the 1970kikiproject: 2nd edition

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the 1970 Kiki Project!

I love issuing myself yearly challenges. My first experimentation with the 1970 Kiki Project was last year: from January 9th, 2010 to January 8th, 2011, I watched 40 Movies, read 40 Publications, ate 40 different Cereals, and made 40 Recipes of Baked Goods. It was 100% fun – I loved both completing my projects and tracking my progress on this blog.

I knew I wanted to do another version of this project for a second year. But what to do? I debated giving myself 4 projects of 41 (for example, watch 41 different TV shows)…but I didn’t really feel the vibe to repeat the same theme as last year.

Here, then, is the 1970 Kiki Project for this year. I look forward to:

introducing into my life 41 New Experiences!

I have from January 9th, 2011 until January 8th, 2012 to complete this challenge.

That’s a rather open-ended proposal, isn’t it! So let me give a few examples of what will qualify and what will not…it’s my project, so I can be the judge and jury!

Example #1: Try a new nail polish? – nope! Not bold enough. Go for a pedicure? – yes! I have never done that.

Example #2: Go on a solo vacation? – nope! Did that last summer. Travel to Aruba by myself? – yes! Qualifies as that’s an international destination.

Example #3: Join a new gym? – nope! Have already done that…multiple times in my life! Take a zumba class? – yes! I’ve never tried this form of fitness class. (The fun factor will be doubled if I can convince BFF Debbie to join me!)

I have a few other ideas of possible projects, but I also want to just see what opportunities present themselves.

In addition, I look forward to pursuing my “11 Goals for 2011,” this calendar year. Progress on that will be updated regularly!

I’m excited to see what these 41 challenges will be! I’ll track my progress via blog posts, bien sur!

Thanks for reading!

an official 41st birthday photo~january 9th, 2011

New Experience #1: Make My Own Crackers (Tuesday January 25)

New Experience #2: Attend the Interior Design Show (Sunday January 30)

New Experience #3: Get Fake Fingernails, With Polish & Nail Art (Monday Feb 7)

New Experience #4: Watch a Movie from the Back Row (Sunday Feb 20)

New Experience #5: Watch the Entire Oscar Awards Ceremony (Sunday Feb 27)

New Experience #6: Play Roll Up the Rim (Monday Feb 28)

New Experience #7: Get My Photo Taken with Canada’s #1 Ranked Male Marathoner (Tuesday Mar 1)

New Experience #8: Graduate from Cake Class (Thursday Mar 3)

New Experience #9: Travel to Aruba Solo (Sunday Mar 6 – Sunday Mar 13)

New Experience #10: Drink Coconut Water (Sunday Mar 27)

New Experience #11: Leave 50 Blog Comments/1 Day (Tuesday Mar 29)

New Experience #12: Eat at thrive juice bar with Blog Friends (Tuesday Apr 5)

New Experience #13: Work at the Kitchener store (Monday April 18)

New Experience #14: Decorate a Dozen Easter Eggs Myself! (Friday April 22)

New Experience #15: Eat Gluten-Free pizza crust (Thursday April 28)

New Experience #16: Celebrate Easter in May! (Sunday May 15)

New Experience #17: Read An Entire Book of the Bible (April-May)

New Experience #18: Buy a Groupon (June 6)

New Experience #19: Take My Rav For An Oil Change (June 8th)

New Experience #20: Watch Real-Life Friends On a Reality TV Show (June 26)

New Experience #21: Wear a Skirt to Work (July 3)

New Experience #22: Spend the Day in Goderich, My Byself (July 19)

New Experience #23: Take an Outdoor Yoga Class (July 27)

New Experience #24: Deliberately Cheat on a Test (July)

new experience #25: watch a movie in 3D (august 20)

new experience #26: knit with silk (august)

new experience #27: write a wordless blog post (september 8th)

new experience #28: set foot in the perimeter institute (september 18th)

new experience #29: paint my own pottery (october 1st)

new experience #30: puzzle for 4.5 hours straight (october 2nd)

new experience #31: compose a 100 item xmas list (october 9th)

new experience #32: attend the oktoberfest parade, live (october 10th)

new experience #33: decorate for christmas before remembrance day! (november 8th)

new experience #34: create organics bin origami (november 9th)

new experience #35: make my own christmas cards (december 2nd)

new experience #36: introduce mom to the wonders of stitch n kitsch! (december 3rd)

new experience #37: watch a charlie brown christmas (december 9th)

new experience #38: decorate two g’bread houses with two nieces! (december 21st)

new experience #39: whiten my teeth (december 1-28)

new experience #40: spend nye with george clooney in hawaii (december 31st)

new experience #41: volunteer at the resolution run (january 1st)


  • The Orchard  On June 13, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Hi there,

    Just came across your blog from the Stitch ‘n’ Kitsch facebook page. I love your ideas and the challenges that you are doing!

    I had no idea that you had a blog, but am looking forward to reading it.


    • 1970kikiproject  On June 13, 2011 at 10:26 am

      thanks, tricia! and thanks for letting me know about the fb mention – i had missed that!

  • Johanna B  On February 11, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    I love the idea of having 41 new experiences. What a novel idea! Will enjoy reading of your accomplishments.

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