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you know it’s going to be a good day when…

…bleary-eyed, you shuffle your way downstairs, recycling bins in hand, as you complete your early-morning ritual of emptying your tins and newspapers into your building’s main receptacles. as you fling open the door to the garbage room, you cast your eyes up at the lending library shelves [yes, the book exchange shelves share space with the refuse area…not sure what this says about the value placed on reading by the residents of this condo…].

suddenly, your eyes pop open and your heart skips a beat. what do we have here?? do the eyes deceive? but, no, thank goodness it is not a mirage!

what a find!

tommy is now comfortably esconced in the condo casa. however, mind you, mr cruise, there is no jumping on couches in this household.



my goal this past weekend was to go out on that beautifully gorgeously sunny sunday afternoon and shoot artistically pleasing photos for the blog. ok, my camera skills + the point n shoot canon fall a little short. here’s all i got:

the patio is open and ready for business at SOLE!

experimenting with a "down low" angle...the flowers will be blooming before we know it!

an invasion at waterloo park - families, students...shouts of laughter and conversation abounded

1,2,3,4...i'll take one of each, please!

anything that got your day off to a karmically excellent start? hearing a cardinal sing is also a very good sign.

it’s supposed to hit 28 degrees celsius, here. that can only mean one thing:

gtl, you are back in active rotation! 🙂

movie vs book: and the winner is?…

sunday night was a good evening to try the time traveler’s wife, again. the movie-watching was my reward after an afternoon of cleaning, puttering, and organizing (although those tasks are a pleasing and satisfying way to begin a new year, to my mind).

there were no issues, this time, with nicole’s other dvd! [sidenote: i am really terribly excited because nicole told me she has quite the library of dvd’s which she is more than happy to lend to me. maybe i need to re-institute movie watching – “watch 42 of nicole’s dvd’s” – as part of the next kiki project! that’s a joke – i am not spilling any beans by telling you that there will be no movie watching in the soon-to-be-revealed plan].

so, quick reminder that i finished the time traveler’s wife book back on december 15th. the reading portion of my brain has not been further cluttered because i am currently finishing up danielle steel’s the journey. it is no great work of literature, let me assure you. so, the details of the time traveler’s wife novel are still clear.

if you have not read the novel or seen the movie – and intend to, in the future – you may wish to stop reading now and come back tomorrow. i cannot guarantee that i won’t spoil the story for you in the discussion of the book vs movie, today. normally, i refrain from movie and book summaries but i do want to do some compare-and-contrast with book and movie – you’ve been warned!

the book:


the dvd:


still with me?! ok!

like i told you, i thought the book was good but not great. now, the movie? it was better than i expected, and i loved it [in order to give a fair and just movie vs book comparison, i even refrained from knitting during the movie so that i could really focus!]. here are my thoughts:

  • the movie makes the time travel concept so much more clear than the book – i was confused for the first few chapters of reading, but in the movie, the whole issue of henry’s age vs the year he travels to is totally and easily comprehensible.
  • the movie opens with a gripping and horrific scene that does not appear in the book until you’re a few chapters in. knowing what would unfold, i peered through my fingers in squeamishness…but the movie is not graphic, and the whole scene helps set up the plot for the rest of the movie – kudos to the movie director for this decision.
  • the movie takes the most important aspects of the book, then streamlines and condenses the story. although some sub-plots from the novel are omitted (ex: claire’s affair with gomez, claire’s relationship with her mother, dr kendrick’s involvement), nothing of significant importance is left out.
  • i recognized some dialogue in the movie as lines taken straight from the book (the scene where henry and claire first meet in the library, the lottery numbers scene) – i liked seeing a visual of what i had read in my head!
  • eric bana is perfectly cast as henry! oh, those eyes!! he was not exactly as i had pictured henry in my head while reading…but he is wonderful in the main role. claire is also capably played by rachel mcadams. for supporting characters, gomez, henry’s father and dr kendrick are also soundly and rightly cast.
  • my eye spotted several gorgeous knits! -> one sweater on henry, three on claire and a cosy blanket!
  • i’d classify the time traveler’s wife as a sweet and touching love story. it’s too dramatic to be considered a “chic flick.”
  • i loved the movie ending better than the way the story is wrapped up in the book. in the film, it’s emotional to see henry and claire have that chance to embrace one last time. and henry’s line “i don’t want you to always be waiting” is a take-away message for us: live for the now, don’t wait on the future.

in summary: if i had to recommend book or movie, i would say go for watching the movie over reading the book. this decision surprises me! usually movie adaptations are disappointing [actually, i avoid watching movies of books, so i don’t have many other examples to compare to!].

the time traveler’s wife: have you seen the movie or read the book? i give the movie *** (three stars) and the novel **1/2 (two point five stars) – but these star ratings do not reflect how much more i enjoyed the movie. i recommend the film with much greater enthusiasm!

what other movie adaptations have you seen? eat, pray, love was better in movie-form than i had expected, too!

let there be light!

living in a condo is the absolute best.

  • i love having little responsibility for home upkeep.
  • i enjoy knowing that i have many neighbours close by (luckily, mine are all quiet, and very nice people).
  • going on vacation? lock the door and walk away. no worries about who will mow the lawn, or about potential break-ins.
  • snowfall overnight? the shoveling and plowing are done for you (as well as gardening and lawn care in the warmer months). yes, i will gladly pay a condo fee for someone else to do these laborious tasks.

i think i’ve mentioned before that the only two things i really miss about being a house-owner are: 1) handing out hallowe’en candy 2) slugging in grocery bags: it was much more convenient to go from garage -> side door than it is now where it’s garage -> over the parking lot -> up the elevator -> down the hall -> into the condo.

when you live in a condo, you are a member of a community. with residents of various ages and stages of life all living under the same roof, priorities will vary, likes and dislikes will be different. what’s a big deal to someone will be small potatoes to another. luckily, (again) i’d say our building’s residents all get along the majority of the time. that being said, people are funny! remember how someone or someoneS uses the garbage room as their own personal dumping ground?

these cappucino cups and saucers greeted me saturday morning...if i was currently into coffee, maybe they would have been tempting...

tangent: i can’t believe that no one has picked up this gem of a book (the bottom one, there) from the recycling room lending library!

gag gift for the brother for christmas??!

two situations that made me chuckle and shake my head came to my attention this past week:

1) for many years, the street lights that line our street have been non-functional. when you along the street-side sidewalk towards the condo building, it’s as black as the ace of spades (as mom would say). i make sure to have all senses on full alert when it’s dark (5 p.m. at this time of year) and i’m making my way home. it’s not a spooky-scary, deserted stretch, by any means, but still, some light would be most welcome. long-time residents have grumped about how we need light along the street, we deserve light, there is no light…blah blah, you get the picture.

finally this past week, the streetlights were activated!

and we have light!

now, the sidewalk and roadway are illuminated beautifully:

as you can see, there are several light posts - no dark areas any more!

but now, would you believe it, people are griping because the lights are TOO bright! i was chatting with our super and he asked me what i thought of the new streetlights. well, to be honest, i had not even noticed them! the super said he had received a couple of complaints that the lighting is too strong, (someone couldn’t sleep with the light coming in the window??!) so our super is going to send a follow-up letter to the city. after observing the degree of lighting, i have no issue whatsoever (and the condo casa does face that street-side direction). we have streetlights, people! let’s rejoice!

2) another asset in our building is the fitness room. thanks to having this workout space, i don’t even need a gym membership. it’s got cardio equipment, weights, stretching mats, and – huge bonus! – a tv! it’s all you could want for a (personal) fitness centre.

because it’s not that large of a room, it can get a little stuffy. luckily, we have a nice big window that you can open to let in the fresh air. well, there are decided fresh air fans, and fresh air detesters among the gym-goers! (full confession – i am on the “bring in the outside air!!!” team).

the week before last, this sign appeared at the window:

eye catching, for sure

…and just for good measure, there’s a repeat reminder at the lights by the door!

makes more sense to catch people right before they leave!

again, in chatting with the super [sidenote: if you ever need any building gossip info, you always seek out the super], he said that someone had requested the note because the room was freeeeezing when he came in to use it. this little situation makes me laugh because it is just common courtesy to close up the window, turn off the lights etc when you leave (in my opinion) but some people need etiquette reminders, it would appear. and this scenario highlights how you need a little give and take when sharing personal space with others. (for example, i don’t issue a formal complaint when i walk in and it’s 85 degrees and smelly, in there!)

i could go on to whine about people not putting away the weights or cleaning off the equipment, but we’ll leave that topic for another day…when i can complain again.


november thankfulness:

(for sunday november 13): yesterday i was thankful for the fact that my hair is growing longer!!!

late-october photo

i definitely need a hairband or clip or else my bangs are too shaggy in my eyes. and the back is shoulder-length! not getting another hair-chop til 2013, i swear!

return trips, part two

two weeks ago, we went to ikea on a fact finding mission. i had no intention of purchasing a new couch, that day. the goal was simply to research options. the mission was accomplished! i found exactly what i wanted, and was eager to return to get a new couch!

last week’s planned return trip was kiboshed by a life-sucking attack of the flu.

this week, i was sure hoping the revised return trip to spend some money would come together without a hitch!

uh oh:

the weather conditions at the time of departure from waterloo


just what you want when you’re going to be transporting home a couch in the back of an open pick up truck. i crossed my fingers that the day would clear up. [little did i know that later on, environment canada issued severe storm warning and tornado watches for the evening, in the region!].

then we hit heavy traffic.

it took 17 tries to get a half-acceptable "bored" photo; yet, i can do "gleeful" with no retakes necessary!

we made it!

one final sky-watch before entering...

ikea’s layout confuses me. i have to follow the blue arrows on the floor, or risk getting completely disoriented.

we made it to couches!

i knew i wanted orange!!!

except, guess what? somehow, i confused the colour of cover i coveted (the orange) with the style of couch i wanted (which does not offer orange):

decidedly more muted tones in the "beddinge" line that i had chosen

so, what to do? get the colour i want, in a style i don’t like as much, or get the style i really liked in a colour that i can spice up? yup. that’s what i thought, too.

the selection!

i chose the off-white. maybe not the most practical colour option, but you can wash the couch cover, plus i really liked the softness of the corduroy fabric. i can just see me flaked out watching jersey shore. and i can throw any colour of accent pillow on there, quick as a flash.

ok! cool!

to get out, it was back to following the arrows. of course, many temptations awaited along the way.

colourful + cheap toilet bowl brushes? ok!

just loved walking around the rest of ikea with toilet brushes under my arm...

the only kind of ick part about ikea shopping is finding your stuff in the warehouse-style aisles. first prize, though, for clarity of labelling and ease of finding where you need to go:

i don't actually touch things, here. i supervise.

two weeks ago, i saw this poster:

a perfectly placed promo to catch you at your weakest moment, after all that warehouse scavenging

and ever since, i have been fixated on the idea of having an ikea hotdog. do you think the flu nixed that desire? not in the least. in fact, it made it stronger. [since the flu, i am still completely off of coffee and fresh vegetables; corn on the cob, pepperoni pizza, and cereal? cannot get enough].

i was so excited about my hotdog!!!

sadly, the line-up for the café looked like this:

you know i hate waiting in the first place. and for a $0.79 hot dog? not so inclined...

but, a-ha! on to plan b!…

over to front street we drove, right into the heart of downtown toronto…

across from the cbc building...

…to our family’s favourite hot dog truck:

love a street meat vendor with flair, eh!

two dogs and two drinks, please...

me = no onions!

fric-a-frac, was that ever delicious!

and the day was not yet over!

now, it was on to see adorable e and baby c!

for months, i have been telling the girls i will bring down my kit of hair barrettes. and i keep forgetting. aunti finally remembered!

setting up the hair salon...

are we off to a luau?!

pretty fancy!

the day’s excitement was STILL not over! remember that severe weather watch? well, driving home to waterloo, did not the heavens open and pour out sheets and blasts of rain, all while lightening danced continuously all over the sky, all the way from mississauga to home. and my new furniture was in the back of the truck. we got back, and b had done such a good job of securely tarping everything that it all was bone dry. amazing.

and that, my friends, should conclude the shopping updates for a little while. i know my bank book sure hopes that is the case!

what’s your shopping method? research and compare, or complete the task as quickly as possible? i know that if i’m obsessing over an item for more than 24 hours, i really do want it. my in-the-heat-of-the-moment mistakes of the past have included: designer jeans, clipless pedals for my bike, leather pants…i’ve learned to stop, drop and roll stop, think and budget!

feeling like goldilocks

the condo casa’s getting a new couch!

this week, on the way down to visit cutie c and adorable e [sorry, couldn’t help but throw in the new blognames!], we stopped at ikea aka canada’s the swedish wonderland to do some research.

[before we get involved in the furniture discussion, i’ll insert that we had a great time babysitting the girls for a couple of hours – it was a quasi outing of the month occasion. i have no photos. aunti was quite occupied with playing grocery checkout and “party planning” with the little munchkins].

i love ikea. i could seriously outfit 100% of my home with ikea stuff. i’m smitten with how they set up fake little home scenarios to woo you:

a pretend apartment!

upon further examination, this is a kids' room, i do believe - but i love the colours! i'd take it!

after a little drooling admiring the layouts and furniture/design options on display, the focus returned to the purpose of the trip –  couches:

couch after couch after couch after couch...my sidekick, b, takes on one for a test drive...

i had done my research online, and knew which models were on my shortlist:




as i was gazing at this model…

the klippan loveseat

…an extremely tall and very jolly man with a european accent (swedish, perhaps?!) exclaimed, “you don’t lihke the gveen strah-pes, do you???!! eez very bright!” hahaha, well, actually i love it, hahaha!!, was my response. it’s just funny when total strangers initiate conversations. [and i do genuinely like that couch cover – but it’s not on the list of options. i have a feeling it’d grow tiresome pretty quickly].

anyway, after much up-down, up-down, ring-around-the-couches, we had determined that:

  • the klobo was way too hard
  • the klippan was a bit too shallow
  • the kivic was very nice and soft!
  • the karlstad was on the firm side, but was the best of the bunch

then, we happened upon this display!

the fake scenario: a den/tv room

an option that was outside the box, that was unresearched, but that was perfect and divine!


enter, the beddinge sofa bed!

boring details

various colour options for the couch cover

since this trip was a fact-finding mission only, no purchase was completed. but after a few days of contemplation, i’m 99.9% sure that the beddinge sofa bed is the way to go. i love how it just invites you to flake out, given the depth of the seat. it’s exactly the right combo of firmness and cushiness. like a futon, it can be flipped open to serve as a bed (aunti’s thinking ahead to future sleepover opportunities!…).and the flipping-open part is super ez to do – i tried it! i can do it!!

now, the next decision is what colour to choose. i’ve got thoughts on that percolating, and need a few more days of weighing the pros and cons of neutral vs bright! (but no green stripes!).

so, this coming week will be the money spending return trip to ikea.

part two of the great couch hunt – coming soon!

are you an ikea fan? people tend to be pretty much divided in their opinion – either they love the cheap sleek look of this décor style, or they’re not fans of the cookie-cutter design and warehouse shopping style at all.

[with today’s title, did i trick you into thinking i made good on one of my “things i will do in my lifetime!”]


some day, this look – hair, not face – shall be mine!!




treat: brownie and blondie bites at angela‘s birthday party at thrive juice bar (party recap tomorrow!)

price: party treats!

rating: *** 1/2 (three and a half stars)

tasting notes: wow! both of these desserts are vegan, raw, and gluten-free. both of these desserts were phenomenally delicious. as a chocolate fan, i expected to love the brownie more – well, guess what? the blondie gets the top honour, in a very close race. seriously, both were out-of-this-world incredible!

Not Exactly As Planned

It was an absolutely spectacular Canada Day!

love when the sky is that shade!

I worked from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m….and enjoyed a very…restful time of tranquility. There were not a lot of shoppers in Uptown Waterloo yesterday.

I can guess where most people were gathered…

The biggest Canada Day celebration in Waterloo takes place at Columbia Lake on the grounds of the University of Waterloo. From 2-11 p.m., there is music, activities, vendors, attractions, games – all organized by the university students. It’s a GREAT celebratory atmosphere, and it’s completely free! To end the day, there is a fireworks show at ~10 p.m. This year marked the 27th annual event.

[Sidenote: Canada Day, 1990. The Brother, The BF At The Time (Matthew), and I went to Columbia Lake to watch the fireworks. We had a beach blanket spread out on the ground, and the three of us were sprawled out, waiting for the fireworks to start. Quite suddenly, I remember being overcome with complete exhaustion. This was not just lazy fatigue – by the time the fireworks lit up the sky, I literally could not get my head off the ground, and just lay there listlessly during the show. To cut to the chase, within a few days, I was diagnosed with mono! I’ll never forget that Canada Day. And you know what? I’m pretty sure that was the last time – the one and only time – that I ever was at Columbia Lake itself to see the fireworks!].

Anyway, back to the present day…

Our condo building has a Canada Day tradition: at 8 p.m., our Condo Board of Directors hosts a Rooftop BBQ:

this year was the 4th annual affair!

Burgers and hot dogs are supplied, people contribute munchies or dessert (last year I brought Red Velvet Cocoa Cake Cupcakes as part of my “40 Recipes” Kiki Project – see Recipe #21 here), and it’s BYOB. Then at 10 p.m., everyone is invited to watch as the night sky comes alive with the fireworks. We have an unobstructed view towards Columbia Lake, which is just past Waterloo Park.

Every year, I go up to the BBQ, but conk out before the fireworks begin. This year, I was determined to stay up on top and catch the lightshow. I had it all planned out: this July 1st party would be a New Experience! I had the blog post title all ready to go: “New Experience #21: Ooh and Aah Over Fireworks.”

Guess what?

I conked out.

I started to have my doubts earlier in the day. I was anticipating the pre-fireworks portion of the eve with glee, but was kinda dreading how late the fireworks would go. At first, I told myself, “NO! You must stay up to watch the fireworks! You said on the blog that you were going to, so you have to!” Well, how silly is that way of thinking?! Especially since my July theme is


I went up to the roof about 8:15 p.m. Happily, this year I did not need my winter coat – such a beautiful evening! I did sport my Roots Canada sweatshirt, for patriotism’s sake, and my ball cap to block the setting sun:

that's the spirit!

The party was well underway!

it's tradition that jeff mans the grill! (lou ably assisting, here)

the help-yourself feast!

I’d say this year’s turnout was the largest yet!

not much different from a backyard patio...

so nice to have outdoor furniture, too

the planters provide additional seating

yea! more canada wear being proudly sported!

Our building invited the building next door to join us, too. So…

mom and dad were in attendance!

looking out to where the fireworks will appear, later on

I hadn’t seen Jillian and Duncan since their wedding. It was fun to catch up with the newlyweds!

six weeks married!

debated the pros and cons of physio with neighbour arin, recovering from an achilles injury

katie, (me), joanne and mom - we enjoyed discussing kate + william's visit to canada!

That was a really fun evening!

a proudly canadian condo community!

Guess what? As I was winding down for the night, look what I witnessed out the Condo Casa windows:

excuse the photo quality - i just wanted proof of seeing the fireworks!

I’m calling it a successful Canada Day!

Will you see any fireworks displays this weekend? Victoria Day and Canada Day are the main occasions for light shows in our area.

[spontaneous doesn’t always have to mean LATER – hitting “publish” at 6:45 a.m. today!] 🙂

Up On the Roof

Tuesday, I had the day off work, so I celebrated the arrival of summer by heading up to the rooftop for my first visit of the year.

Before going up, I packed up a bag of tricks. [Sidenote: when I was about three or so, my mom would pack a few quiet distractions to occupy me during church on Sunday mornings. For whatever reason, this was always referred to as my “bag of tricks”).

Today we had…

my journal - i journal first thing in the morning, but sometimes a-ha's hit at unusual times; why not be prepared?!

x-word puzzle book - as previously discussed, "easy" is debatable

current read - < 20 pages to go!

knitting! i can hold a private "knit outside" party!

…all of which went into this bag:


This stayed behind in the kitchen:

time to detach from humanity for a little...

Let’s go upstairs!

Basically, our entire rooftop is one big patio with cement tiles encircling the building.

We’ll take a walk around.

to the north, we have the perimeter institute (physics) and waterloo park...

to the west, we find a quiet residential neighbourhood composed of well-maintained older homes...

the highlights to the south are the bauer lofts (L) and the sunlife tower (where i worked for 3+ years many moons ago)...

to the east, is uptown waterloo: the mall (including valumart) - and you could even see the store, if you looked close enough!

If you squint, you could convince yourself you were in an outdoor garden setting:

rooftop planters adorn the corners...


in a sheltered spot, there is a gas bbq, ready for use!

I headed to my favourite spot:

just around that wall...

...to a chaise longue in a bright and sunny spot!

Once settled, I was able to

  • finish my book [Sidenote: Yes! after a number of false starts, I am happy to finish a book in June. This read, part of the Stephanie Plum series, is truly mindless, light, forgettable. Nancy Drew with humour, for adults. And it was just what I needed].
  • attempt a crossword puzzle – I didn’t fare too well, today. Not that it’s really different any other day…
  • knit a few rows

So, while it’s not exactly Aruba

file photo: march 2011

…but for an oasis of tranquility right at my fingertips, I’ll take it!

I predict just *a few* rooftop visits will be in order this summer!

Where can you escape to for a quick quiet moment? In < 10 minutes, I can be at Waterloo Park, too – I feel fortunate to live in this central location!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

The celebration of summer continued Tuesday when VFBF Joanne and I met for coffee. Yes, it’s summer and yes, hot coffee still tastes delicious!

self-portrait at coffee culture - the same spot lisa and i met at on monday! the best coffee!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Man, where did the time go this month? I’m in deep trouble if I’m going to fit in all three coupon of the month redemptions this month. :O Luckily, ONE outing of the month took place Wednesday eve:

The Brother and SIL Ana got out for their outing. This coupon redemption is the more challenging one to organize due to time and distance complexities. I do plan to fit in shopping with Mom (she has a mission in mind!) and a food outing with Dad…but only seven days remain at my disposal! Good thing my folks are right next door – and retired!

Time for Some Colour!

Spring has created in me an urge to decorate!

The Condo Casa walls have looked like this for over 6.5 + years now…

the living room...

main floor den - i call it my *zen room!*

the right of the front entry...

the upstairs...

upstairs, my stairmaster zone! (3x4 foot private gym?!)

While I love minimalism in the home, things are just looking too bare and too drab. I’ve found the solution!

Earlier this week, I met with Jeri of MURAL-TASTIC! Paint Solutions. She does custom murals in private homes!

She toured the Casa with me, and I told her what I envisioned. We’re going to start with three wall paintings:

1) I’d like her to recreate this poster…

a david hockney print that i've had since university!

…for the area behind my Stairmaster:

for the back wall, there

2) We’re going to do a full sunset scene (can you picture the living room in Jersey Shore episodes? That’s exactly the look I want to replicate). Something like this:


The plan is for Jeri to paint that sunset scene here:

the wall over the couch is perfect!

3) Although I eventually want to do more, the last mural that Jeri will do for us will be in the Zen Room. I want a Buddha-theme:

wg-287_th.jpg (source)

I like how the colours are not too bright and will blend with the bookcases already in the Zen Room!

we'll incorporate the same shades as the bookcase, there, to the left

So what do I think?!! I am so excited for Jeri to get started. She thinks she’ll be able to begin next week!!!

Do you have a lot of paint and/or wallpaper in your home, or do you prefer neutrals?


Bon Bini! [Papiamento is the local language in Aruba; Bon Bini means Welcome!]

Come right in! We won’t spend too much time inside, as we’ll want to get back out to the beach…but let me show you around, quickly…

view from the front door entry/hallway

the living room is on your left; flat screen tv on the wall, there

other half of the living room (this couch folds out; it's my yarn holding couch; 4 balls await knitting!)

the kitchen is on the right hand side of the condo (open to the living room which is on the left hand side)

table for four, aka, my catch-all zone!

The living room and kitchen front the windows; if you make a hard left before the living room area, you’ll find the bedroom:

the cupboards have been updated since we were last here!

tv facing the bed, and a new dresser, too!

i adore these french doors that open into the bedroom...

new countertop and vanity in the bathroom since the last visit! (shower/tub unit is tucked away to the right, out of view)

...and lastly, a little balcony off the kitchen...

...which offers up this view!

This unit is a one-bedroom design and could accomodate two people spaciously, four guests if two sleep in the living room (cosy), or six if you placed sleeping bags on the floor (a little *close,* I would find!).

Feel free to pop over! Coffee’s always on!


Did you celebrate National Cereal Day yesterday??!

I know fellow cereal fans/bloggers Janetha and Gabriela did!

And I sure participated! [Cereal was an integral part of last year’s Kiki Project!]

i'm going to start an INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN so that all types of frosted flakes are ONLY known as ZUCARITAS!!

kix, why are you not in canada?? i love you!

another "only available in the US" yummy!

a non-sugary base is KEY to building the perfect concoction of cereals

And today is Pancake Tuesday! Happy Shrove Tuesday!