Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This was the most spur-of-the-moment Outing of the Month, yet!

Sometimes you get a craving to eat a certain food, or to listen to a certain type of music. Recently, I’ve really felt like going to a Kitchener Panthers baseball game? (I know! What the…???)

I wanted to go last Sunday evening, but they didn’t have a home game on their schedule. That’s how I ended up at the outdoor concert!

I used to be big into baseball. Not any more. I can’t tell you the last time I watched a baseball game on TV (unlike Mom who is the Toronto Blue Jay’s biggest fan, never missing a televised game, if she can help it). I think the last time I was at the Skydome the Rogers Centre for a game was at least ten years ago.

But, I adored baseball during my sports fanatic phase which lasted from ages 11-14, more or less. Did you know that the St Louis Cardinals won the World Series in 1982? Um, yea.

So, in chatting with Dad on Thursday, we tentatively scheduled an outing to the Panthers game for Friday eve. How could we not, with the fantastic July weather we’ve been enjoying? Wow – 24 hours of pre-planning! Someone is feeling pretty

R E L A X-ed

this month!

And, funny enough, the baseball game fit right in perfectly with our progression through the hours of the day for our Father-Daughter 2011 Outings of the Month:

January: breakfast

February: morning coffee break

April: lunch

May: afternoon ice cream

June: afternoon coffee break

Our family used to attend Panthers games quite frequently in my late tween/early teen years. Therefore, I cannot count Friday’s event as a New Experience. But, I can count it as a fun trip back in time!

an all-star evening for watching ball

Dad’s parking tradition for Panthers games: park your vehicle wayyyyy back from the diamond to avoid being ding-ed by a foul ball!

i think i see the ball diamond wayyyy over there! better safe than sorry!

cheaper than a movie! esp since dad gets the senior price, haha!

funny how i get the ideas, and dad ends up paying! thanks, dad!

Baseball game attire was required, of course:

sadly, i wasn't ACTUALLY at that game...this tshirt is a relic from the brother's collection, i do believe

we had to wear caps to the baseball game!

Tradition dictated that there was only one acceptable area of the stands in which to seat ourselves: 3rd base side (above the home team’s dugout), part way up. I hoped we weren’t stealing a “regular” fan’s usual seat! We sat exactly where we always used to!

perfect view!

The game got off to a quick start with the London Majors scoring two runs in the top of the first:

panthers in black, london in grey

It didn’t take long for the ump to make a clearly questionable call:

he was out! so obvious!!!

the hecklers - all part of the atmosphere

Dad and I stayed til the end of the 5th inning (I didn’t get home til past 9:30 p.m.! Whoa!) at which time the score was 8-5 for the London Majors.

Thirteen runs between the two teams in five innings! That’s a lot of action – it was a very entertaining game. I like high-scoring games as opposed to pitching match-ups. [Unfortunately, the Panthers ended up losing 10-7; at least we witnessed most of the action!].

All in all, this was a win of an outing: time with Dad, time outdoors on a beautiful evening…and I think I rekindled my sports addiction!

What channel is the Tour de France on, again?!

Watching team sports, live or on TV: fun or tortuous? I love watching a sport for which I understand the rules and strategy. Baseball fits the bill!

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  • Holly  On July 17, 2011 at 10:13 am

    I think watching sports live is fun: baseball, basketball, football, etc. I don’t care for many sports on tv except for football once in a while.

    I don’t care for golf of soccer: playing it, watching it live or on tv — they are both so boring to me!

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