The 1970KikiProject: 1st Edition

The first 1970 Kiki Project was my year long celebration of turning 40 on January 9th, 2010.

I fulfilled my goal to:

(Just click on the links, above, to find the details!)

Below, you will find the description of this project, written at the beginning of my quest.

Click here for the current edition of the 1970 Kiki Project which began on January 9th, 2011 and will end on January 8th, 2012!


For several months, I have been wondering how I could celebrate turning 40 on January 9th. I wanted a special year-long project to commemorate reaching this milestone (although I really don’t feel 40; in my head 40 feels middle-aged/old-ish). So what to do? I wanted a project that could last all year, starting on January 9th, 2010 and ending January 8th, 2011.

I’m a fan of year long plans. For example, a few years ago, I took one solitary photo every day of the year. This was when the digital age was in its infancy, so I used a disposable camera and have a photo album collection of these photos.  Another year I was a member of the Community Editorial Board for the K-W Record. I enjoyed the opportunity of writing seven columns that year for the paper.

So, I started thinking of little projects I could 40 times in one year. And I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a couple of years…thus the birth of the 1970 Kiki Project. I determined that 4 categories of 40 would be achievable without driving me batty. It took a lot of thought to pick the 4 categories. Many walks and workouts were spent thinking of possibilities. So, here are the four categories that made the cut and why I chose them.

From January 9th 2010 to January 8th 2011, I will:

1. Watch 40 movies – I love movies, both DVD rentals and going to movies, esp at the Princess Cinema. But I often don’t make it a priority to get out to a movie or even rent a movie. So I vow to watch 40 movies and give each a rating, using the four star rating system favoured by film critics everywhere.

2. Make 40 recipes of baked goods. Notice the distinction between BAKING (which I am going to do) and COOKING (which I am not going to do). Possible recipe selections could include squares, cookies, muffins, cakes…anything that I think my Target Audience (aka Brad and my dad) will like. After the initial taste-test, I will ask Brad (and Dad) for the four star review and post their comments. I will also post the recipe or a link to where it can be found. There will be 40 different recipes, no repeats.

3. Read 40 different publications. I love newspapers, magazines, books, the printed page in general (just have NOT gotten into reading online). I will read 40 different “items of media” and give a review of the publication’s content, level of writing, personal appeal.

4. Eat 40 different types of cereal. In answer to the ubiquitous question of “if you were stranded on a desert island, what one food would you choose to have?,” I would answer CEREAL without a moment’s hesitation. There is nothing better than a big bowl of 4-6 different cereals mixed together. I cannot sleep if I don’t have cereal before bedtime. Remember on “Seinfeld” where Jeffy had all those boxes lined up on his kitchen shelf? That could very well be me. I do have my preferred rotation, but in an effort to expand my horizons, I will try 40 different cereals this year. Again, the four star rating system will apply.

In case you’re wondering, here are options that did NOT make my final cut of four:

~ I debated long and hard about doing something running related. My dream would be to run 4000 km this year, run 40 km a week, break 40 minutes in a 10k (those days are past, I think!) or participate in 40 different races this year. However, my track record is not great when I set lofty running ambitions. So I am going the opposite route, setting ZERO goals and making absolutely ZERO running plans. Running has been a 20+ year passion, I miss it when I can’t do it, and we’ll just see how the year plays out. Could be interesting!

~ Knitting. Could I make 40 different items? Knit 4o different sock patterns or 40 baby sweaters? Nope. Knitting is my constant companion and favourite quiet-hobby, and I didn’t want to turn this creative outlet into an obsession that would leave me stressed and disgruntled.

~ Donate $40 per week to a charitable organization. Seems a bit too “toot your own horn.”

~ Say YES 40 times when my first inclination would be to say NO. I didn’t want people baiting me with questions “wanna go whitewater rafting with us this weekend in Ottawa?” that would force me to do something I really didn’t want to do. Nor did I want to cause any hurt feelings (OMG, she didn’t really want to spend Sunday afternoon with us!!!). I might secretly keep a tally. 🙂

~ Take 40 rest days from working out, be able to do 40 pushups by the end of the year…both things I hate so why would I include them in a fun project?!


  • keshetisrael  On April 14, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    I found your blog by seeking a clearwater, Florida pic.. Great Blog.. Keep it going sister! here’s a link for your movie loving. 🙂

  • Kim  On January 6, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Hey! Just came over to your blog, will enjoy reading some of these entries with your 4 categories of 40. Neat idea.

    Happy Early Birthday also!!


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