will see if i can find my misplaced coffee-loving taste buds!! they must be out there somewhere!!


when is the better new year’s: january first or labour day in september? state your case!

one september goal?? i am just beginning the novel the girl with the dragon tattoo so that will be my read-of-the-month. watch out: it could inspire me to acquire tattoo #3!!

yoga, then and now

i redeemed my yoga groupon yesterday! now, one more month of ommm-ing and breathing and contorting stretching mind + body at fearless heart is all mine!

i’ve been off the mat for exactly four years now. it’s funny because yoga is something that i am not at all inspired to do on my own – i need a class to go to. this is quite unique because i don’t need company to knit, run, watch movies…quite funny that i never whip out my mat at home.

my introduction to yoga came in january, 2003. it’s complete serendipity how i found my teacher, karin. i was in the health food store on devitt street (it had a different name then) and was looking at the community bulletin board. i pulled down 3-4 slips of paper about various yoga classes. once home, i called them all and karin was the only one who actually answered the phone. [and i found out later that this was a totally rare occurrence].

i started with the beginner ashtanga class, once a week, and my yoga world blossomed from that point, on.


from january 2003 to august 2007, i practised yoga anywhere from 1-5 times per week. guess what – i never got super-bendy! but, as i learned during that yoga journey, ΓΌber-flexibility is not the goal of a yoga practice.

we’ll cut short the trip down yoga-memory-lane for today or else i’ll be typing you’ll be reading til midnight. the story will continue another day.

fast-forward to this summer: the outdoor yoga class was seriously the first yoga time i had indulged in since august 2007.

serendipity, once again!

yoga gives me time to think, and i’ve enjoyed a couple of a-ha flashes of insight during the past couple of weeks. here’s a comparison of yoga, chapter one (with karin) and yoga, chapter two (with a fearless heart):

yoga then:

~ i went to yoga to get a workout. a 90-minute ashtanga yoga class, the primary series, with full vinyasas, is indeed a form of exercise, and that’s what i wanted.

yoga now:

~ i go to a class for the complete mind-body-spirit experience. i like saying, “body, how are you feeling today?” i’m willing to listen to the message my muscles, my heart, and my brain are all giving me.

yoga then:

~ for each pose, i tried to mimic the proper form perfectly. it didn’t matter how my body was feeling – i tended to muscle my way into the pose no matter how uncomfortable it made me feel.

yoga now:

~ i listen to, and absorb the cues from the instructor and let my body go as far as it pleasantly wants to. then i stop. i breathe. i enjoy the stretch/twist/bend.


yoga then:

~ i practised *competitive yoga*. i was very mindful of what the other class participants were doing. i was totally jealous of anyone who could do a jump-through (i never, ever got that – ever!). if she could bind with her toes, well, i would, too! if he could reach his wrist, well i could wrap my hand around my wrist, haha on you!


yoga now:

~ i don’t watch other class members. it’s silly to compare, and sillier to base my feelings on what others are doing or not doing. i focus on my own experience.

yoga then:

~ my yoga teacher was my guru. karin had a unique gift for sharing her knowledge with others. i learned so much from attending her classes, over the years. whether she was sharing anecdotes from her own life, or wisdom from david swenson or patthabi jois, i marvelled at the life lessons that i was absorbing. and it was more than stop and smell the roses stuff. i admired, revered, respected, appreciated karin – she is one of those rare gifts of in humanity. you only meet a few of these in your life.

yoga now:

~ the instructors are my guides. the teachers at fearless heart are less hands-on with adjustments than karin was, but they still impart yogic philosophy that i find totally groovy. two examples: we were in warrior pose, and instructor suzie asked us, “what energy is available to you today, for this pose?” that word available really struck a chord – don’t force yourself past what your body is up to right now. then, the other day, when we were in savasana at the end of class, lindsay suggested: “if you’re finding it hard to keep your thoughts from wandering, that’s ok. let yourself think about what your mind is drifting off to. don’t fight it.” i loved this! usually, we hear, keep your mind focussed on your breath/don’t let your mind wander/stay with your breath etc. to be told it’s ok if your mind is up, down, all around was refreshing.

yoga then:

~ dad came to class! with karin, the year was divided into fall, winter, spring and summer sessions. about a year after i started, dad joined me in the beginner class. this was absolutely my favourite yoga era, ever. there was a core group of us in that class that all got along so well. and our class was held in a belly-dance studio with mirrors, colourful saris draped around the room, and christmas lights! it was a totally happy place to be.

yoga now:

~ i miss dad! i don’t miss the mirrors! i always thought i needed a mirror to be able to perfectly find my pose. guess what? who cares if you’re a tad more hunched on one side than the other! similar to the belly dance studio, i still enjoy the hardwood floors and natural light of the fearless heart studio.

yoga then:

~ the only sounds in the class were our breaths and karin’s guiding words – and laughter, every so often!

yoga now:

~ background music! i like it! it’s not a distraction, but an aide. i like the ambiance that the zen-y music creates.


yoga then:

~ front row, right-hand side was my spot. i had to have this location or else i couldn’t enjoy my practice!

yoga now:

~ i prefer the front row, right-hand side, but it’s way ok if i’m somewhere else in the room. i can comfortably do yoga anywhere!

have you ever taken a “vacation” from a sport or activity? i hardly knit at all during university, esp my eight months in quebec. i had no time, energy or desire at that point in my life!

~”you take practice, all is coming!”~

sri k patthabi jois


om + yum

happy 2nd birthday, baby c!

file photo, july 2011

c u later! πŸ™‚

baby c, august 26, 2009 - > where has the time gone?!

[it’s official: as a two year old, *baby c* needs an updated name. tomorrow, when i tell you about our birthday party celebration taking place later today, we’ll do the name reveal].


wednesday, i attended another yoga class at fearless heart yoga.

this time, though, i was inside at their studio!

yoga essentials, at the ready

what a beautiful spot. i love the hardwood floors…

the wood is reclaimed maple

…the natural light and open space, the clean and clear and uncluttered feel.

my spot

this is fun:

the change room is unisex - how very ally mcbeal, eh!

i went to the lunch express class: 30 minutes of focussed mat time. we started with legs-up-the-wall. i had completely forgotten – this pose is a favourite! wednesday’s class was the first time i have ever done yoga to music – i really liked it! the sound was not intrusive, but complemented my breathing and “posing.”

on the flipside, this short class was like taking a 10 minute walk around the block: it’s a pleasant break, but leaves you wanting more. after legs-up-the-wall, we had time for some warriors, a neat partner-yoga pose, then shavasana, and that was it.

i need a laughing buddha in my life - xmas list!

when i left, though, i felt buoyant and free-spirited. what a lovely mid-day revitalizer!


as mentioned, we’re off to baby c’s birthday party today! i offered to bring chocolate chip cookies. since some potential guests are vegetarians, i grabbed the opportunity to make some vegan cookies! this is recipe # 12 of the unofficial kiki project. [yikes –Β  at this pace i’ll be happy to hit my half-age for this project!].

yes, i realize vegetarians and vegans are not the same animal [sorry, couldn’t resist that joke]. but who knows – maybe a vegan guest or two will be present, and if so, then all bases will be covered!

i really was keen to try using a flax egg, but this recipe doesn’t call for that. i chose to make these cookies, though, mostly because the recipe also does not include margarine (i don’t have earth balance in the condo casa; subbing in butter would have negated the whole purpose of choosing a vegan recipe!).

the recipe can be found here on a blog called erica’s sweet tooth. or, just look below!

vegan chocolate chip cookies

  • 2 cups flour [i dared to experiment with 1 cup gluten-free flour and 1 1/3 cups cake & pastry flour, as that’s what i had on hand. then i crossed my fingers].
  • 1 cup turbinado sugar (or granulated sugar) [i used turbinado, just for fun]
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips (make sure they’re vegan) [i almost goofed up here! luckily, i found some at eating well organically]
  • 2/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup soy or almond milk [i used almond]
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon dark molasses

~preheat oven to 350 degrees.

~in a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and chocolate chips.

~in another bowl, combine the vegetable oil, milk, vanilla, and molasses.

~add the wet mixture to the dry, and mix well with a wooden spoon or your hands to get the mixture well incorporated.

~roll dough into compact balls, place on a parchment paper-lined pan, and squish them down to form saucers.

~bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes. let the cookies cool for 5 minutes on the pan before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

~recipe yields about 16 cookies. [i got 24 cookies (?)]

my feedback: the raw dough is very moist – quite unlike other choco chip cookie recipes i have made. i assume this unique texture is due to the oil. that being said, i was impressed with how nice the texture was, and it was really easy to form the dough balls. by the looks of it, my cookies turned out poofier than erica’s, which is just fine, as they’ll travel better!

vegan nuggets of gold ($5.99 a bag!!!)

right outta the oven...

perfect vegan gems!

have you ever tried a flax egg in a baking recipe? or, what was the last baked treat you made? i need to transport the cookies over land and sea lake for the party today – hence, no decorated cake as my contribution!

saturday plans? i am excited to P – A – R – T – Y at one of my favourite spots in toronto!

[thank you to fearless heart yoga for providing me with a complimentary, two-week yoga pass. the opinions expressed are entirely my own, and i was not asked to do a review].




treat: vegan chocolate chip cookies (homemade by me! see above)

price: priceless!

rating: **1/2 (two and a half stars)

tasting notes: of course, i had to taste my handiwork before inflicting it upon inviting family and friends to take a bite! these vegan cookies are every bit as good as “regular” homemade chocolate chip cookies. the only downside is they are on the crumbly side (erica mentions this on her blog, too). the turbinado sugar adds a fun crunch to the cookie texture.

new experience #23: take an outdoor yoga class

i tell you, i’m a huge fan of the public square in uptown waterloo, here.

the square, uninhabited

they have been hosting the neatest events all summer long. although the market seems to be a bit of a bust, various cultural celebrations (turkish and latin, for example), fundraisers, the jazz festival…all of these have drawn a lot of people. daily, the square is a hub of activity.

look what else you can participate in!


now, usually, wednesday eves are booked for me – often Aunti visits to toronto occur on this day of the week. and, if i don’t go to toronto, it’s because i’m working at the store.

last wednesday, i worked til 5 p.m., so the timing was perfect to try out outdoor yoga. [this post will be a million words long if i start talking about my previous yoga experiences, so suffice to say that i love yoga, used to attend ashtanga and hatha-style classes religiously, and have gotten out of the practice completely in the last four-or-so years].

but would the weather co-operate?!

rain clouds were definitely threatening in the wed eve sky!

i decided to go anyway – it was super warm out, and what’s a little rain? we won’t melt!

which yoga mat to choose?!

no shortage of options!

i went with my garage sale garbage room find because my blue one is my tried ‘n’ true indoor mat, i didn’t want to dirty the beautiful green/flowered one, and the black carrying case of the garbage room mat is really handy!

there were seven of us who gathered in the square:

i love how they "roped off" an area for us with that green netting!

my spot

my sense of feng shui dictates that i take the front row, right hand side spot for yoga, whenever possible. i like to be able to clearly see the instructor, but not be front-and-centre!

the delightful lindsay from fearless heart yoga on regina street was our instructor for the evening:


just as we were about to get started…

"rain drops keep falling on my...yoga mat!"

happily, after just a couple of minutes, the rainfall ceased for the evening. yippee!

i loved this class. for one, it just felt so good to do some yoga, again. in terms of format, we did some standing sequences, seated poses and a short shavasana at the end. the poses we executed were not too challenging, somthing i was thankful for after a long work day, and a long break from yoga!


lindsay was warm, funny, unpretentious, and “yogically inclined,” – gifted in her yoga knowledge and prowess.

the thought had crossed my mind that yoga on cement might feel really hard under bum foot- but, you know, it was just fine! it really felt no different from any studio floor i have experienced. what i LOVED was being outside – now, of course, ideally an outdoor yoga setting would look like this:

file photo, aruba, march 2011

…but waterloo doesn’t exactly feature that landscape, now does it?! the best was feeling the fresh air. sure, you could notice the traffic in the background, but it wasn’t bothersome.

as mentioned, lindsay was an excellent instructor. as we progressed through some poses, she would say, “let’s add some spice to it now!” word choice makes such a difference! hearing “spice” as opposed to “let’s make this HARDER!” brought smiles to all our faces.

wrist stretching - try it! i bet your wrists are tighter than you imagine!

the poses we practised on wednesday featured a lot of core strengthening work melded in with downward dogs and cobras. the one hour class passed by in a flash. this experience reminded me of how yoga makes me feel so connected to my body. running empowers me because i feel strong and aggressive when i run; yoga empowers me because i feel such a unity within myself in mind-body-spirit, if that makes sense.

it felt so good to be back on the mat

usually, my least favourite part of yoga is the rest (shavasana) at the end – it’s such a challenge just to lie there and breathe! i was really glad that we only did shivasna for a couple of minutes! works for me!

at one point, lindsay referenced her “former life as a librarian.” that comment made me want to find out more about how lindsay became a yoga instructor. i love hearing stories of people’s life journeys, and how they arrived at the place they are today.

"the boat" takes practice!

yoga brings out deep thoughts: afterwards, i pondered a chicken-or-the-egg question: does yoga attract a certain personality – people who naturally have a depth and vitality to their being, or do these traits grow as a person practises more yoga?

class ended just as the sky was darkening for the evening:

8:30 p.m.

a three minute walk, and i was back home.

i really appreciate that the city of waterloo and fearless heart yoga have teamed up to offer this yoga class opportunity this summer. as my schedule permits, i’ll be back!

outdoor yoga session = a wonderful new experience. next yoga stop, sometime in 2011: hot yoga!

do you have a favourite yoga pose? i have to go with downward dog – it’s extremely centering, and involves your entire body. plus, while you’re in the pose, you just breathe, stretch…i can see why this posture is one of the cornerstones of yoga.

**haha, i had to go back and remove a lot of capital letters! it could take a few days to change my blogging ways!




treat: coffee cake from coffee culture

price: $2.o9

rating: *** (three stars)

tasting notes: i wanted to start off the month with a bang! this is one of my favourite treats: the base of the cake is so-so, to be honest, but what makes this coffee cake divine is the brown sugar/icing sugar topping. mmmm!

Just Don’t Tell Me Who Won!

Good Morning!

It was a short night: I worked at the store ’til closing. I always find I need a little down time before settling in for the night, so I got to bed later than usual. [Sidenote: as for not being a night person, yet working til after 9 p.m. – – > for some reason, I don’t get tired when I’m working the late shift…likely because I have tasks to complete, and I’m interacting with customers/clinic members which keeps me focussed. I’m glad – there’s nothing worse than feeling really tired and having to be “on!”].

So last evening was the Top Chef Canada finale on the Foodnetwork (I’m not linking because I’m scared the website will reveal the winner). Since I was at work, I didn’t watch (although, let’s be real: if I had been at home, I wouldn’t have watched, even though the show would have finished at 10 p.m. which is earlier than I got to bed, anyway…). I’m not sure when I’ll be able to catch the episode: I work again this eve, Wednesday I’ll be in Toronto for Aunti Day, then Thursday eve, I’m at the store, again. So it’s looking like the weekend may be my first opportunity. Ah well, something to look forward to!

β—Š β—Š β—Š β—Š β—Š

To start the day, I always take my recycling down to our garbage room. You’ll remember that our building’s informal Lending Library for books and magazines is located here (?!). One of my pet peeves is that some residents (I honestly don’t know who, exactly) use these book shelves as their personal Garage Sale space: they’ll anonymously drop off crap used items such as old wine goblets, worn ball caps, free notecards received in the mail from charities, etc. This drives me nuts! People: either take your stuff to a genuine drop off spot like a thrift store, or dump it! Lending library = books, not used oven mitts in the shape of fish!

I ate my words this morning, because look what was lying on the library shelves:

that would be a BRAND NEW yoga mat, in a carrying case

I checked it over because a used yoga mat would be like wearing someone else’s underwear, in my books. But, no funky smell emanated from the mat, and it unrolled as if it’s never been unfurled before (had that “sticky” sound to it), so I’m going to keep it!

looks clean to me (maybe a little dusty?)

I already have two other yoga mats, but you can never have too many, right? Esp since a hot yoga/bikram class is on my list of anticipated New Experiences for 2011. I’m not sure about black for a yoga mat – seems a little heavy, both in colour and in “yoga vibe.” If nothing else, I’ll have a sticky mat for around the home!

β—Š β—Š β—Š β—Š β—Š

On the agenda for today:

  • clean the Condo Casa (although it’s another gorgeous day here, and I dislike cleaning on a beautiful day; it’s a better rainy day chore. I have a feeling I could be pursuaded quite easily to relax on the rooftop, instead).
  • coffee with Sarah!
  • work at the store

What’s one item on your To Do list for today? I have a new pair of running shoes (!!) – and need to wear them around the home for a few hours to get an idea of how they feel. You’ll see ’em tomorrow…

Have a good one!